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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Comp Nights 10 to 14 - Trying to Kill My Friend

      by , 01-21-2024 at 08:05 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      Uhh, not sure what the deadline is for this comp, but I’m uploading this anyway… I hope next time I’m not so busy

      Night 10

      Decent RCs.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      Yuu had gotten Mika (both from OnS) into some trouble and now he’d been eaten by a giant ogre. His soul was being used to go on a killing spree. Yuu got himself eaten to save him and destroyed a bracelet to “hide” Mika’s energy.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      Two guys were in a relationship but one was pretty toxic, he was upset that the other didn’t go to school with the green lipstick he’d bought him. He shoved him down on the couch and went on a ten-minute rant about how it was way cuter than normal lipstick…

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      I was in a school classroom in China, and a boy had taken a video of another boy sleeping on desks with two girls. He was trying to stir up trouble, so I took his phone and deleted it, forcing him to unlock his “recently deleted.”

      Dream #4 (Lucid):
      The girls from Life by Suenobu Keiko were in a mall buying something at a cash register. Ayumu ignored a guy hitting on her to jump on Hatori, squealing, “Hatori, I neeeed youuuu~!”

      Hatori hugged her back with one arm. “You know, Ayumu, I like to have fun, but being a pal will always come first.”

      In the distance was an ex-teacher who was now a professional race driver, trying to recruit her old students to the derby.

      Scene change. (J) and I were in Japan in an Ethiopian store. I took some candies out of a jar that was displayed before we left.

      “Hey, isn’t that stealing?” (J) asked.

      “Uhh, I don’t think so. Why would they be out in the open like that if they weren’t for people to take?”

      “Lots of stores do that. Doesn’t mean it’s free game.”

      “Well, whatever.”

      As we were walking, I noticed the snow was melting and started running home. Except I was only running with one leg, which made me think, It’s like a dream…

      I told (J) I needed some help running and grabbed her hand. She quickly got ahead of me, but somehow I could feel her hand even when we were disconnected. For a second I wondered about the physics of that, but then
      I realized it was impossible. This must be a dream!

      I told (J) and she easily believed me (this is not what I mean by my personal goal of making a DC lucid). She wondered if I would still feel her hand if one of us died, and since she’d never died in a dream before we decided she would be the one to kick the bucket.

      I decided to kill her myself to hopefully reduce the amount of adrenaline. We both held the string of a balloon to connect our hands, and then I grabbed another, trying to make a beam of light explode out of it and hit her. But it just jerked weakly to the side and deflated with a tiny glow.

      Next I tried to shoot energy out of my hands, but that didn’t work either. (J) made fun of me, saying, “This is why you should never try silly, informal experiments! Never! Never! Never! Never!…”

      I woke up as she was chanting.

      Dream #5 (Non-Lucid):
      Someone on DV dared people to be their friend, so I sent them a request and they instantly accepted. Suddenly a timer appeared on the screen for me to become their “grandchild.” I was confused but accepted in a panic.

      A new section on the website unlocked and spammed me with notifications. Apparently grandchildren had responsibilities, something to do with chatting with people. I woke up before I could find out more.

      Dream #6 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I was drawing, experimenting with clothing creases and shading.

      Night 11

      Decent RCs.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      I could make these video-game mushrooms fall from my hands using my summoning strategy. (So upset I didn’t get lucid…) I proceeded to “hallucinate” many things, one of which was a cute bunny eraser that I could hold firmly. I was shocked that no one else could see or feel it.

      Later I went to (J) & (L)’s house and (A) was sleeping over. I was a bit upset but didn’t want to go in because I wasn’t wearing a mask.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      My brain combined the games Alter Ego and Project Sekai. Anyone with over 27J EGO was invited to a ProSeka event where they were giving out $3,000 scholarships.

      The parking was very weird, located in the very back of this pool place, and inside the seating arrangements seemed to be designed for a psych experiment. In the end I gave up trying to figure out the meaning and just sat next to (J). I complained about having lost my old account with 999.99Z, since it would've made me eligible for a much larger scholarship.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      Fantasy world. This boy could choose his “mom,” and always chose dragons for some reason. His first mom was like an extremely toxic yandere, she had so many rules and ended up eating him so he wouldn’t leave her.

      He was reborn and this time moved in with a friendly old dragon on an island, who only hated it when people got angry. The boy didn’t get angry often, but one day he wanted to be the only one to water the flowers, to be “MVP” or something. He yelled at the old dragon, who went silent and trudged into his house. Woke up before I could see any real consequences.

      Dream #4 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      One of my brothers was watching me from under my bedroom door. I was annoyed but not frightened.

      Night 12

      I woke up at 4:00 and went back to sleep, but I don’t remember any dreams before this one. Decent RCs.

      Okay it pains me to do this, but the dreams from here on are sooo long and I don’t have time to type them out, so I’m just going to put the titles.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid)

      Night 13

      Decent RCs and brief meditation.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid)

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid)

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid)

      Night 14

      Decent RCs and brief meditation.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid)

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid)

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid)

      Dream #4 (Non-Lucid)

      Dream #5 (Non-Lucid)

      Dream #6 (Non-Lucid)

      Night 10
      RCs - .5 points
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x4) - 4 points
      DILD - 10 points
      Interact with a Dream Character - 2 points
      Telekinesis - 5 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points

      Night 11
      RCs - .5 points
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x3) - 3 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points

      Night 12
      RCs - .5 points
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point

      Night 13
      RCs and meditation - 1 points
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x3) - 3 points

      Night 14
      RCs and meditation - 1 point
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x5) - 5 points

      Total - 48 points
      Comp total: 202.5 points
    2. Comp Night 9 - Gay Android Boy

      by , 01-15-2024 at 10:40 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      Did decent reality checks and meditated briefly before bed at 11:30.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      An android boy was sent to play piano with a (music) band of human children. They grew up together and he gradually learned how to feel. He loved one boy in particular and they were pretty gay, holding hands all the time and constantly playing duets.

      Since he was one of the more successful androids, others, called his “children,” would be tasked to follow him around and observe his behavior.

      One day Android Boy covered himself and the rest of the band in special marker ink, which only showed up in faint blue smudges except under a spotlight, under which it turned pitch black. The only thing he didn’t cover were the human boy’s eyes.

      He thought it could be easily washed off, and for him that was the case. He just had to jump in the ocean and do a little scrubbing. But his artificial skin was made up of slightly different material than the real thing, so his friends couldn’t get it off. They’d turn into shadows under spotlights for the rest of their lives.

      Seeing what he’d done, Android Boy tried to swim into a hole in the wall to “erase himself.” He cried that he was the one who had inserted himself where he didn’t belong, using the sharpie to scribble his face out in a picture they’d all taken together. Human Boy tried to hold him back, saying that he didn’t care about some stupid marks, but the wall was opening up to consume him.
      Then I woke up… why, when it was just getting good?!

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      An older brother had to leave his younger brother on an island. The younger sent him $1,000 a year so he could one day rescue him, but somehow he got to the mainland himself and discovered that his brother had forgotten all about him. He was using the money on cheap pleasures and drugs.

      Dream #3 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      A mad scientist was showing people something disturbing… I can’t quite remember what.

      Sex Dreams-compandroid.jpg

      RCs and Meditation - 1 point
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
      Drawings - 2 points
      Total: 5.5 points
      Comp total: 154.5 points

      Beat my last high score! Woohoo! Now on to 11 pages of math homework
    3. Comp Nights 2 to 8 - Fantasy Worlds, Yuri, and Lucidity!

      by , 01-15-2024 at 01:24 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      This has been a surprisingly busy week for me... I have stuff to do every day �� It's my birthday week though, so it's okay.

      Night 2

      Meditated a bit before bed, didn't record times for any of these nights. I also did some decent reality checks.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I can't really read my handwriting here, but there was an autistic boy who said something strange when he meant "thank you," and his mother had to translate.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      This girl, a senior in high school, was sexually abusing her brother. Their parents were dead and he was cut off from the outside world so he constantly went to her for head pats. She left for school and was almost killed for mocking a deity, but avoided it by pleading "love" for her brother. -_- It was decided that she would be executed as soon as she graduated, though.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      I was a super muscular guy with super powers, and this other muscular guy was fighting Todoroki with me. He had jetpack boots and special moves but we still beat him, slamming him into the wall of the arena. Later there was a scene change, a dungeon, where horses and monkeys were trapped in jail cells. The monkeys could (and wanted to) sacrifice themselves for the horses. One asked if he could sacrifice himself for a human but we didn't allow it. There were also some cats wandering around in there.

      Dream #4 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
      Frag 1: Playing word games with (S) and their brother, similar to Bananagrams except we took turns.
      Frag 2: I brought something to a circus-like place.

      Night 3

      Did decent reality checks.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I had somehow been transported to 1964 and all I had was some then-unreleased Korean candy. I decided to sell it and make a killing.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      A boy was pitching a new Owari no Seraph series, called Niko something, made by the director of Yurikuma Arashi. It was a fan fav, rated 4.87 stars.

      Later someone was asking a bear, “Sir, please give me your yuri.” But something felt off. The progression of the relationship was weird.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      My mom was being really uptight… (illegible). Later I was pulling back my hair and saw I had white hair underneath. This horrified me for some reason and I was doing everything I could to disguise it.

      Later I watched an anime an talked to (S).

      Night 4

      Did good reality checks.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      Stephanie Soo was recording herself in a cheap apartment, except she was an anime loli girl. She stood on a coffee table and gave a tour.

      Scene change. I was making hearts in a pond. I was very bothered when someone pointed out that as a child I only made rectangles.

      Scene change. MC was an anime girl who was also a lesbian. She was in a parking lot and two people, a man and a woman, pulled into a spot in a Jeep. The girl was completely spellbound by the woman.

      The two claimed to be firefighters and stole a bunch of her stuff. When the girl said she liked the woman because she was “petite,” she got chased around the lot, but she liked it.

      Then they left, saying their name was “UTY,” and shouted “US. TRUST. YOUUUUUU!!!!!” as they drove away with all her stuff.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      People were killing Titans, also known as Guardians. They were mind-controlling them to walk into walls and kill themselves. But a small one (the size of someone’s palm), had magical powers and was able to bring them back.

      Who's from England...I need some guy tips-compyuri.jpg

      Night 5

      Did decent reality checks and meditated briefly.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      Again I had another dream about having white hair underneath my normal hair. This time I tried to take a picture in the mirror, but struggled a lot.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      I was at some interesting hotel place instead of school. But my dad found me and stole a school bus and started speeding down the street. He nearly hit a car but it turned just in time, but on school grounds he crashed into a mound of dirt and killed two kids!

      As soon as the bus came to a stop I bolted out and into the school, dropping a moon rock I’d picked up earlier. The interior was different and there was a disco ball hung from the ceiling.

      My friend (A) walked in and I complained to her, but she didn’t believe me. I screamed at her that two kids were dead and he was always doing stuff like this—how could she doubt me?!

      Night 6

      Did good reality checks.

      Dream #1 (Lucid):
      I was at a carnival. A dude was selling donuts in a strange neighborhood. Later I went home and my grandma was there. For some reason this struck me as extremely strange and I stared at her for a while before realizing, Oh, this must be a dream. Then I woke up.

      Dream #2 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      My dad called me a whiny complainer. I was about to go off on him, but woke up before I could.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      I was trying to fix my mechanical pencil, singing in my head. For some reason it was a very complicated process and I was on edge. Then my mom told me that my brother’s friends had stolen my rock-climbing passes and we needed to go meet them at the place now. Apparently we were late for my birthday party (which IWL was the next day).

      I broke down crying and stumbled up to my room, screaming at the top of my lungs. My dad was in the bathroom and yelled at me to shut up.

      Night 7:

      Did decent reality checks.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      Crocodiles were killing seniors. We followed a friendly one down a path to escape, but still had to fight a few on the way.

      No WBTB this night

      Night 8

      Did decent reality checks.

      Dream #1 (Lucid):
      This dream was in anime format, with episodes and everything. A middle schooler was trying to save this girl named Mari. He was stuck in a time loop, running to the school roof over and over and over, where she would be standing, and then he would get teleported back down until she sent him a few texts. He met a couple friends, Xu and Enta. Xu was kind or a punk, Enta was a good honor student.

      At some point a giant frog detached from another building, a dramatic song playing in the background and the sound effects very vivid. It hopped onto the middle school roof and started drinking the girl’s life force.

      Anyway in one of the time loops he managed to save her from hanging herself by dashing to the roof the second she texted, “It’s the end.” But then she said she had also taken poison hours ago and it would surely be in her system by now. So even if he went back in time again, how could he stop her?

      Suddenly he was in my body (but still himself) and taking a bath while talking to Enta on the phone. Enta had forgotten him and Xu, so MC was trying to convince him they were friends by talking about the test scores he’d just recieved. The only reason he’d taken that test was because of them. He wanted to get into a good college and make a lot of money to take care of his mom and siblings. MC started choking up when talking about what a good person he was, looking at a yuri towel that doesn’t exist IWL.

      Then my brother barged into the bathroom and I took over the position of MC. I yelled at him to get out, then realized my dad had been on the toilet this whole time.

      Suddenly I became lucid. I got out of the bath and telepathically swung the door open, manifesting forks and knives and throwing them into the wall. I mind-controlled my dad to have a desperate urge to collect them all, and started throwing popcorn as well.

      I wonder if these items come from somewhere in the world, I thought. My lucidity level was not the highest. Then there’s no guarantee they’re all fresh, right?

      I ate one of the more buttery-looking kernels, but it was nasty so I ran to the sink to wash my mouth out. Then I flew up to my room, phasing through the door easily. It might be the first time I’ve phased through an opaque surface without losing lucidity; I felt super powerful in this dream. (Still, I was only vaguely thinking of the competition.)

      I knelt down on the floor and closed my eyes, imagining a complicated T-shirt design. When I opened my eyes, it was only partially formed, so I had to manually fix it by running my hands down its length, the rest of it forming before my eyes. The design was a bit dim, so I made it brighter by doing the same thing.

      I was trying to take a picture, even though I knew I couldn’t bring it back to waking life. I just wanted to see if it would show up on camera as well. It took a lot of effort to keep it materialized, and my mom broke my concentration by yelling at me to take a shower.
      It woke me up, but I’m really happy about this LD ^w^

      Dream #2 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
      Frag1: I was in a fantasy world and killed two crows.
      Frag2: My dog was cuddling with a cat. I was surprised because he usually wants to eat them.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      I was on the phone with a little girl. She was lying between two houses, pretending that a boy named Jake had possessed her by stabbing her with an icicle. Her real name was Jane, and she was copying a behavior my friend (S) had been doing lately.

      I called (S), who was at college, demanding to know what was going on with them. They were always away, and if they weren’t they were between houses, or with some weird guy. During the phone call I met up with them in person, and they explained everything to me.

      The kid apparently thought they were a super powerful reincarnated deity, and they had to keep up the act. The kid joined us, and (S) slammed down a dangerously hot gold hammer into the ground, pretending it was a manifestation of their powers.

      I became less and less myself as the dream went on, pushed into an observer role. The one who had replaced me joined in on a shared delusion of the two that the school principal was behind all their problems. They marched to headquarters and fought the guards, one of which was a super cool neko girl with a black-and-white mask. She talked like a robot and for a decade had been in charge of China.

      We were losing but another girl joined us. She was inexperienced but managed to tie with another powerful guard. They both died. (S) had weak fire powers and was engaged in combat with the weakest of the guards, while the MC who had replaced me was standing in the middle “charging.”

      She was enraged at the death of her friend, her powers growing and growing until she lost it and blew up the entire hallway, killing everyone in it, including her friends. (The “narrator” was really dramatic about this, repeatedly saying she forgot to shield them, trying to get just the right tone.)

      The MC walked into the vault which was being guarded. Turns out the principal actually was evil and had been possessed. She would put very little funding into the school, using 90% of it on herself. I woke up as they were talking, but it seemed like the MC was going to become the new principal, under the condition that she be isolated for the rest of her life.

      Who's from England...I need some guy tips-compmaskedneko.jpg

      Night 2
      Brief meditation and RCs - 1 point
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x4) - 4 points
      Total: 7 points

      Night 3
      RCs - .5 points
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
      Total: 5 points

      Night 4
      RCs - 1 point
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
      Theme - 3 points
      Drawings - 2 points
      Total: 10 points

      Night 5
      RCs and meditation - 1 point
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
      Total: 4.5 points

      Night 6
      RCs - 1 point
      WBTB - 2 points
      DILD - 10 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
      Total: 14.5 points

      Night 7
      RCs - .5 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
      Total: 1.5 points

      Night 8
      RCs - .5 points
      DILD - 10 points
      Telekinesis - 5 points
      Advanced Summoning (I could see the forks appearing in my hand) - 10 points
      DC Manipulation / Mind Control - 5 points
      Eat/Drink Something - 5 points
      Fly + First Chosen Task - 10 points
      Fully Phase through Big Solid Object + Second Chosen Task - 20 points
      Basic Summoning (Partially-formed T-shirt) - 5 points
      Advanced Summoning + Third Chosen Task (forming the rest of the T-shirt) - 25 points (**This counts because it's for the 3-step tasks, right?**)
      Drawings - 2 points
      Total: 97.5 points

      Comp total: 149 points

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    4. Comp Nights 1 & 2 - Gigantic Moose and DC Manipulation!

      by , 09-04-2023 at 04:15 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      I'm back in MeiSEKAI for the first time in a while, with an LD to show off for comp! Unfortunately I don't have time to add much detail to non-lucids >_<

      NIGHT 1

      Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
      Frag1: S was still in Morocco, and J and I seriously shipped Ms. T with a new (false) assistant English teacher. I put their (illegible) together.

      Frag2: Checking out colleges but not really? Kind of a blur. Later saw S and mom, she snapped at S to not "act different." Then I (illegible).

      Woke at 2:50 and WBTB.

      Dream #2 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
      Frag1: Ms. T and another teacher kept writing on a board that English and Art were not useless.

      Frag2: Dude had a lot of money but was saving it to go on a trip to/with/for the person he likes. He thought it was funny and didn't seem to know why he liked her, but said that she was "relaxing." 5:30 WBTB.

      Dream #3 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      Featured an expert on "letter analysis." 6:50 WBTB.

      Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
      Plot1: MC ran away from home... actually, he flew away from home, which set off alarm bells in the back of my NEO mind. He stole J & L's dad's car and drove off with their (false) dogs. Ended up in a hotel and kept getting notifications from his 3DS, but didn't wanna respond in case it could be tracked. So he searched it up on his phone, not knowing that phones are trackable.

      At some point he looked out the window of his hotel room and saw his classmates(?) on a field trip. One kid spotted him and, for some reason, MC didn't break eye contact. The kid told the group and ran into the hotel, bursting into MC's room, but by that point he'd already flown out the window. He was pursued, and they had a conversation I can't remember.

      Plot2: An assassin on the job decided to kill another guy on the side. But when said guy turned the corner, he made eye contact and flashed the revolver at his hip. MC was a bit startled. He pressed himself against the wall so he couldn't be seen from a ledge above, a good thing because moments later revolver guy was standing on it, mimicking a seductive woman's voice to try and lure MC into the open.

      Ironically MC's interest was piqued not because he was fooled, but because that was also his method of killing. If the dream had continued, it would've turned into a gay assassin x assassin romance.

      Plot3: An evil man was on trial, and a woman stood up to testify. In an NEO-moderated speech she said that even worse than the things he was on trial for, was the fact that he had groomed her teenage son. Everyone clapped and when she went into the back room, she received a bunch of Project Sekai rewards. One of them was a song so obscure it surprised me to the point of being impressed. Woke at 8:29 and had to get up.

      NIGHT 2

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I was "getting a story" from out of a trash can, both manipulating each other. [I have no idea what I meant.] The videos were mostly ads and extremely generic. I was thinking about cognitive abilities and lucid dreams, hoping they would mention them. 4:00 WBTB.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid)
      Plot1: A journalist was jumping around trying to capture interesting moments between [stopped writing for some reason].

      Plot2: I told my mom I didn't know how to do something, and she started screaming, calling me a pathetic waste of space and an effing idiot and et cetera. I just stood there waiting for her to stop.

      Plot3: This was the largest part of the dream but I couldn't quite remember it. A bunch of people were fighting about something on a reality TV show… at some point I told my mom I was recording them to placate her. 5:30 WBTB.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      Very brief yuri plot, teacher x teacher. One of them had the asexual flag tattooed on her palm and was upset about something. Her partner suggested they move out because Japan was too (illegible, but something similar to conservative?). 7:00 WBTB.

      Dream #4 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      (Illegible, something about people not taking my advice.) S had to give advice instead, which is ironic. 7:30 WBTB.

      Dream #5 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      Someone was trying to understand someone else's culture. 8:00 WBTB.

      Dream #6 (Lucid):
      Plot1: There was a lesbian TV show being played somewhere, and I found one of the actresses in my basement. I told her that I thought the show had been made in the 60s or 70s, but actually it was released in 2022. She told me that the other main lead found a husband and they were no longer in contact, but it was clear she missed her and implied that she wanted us to go find her.

      Plot2: I was in the basement talking to my dad, when I saw my dog Nile sitting outside the sliding glass doors. I told Z and he went out to get him, but walked right past, even as he went from puppy- to normal-size. To prank him I brought Nile inside and shut the doors, but he came back with a nearly identical dog in his arms!

      "Um, Z, that's not Nile," I said, but they looked so similar I doubted myself. Then another dog appeared and suddenly we were outside in our neighborhood. A glass dome surrounded it, and the grassy part in the middle had become a jungle. We were searching for the dogs that weren't Nile, to return them to their owners. I think I examined floating screenshots to find out that one's name was Riddick.

      Other animals were in the jungle as well, and they all had "file names" you could view by focusing in on them. Some were just the name of the animal ("parakeet") but others were more personal ("the weird one"). There was also a gigantic moose walking around.

      "I didn't know moose were that big," my dad said.

      "I know right? It's scary." I pulled out my phone to take a picture, but paused when it turned in my direction. "Uh, is it…?"

      I slowly started drifting away (we'd been flying the whole time), but when it stepped closer, I turned tail and accelerated so quickly it worried me. I could hear its footsteps thundering behind me, so I flew higher and higher, trying to reach a tall tree for cover. But then I saw the glass dome and decided to phase through it like I do in my dreams,
      which got me lucid!

      I kept going, flying as fast as a jet (now that I think about it, this is Advanced Flying, isn't it?), and there were clouds and green fields below me as far as the eye could see, zipping past in a blur. My fear of heights seemed to have disappeared, and I was enjoying it so much that I pushed myself to go faster and faster. At some point I tried to shoot fireballs out of my hands, but it didn't work.

      Okay, okay, I gotta think, what should I do for comp? The first thing that popped into my head was three-step tasks, and with some difficulty I remembered "Fly" as my first. Check!

      I incorrectly remembered DC Manipulation/Mind Control as my second, so I flew down to the first DC I spotted. She was a young woman in a crop jacket and loose jeans, nose buried in her phone.

      I whispered under my breath for her to get on her stomach and crawl, not loud enough to hear. But it was only when I made her want to do it, when I imagined her doing it, that she flopped onto her stomach. Still, she didn't crawl, and I started to worry that it wouldn't count for the competition if she didn't fully follow through. I had the sense that I was short on time.

      "Crawl!" I yelled, but she just lay there with an expression of lazy smugness. Again I made her want to do it, imagined her doing it, and she did! She crawled forward! I was ecstatic, but before I could even think about my third task,
      I woke at 8:30 and had to get up. Pretty successful dream, though, even if it was short and I messed up the task order!

      I actually have two or three more LDs to add from my period of inactivity, but I'll deal with them later. Oh yeah, and I filled up another DJ, though my handwriting has gotten much worse since then

      Night 1:
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - ½ point
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x3) - 3 points
      Sum: 5.5 points

      Night 2:
      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment (x3) - 1.5 points
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
      DILD - 10 points
      Fly + First Chosen Task - 10 5 points
      Advanced Flying - 10 points
      Interact with a Dream Character - 2 points
      DC Manipulation / Mind Control - 5 points
      Sum: 42.5 37.5
      Previous sum: 5.5 points
      Comp total: 48 points 43 points

      Lil sketch:
      23 years icedawq-unnamed-10-.jpg

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    5. Becoming Lucid in a DV Member's Dream (Task of the Season)

      by , 07-07-2023 at 03:46 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      Another long lucid! Even if it was split in the middle. And a TON of dreams overall! Though they took forever to type. Slept at 12:30.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      Something about driving and LGBTQ. Woke up at 4:00 and WBTB.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      I was reading about a closeted gay eighth grader, and of course since it was a dream the scenes popped into my head like a TV show. MC was in a warehouse with his friends, goofing around, when he looked in the mirror and said, "You know what, guys? I'm going to go do it, I'm just gonna do it, why am I waiting for high school? It doesn't even make sense."

      He was talking about doing the nasty with a girl, but he didn't really want to. He was just trying to prove to himself and everyone else that he wasn't gay. When he headed for the door, my feelings of opposition seemed to affect him. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned around. I physically typed out the words I wanted him to say: "You're not gonna stop me?!?!"

      Then I wrote out his friends' response: "No?"

      One laughed in confusion, another scowled. I remember crossing out a comma and replacing it with the question mark, then being sure to emphasize that one of them was scowling.

      MC said something about "three men," and the angry friend became even angrier. "Of course not," he snapped.

      After that MC was tempted to say the same thing about "four men," but he chickened out because there were four of his friends there and the risk of them catching on was too high. I accepted that, just glad that he'd changed his mind, and he left the warehouse.

      The plot changed. I was now actively in the dream, as myself yet not myself. I lived in a big house with my "grandma" and brother Z. He and I were in "our room," and when I gazed out the arched window into the night, I saw a peculiar black cat rummaging around, eating trash. I was fascinated by its strange appearance and wanted to interact with it.

      It was past midnight, so I waited for "Grandma" to go to the basement before sneaking downstairs and opening the front door. I whispered for it to come inside and eat something edible. It obeyed, but the granny was coming back upstairs so I fled to my room.

      She definitely knew I'd been down there, despite Z trying to cover for me. (He was not himself either.) However, she let it go and sat down with the cat at the table, saying that they had to have a long chat regarding me.

      At one point she called sweetly to me from the kitchen and snapped at Z when he spoke up. He was holding a "full" glass of regurgitated yogurt (it reached the fill line, but that line was barely one fourth of the cup). It was not abnormal in the dream, but I was disgusted all the same.


      Woke up at 5:00 and, after journaling, sat up and really focused on becoming lucid. I explained what it meant, quickly performed MILD, and upped my awareness of myself and my surroundings. Then I went back to sleep, lucidity the last thing on my mind. (As in, the final thing I was thinking about, not something I didn't care about at all... I hate English.)


      Dream #3 (Lucid):
      First thing I remember is tagging along as a man led Harlequin down a flight of stairs. We were in her dream. Once we reached the bottom of the steps, we could see an oasis-like place at the end of the hallway. But when we looked back up, we realized we had descended 2000-feet-worth of stairs, and Harlequin's family was screaming her name at the top of their lungs as if she had died.

      Trying to keep things under control, I asked, "Are you going to go to the oasis?"

      She frowned and scoffed, "My brain drew that with MS paint." Then she left the dream. [I don't remember what she looked like because I wasn't paying attention.]

      What a waste, I thought, and went to check out the oasis myself. It was really just a small room with a pool of water, cabinet, window, and carpet, but I sat down on that carpet and
      became lucid.

      I attempted to increase the vividness and thought it was working, but when I woke up I couldn't remember how it looked so maybe it wasn't. I also believed myself to be more clear-headed than I really was. To my credit, I was able to remember the Task of the Season and decided to complete a basic task: asking a dream character what will happen tomorrow!

      I phased through the window and emerged a couple stories above the ground, a tree swaying in the wind below me. Everything was a bit unstable so I grabbed a leaf and tried to focus my attention on it as a stabilization technique (as Oneirin suggested), but it didn't work very well.

      Somehow I got out of there and ended up flying down a street, chasing after people in cars and trying to get them to answer the question, but every one of them just flashed weird looks and drove faster. Finally I peered into the passenger window of one car and saw a one-year-old baby strapped into a baby seat in the middle. Next to him, on the far side, was a 12-ish-year-old blond boy.

      "Hey!" I yelled to the baby. "What do you think will happen tomorrow?"

      He glanced at me and started lifting his arms out of the harness straps. I assumed he wanted to get closer to the window, but if a car struck them from behind and he was unbuckled I knew he'd be dead.

      "Uhh, no, no, don't do that," I said, and suddenly a horde of skinny, black-bodied, white-headed, Bendy-like creatures rushed toward the car with their arms outstretched. Altogether they resembled the Wall of Flesh in Terraria.
      I was kicked out of the dream and replaced by a fourteen-year old anime girl.

      She flew through the car and grabbed the twelve-year old, sending them tumbling out the other side into an alleyway. The car was destroyed and the boy watched his baby brother get ripped to shreds, one layer at a time. But he wasn't fazed at all! In fact, when the girl held out a hand to him (third person POV), he blushed and took it!

      She was a dream superhero of some sort, and there was the sense that she had saved many people from those creatures many times before. She wore red gloves and a short red skirt, black sweatpants, and a black sweater.

      At some point they were hiding in the "|" part of a "T"-shaped alleyway, and the boy was able to keep the creatures out by stretching his body to disturbing proportions. Even as the nonexistent observer I was very confused.

      Once the creatures cleared out, the boss of the girl appeared. With a smile they said, "You must be [name]'s reincarnation."

      [Name] was a very powerful Dream Hero, the most legendary of them all, but the girl was not her reincarnation. No, that was a different girl, and she was back at the lab undergoing testing. MC reminded me of Akko, and the reincarnated girl reminded me of Diana (though she looked like Neiru from Wonder Egg Priority).

      MC was having trouble keeping her face stable (it was actually glitching) and started to deny it, but cut herself off. "Is- is Izzy here?" (Another Dream Hero.)

      Don't remember if anyone responded, but somehow it was revealed that the boy had "done this before" and was actually a member of their organization. When she heard that, MC flushed with rage and grabbed his collar.

      "Say that sooner!" she shouted. She was embarrassed because she'd been under the impression that she'd saved a helpless civilian, and now felt stupid for being so proud.

      She stormed out of the room (the alley had gradually morphed into a hotel room) and
      I returned to the dream, lucid again. I had very little memory of what had happened and zero awareness of having switched with the girl. But I realized I still hadn't gotten an answer to the TotS question, and ran back to the boy. He was being carried like a sack of potatoes by an invisible person.

      "What should I do tomorrow?" I asked. (Phrased it that way because I thought he might not respond to "what will happen tomorrow?")

      He glared at me, and the vividness of his voice increased tenfold as he spat, "I think you should die."

      I actually got goosebumps from how clear and angry his tone was, but brushed it off. The style of the dream had become cheap and pixelated, and I turned to see Mafuyu lying flat on the ground.

      I sat next to her. "Mafuyu, what will happen tomorrow?"

      She probably assumed I was asking her out and responded, "Saturday is sad day." (Both she and I were under the impression that tomorrow was Saturday.)

      "I see. Sad day, huh." I sat by her a little while longer before standing up.

      Each hotel door was themed to match a Project Sekai character. Kanade's was first, light blue and decorated with solid circles and hollow triangles. I cracked it open and found her wrapped up in blankets like a burrito. Sensing that I would wake up soon, I decided it wasn't worth interacting with her her.

      I hurriedly moved on to Mizuki's sparkly pink door, but for some reason, I knocked this time. I called her name, excited to hear her response, as she and Mafuyu are my favorite characters.

      After a pause, a very accurate voice responded, "Yeah?"

      I asked the question, but before she could answer the dream faded and
      I woke up! Nooo! But at the same time, yesss, to this amazing lucid!


      I was surprised to find it was only 6:25, but it took me an hour to finish writing, so I didn't get back to sleep till 7:30-ish. I wasn't very tired, so maybe that's why I kept waking up and had all these dreamlets.


      Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
      This was on the border between a hypnagogic hallucination and a dream. I was in the kitchen and one of my parents dumped milk and acid in my head. Then I was in a dark void, walking down a floating runway and smashing open doors with an axe. I found my dad in one of them. He had murdered my mom. I raised my axe and killed him. Woke around 8:00 and WBTB.

      Dream #5 (Non-Lucid):
      I was being driven somewhere in the middle of nowhere to tutor a kid my age. I was very confused, saying that A was the tutor, not me. But they didn't listen. We nearly ran over a fallen tree and had to get out of the car. It was foggy outside and there was a lake nearby.

      When I demanded answers, my mom grilled me in return about how I got my voice recorder. [Answer: I biked to the store and bought it without her knowledge.]

      "I told you, I just found it in my stuff!" I protested, speedwalking away.

      I came across my brothers and a group of old friends, the only one I could see properly was a kid named Blake. He was holding a football and I asked if he was copying me, as I was playing catch with a football for two hours a couple days ago.

      Don't remember his response, but I took the football and asked if I could punt it. He refused because there was a lake in the distance and he didn't want it going in.

      Woke at 8:27 and WBTB.

      Dream #6 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      Forgot everything when I opened my eyes. Something about flowers. 8:46 WBTB.

      Dream #7 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      (Illegible.) 9:06 WBTB.

      Dream #8 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      Lifting weights. Later I was in a store and Harlequin was there, asking how to get home. I directed her to a staff member. 9:19 WBTB.

      Dream #9 (Non-Lucid):
      I was driving to a therapy session, though not doing a very good job. In the end I had to lift it up like a chair and force it into a parking spot within the building. Switched the parking brake on and it finally settled down. A girl next to me was doing the same. Some time later people were watching the dream on a screen, admiring the "perspectives" and skill of my "internal camera." I was a little uncomfortable.

      Plot change. Someone had filmed a TikTok of me saying, "Do you want your madlad chicken? -goes off-screen and returns a couple seconds later- Sorry, they aren't allowed in the café but here are some french fries and ketchup."

      It had 12K likes and I was wearing a dark blue plaid jacket and mask. It repeated a few times before showing the aftermath. S was grabbing me and pointing to a bundled-up customer.

      "Merlin," they said. (Not my real name but that's what they called me in the dream.) "You have to figure out their identity. Once you do, you'll be shocked."

      But I could already tell that the twist was that they were gonna be my doppelganger.

      At some point I had a false awakening and when I was writing down the dream I added, I was covered in leaves (thank goodness I remembered that!).

      Woke at 9:47 and got up for good. Kinda sad that none of them were lucids, but oh well.

      Pics of the dream scenes, and a map of the third dream (yes I am totally copying Harlequin):
      What keeps your body alive, if you aren't in it?-img_20230706_212340382.jpg What keeps your body alive, if you aren't in it?-img_20230706_212444608.jpg

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    6. Broke the Dry Spell

      by , 06-24-2023 at 03:18 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      After over two weeks without a lucid, I finally got one! And such a fun one, too! I'm quite happy. Slept at 11:50.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I was at an abandoned carnival and intentionally ruined my phone with "Fn poisoning." I figured it would be fine since my phone sucks and I need a new one anyway, but I was trying to come up with a lie to tell my parental units.

      Later J&L and I were talking… (illegible).

      I was quite lazy with journaling this dream so I don't remember most of the details. Don't know when I woke up from it either, nor from the next one.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      My childhood friend Mason was in our basement. I hid my discomfort at him being there and tried to act cheery, smiling and chatting with my brothers. Eventually I fled upstairs and looked in the mirror, smiling at myself. A circular piece of purple cardboard was wedged in my gums.

      I was terrified, although I had the sense that this had happened before, and went to my mom. Much to my distress, she yanked it out and let it bleed. My dad was pretty mad at her as well. I could feel the air flowing through the wound and tried to assure myself that this kind of injury didn't matter, that lots of people have holes in their gums.

      I was taken to the hospital and a doctor offered me three treatment options. One was a full face mask with the label: "Is this fabric bad for your skin? Screw your skin!" Needless to say, I quickly disregarded it.

      In the end I selected a nasal spray and felt quite comforted after squirting it into my nostril a few times. (I'd forgotten that the wound was in my gums.)

      Then I disappeared from the dream, and the scene switched to a group of teen boys running from the hospital, one of them jumping on the roofs of buildings as they went. The others followed along, but with hesitance, and one nervously voiced his concerns. The boy said it would be fine because they were all sick, citing a time when his poor health scored him a get-out-of-jail-free card.

      At some point they were on a bridge and started making up a gay story featuring characters very much like them. One character was described as a "sick boy who plays soccer."

      I re-entered the dream and ran ahead of them, toward a hill resembling the Big Hill in my neighborhood. A girl, or rather the silhouette of a girl, was standing there. She was made up of a gradient, flowing rainbow. I was under the impression that she was part of an MV, and I had entered the MV using virtual reality or something.

      Since I believed I was an MV, my moves were quite dramatic as I chased the girl around, spinning and doing cartwheels and striking poses. I thought that if I caught her, something special would happen. In the background was a Japanese song with English subtitles singing a song about schizoid issues. The voice sounded like a mix of Raon, Yorushika, and Tsukuyomi's vocalist.

      I kept trying to pause the video to figure out how to say "schizoid" in Japanese, which is difficult to do when you're literally inside of it. It wasn't working, but one of the "whoa" vocalizations was supposed to sound similar to it. I thought it was the most accurate schizoid song I'd heard (that intentionally depicted schizoid topics), then thought of another (false?) Japanese song that was a close second. I found it mildly remarkable that they were both Japanese.

      I gave up the chase and looked at my wrist, finding a single itchy bump there. The song ended with the girl throwing her hands into the air and the lyrics reading, "The world of human connection is so large."
      Then I woke up.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      J and I were hunting down a monster. He had been created by some god, with the specific purpose to perform evil acts and kill people. He was also a writer, Herman Hesse I think. I felt bad for him, but he said he was not opposed to killing and requested we exterminate him before he did.

      Despite his request, he wasn't cooperating and made us chase him to a large field where families were having picnics. J threw a dagger at him and missed, and the surrounding people murmured excitedly. He shrunk down to plushie size and I grabbed him by the leg and took his gun.

      J pinned him down and I said, "It'll be over soon, Hermann."

      Then I shot him in the right side of the chest. He let out a long, piercing scream. Then he lay still in quiet agony, tears forming in his anime eyes. I sat next to him to be of some comfort and waited for him to die.

      A strong wind suddenly rustled all the trees' leaves, and an ominous presence fell over the area, accompanied by the sound of something approaching. It sounded like an extremely large tractor, but I knew instinctively they were footsteps.

      I worried it was the god who'd created him, or perhaps his monster buddies responding to his cry for help, so I bolted. I ran down to a different neighborhood, figuring it was okay to leave J since I was the one who killed him, and therefore the one in the most danger. I decided to stay and listen instead of running farther, but
      I woke up before anything happened.

      When I opened my eyes I saw a cartoonish, squiggling black scribble on the wall. I stared at it for a few seconds, thinking, What a simple hypnopompic hallucination. Then I sat up and recorded the dream at 7:30, doing SSILD as I fell back asleep.

      Dream #4 (Lucid):
      Don't remember much about the beginning of the dream, just that there was a warrior with long red hair who was being ridiculed for being a woman and wearing a white dress. Then she used transformation magic to form a heavy suit of armor, which was apparently very high-level magic. She walked past them, scowling, and the armor changed back into a white dress.

      I entered the dream later. The setting was similar to my house, but somber and monochrome. It was being used as a base for kids in training to become soldiers. I bounded down the stairs and saw chicken on the table, while someone on the intercom kept saying ミート (meat) over and over. I asked one of the kids in charge about it, saying that I thought meat was rare in times of war. He said it was, and that that was all the meat we had. I was displeased by this answer.

      At some point had a false awakening. Now I was in the living room with my mom and brother N. My dog Nile was on the couch and my mom patted his chest, asking in an affectionate voice if he would eat his food now. He whined in response, and I was so amazed that he understood her that I laughed out loud.

      Somehow we started talking about dreams and I jokingly said, "Haha, what if this is a dream?"

      I plugged my nose
      and was in disbelief when I could partially breathe. You really can be dreaming at any moment, I thought.

      My mom and brother exchanged a look, and for a moment I worried that they would turn against me like some other people's dream characters do once they become lucid. (I know this is just a schema.) I brushed off the thought, but by that point my mom had grabbed me by the legs, restraining me.

      "Mom, let me go," I said, but she just smiled at me in a way that was simultaneously playful and creepy. I phased through her by imagining myself already in the location of the living room that I wanted to be. It took a couple tries, but then I effortlessly, without even thinking about it, phased through the window onto the balcony. It was so cool, there was a clear visual transition, and I may have felt an interesting sensation as well but I wasn't paying attention to it.

      I flew into the air, but it was a little unstable. I wondered if my mind could not properly calibrate my body size, though some part of me knew that was silly. I touched down on my neighbor's deck, looking out at the neighborhood. It was so incredibly accurate—the woods, the path, the wall, the fence, the retirement home. I refrained from thinking about stability and took flight again.

      In my peripheral vision I tried to summon a burger in my hand, but it didn't work, so I thought back to that non-lucid dream where I summoned chicken nuggets right before my eyes. I cupped my hands in front of me and visualized a burger. Just like last time, it appeared first as a dark shadow, then an outline, and then I realized I was trying to imagine lettuce and tomato on it even though I don't like veggies. Once I stopped that, the burger formed completely. I thought that if the competition were still going this would have earned a lot of points, but whatever.

      I bit into it and said delightedly, "Ha! So much for 'limited meat!'" (Referring to the pre-FA scene.)

      I dropped the burger and decided to find J, but didn't want to waste dream time flying all the way to her house. So I called for her, hoping she would appear somewhere. In the distance I spotted someone running down the path. I could tell it wasn't J, but chased after them anyway, for some reason tempted to shoot them down.

      I followed them all the way to the road, but they wouldn't approach me, so I intentionally fell off my drone (I was now riding a drone), crying out "Ah!" in hopes that they would be sympathetic.

      They were, tentatively coming over to help. It was a young girl, 12 to 14 years old, with short, curly brown hair. I quickly lost interest in killing her.

      "Why were you running away?" I asked.

      "The drone scared me, I thought it was an attack helicopter." (We were in war times.) "Also, I was getting a very 'predator-hunting-prey' vibe from you..."

      We walked beneath a tree, and she explained that she was fighting in the war to strengthen her cheek muscles. I jumped and tore a few leaves from their branches, enjoying my lucidity.

      "I thought kids and children weren't allowed to fight in the war," I said distractedly, thinking back to the first part of the dream. "Oh sorry, I meant kids and women."

      She shrugged. I clapped her on the shoulder and exclaimed, "Well, good on you! I think that rule is stupid anyway, get stronger all you want! Even though you'll probably be traumatized for life, hahaha."

      She smiled weakly. During the conversation we had occasionally been ducking behind cars and running around to avoid bullets and laser beams from attack vehicles.

      I asked if she would accompany me to J's house, but she adamantly refused, probably thinking it was miles away. Out of nowhere K appeared, assuring her that it was just down the street. Sure enough, we were somehow much closer to J's neighborhood than before, only having to turn the corner and walk to the end of the road to reach her residence. But before we could, J came around the corner herself! We all called her name in excitement.

      "How is she here?" K asked incredulously.

      "Because this is a dream!" I replied, then pointed to my old friend S.E. who was passing by. "J loves shooting and killing—J, kill that thing!"

      J made finger guns and shot S.E. in the forehead with a chi bullet. She went on to shoot other people, and each time she did, an itchy lump would form on the back of my right hand. I showed it to the girl and explained that it was the result of the dream characters' deaths, as everything in this world was made of my energy.

      A small bump formed on my left wrist and I remarked, "Ah, she must have shot in the other direction."

      We entered a building, but a black placard above one of the doors reminded me of the dream with Herman Hesse, and I was unsure if I wanted to go in there.


      When I woke at 8:20 my hand was actually itchy, indented with clothing lines. I'm so happy though, this lucid was long and stable and chill and fun and... yeah Though I did notice all of the dreams were violent and/or stressful in some way. The one with Hermann Hesse was the closest I've had to a nightmare in a long time.

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    7. Sleep Deprivation Experiment Results

      by , 06-23-2023 at 03:45 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      Nothing much happened, but I'll post the notable parts here Entries in quotes are things I actually wrote at the time, either in my DJ or my phone. (Rewrote most of the DJ logs because they're very messy.)

      (From 0-30 hours I was at my house, 30-55 hours I was at J & L's house, and 55-59 hours I was back home.)

      3:10 am (18 hours): Was paranoid that my brothers were awake, so I lay still for a while and entered a half-asleep state. Felt refreshed when I snapped out of it twenty minutes later.

      ??? (~19 hours): Was rubbing my ear and could've sworn I heard my mom yelling my name from downstairs. I was terrified she'd somehow heard me moving around or creaking the bed, but I didn't hear her coming up the stairs, so it must have been a hallucination/hypnagogia.

      5:23 am (20.5 hours): Fell into the same half-asleep state for the same amount of time, and again felt refreshed afterwards.

      6:30 am (21.5 hours): "Tired. Eyes keep unfocusing, can't read. Still feel gross. Closing eyes leads to instant hypnagogia, auditory and visual."

      6:45 am (22 hours): Decided to lay down until 7:00, accidentally fell asleep for 10 minutes and had this dream:

      I was in a house for a swim team meeting. Kept floating and a little girl was making her bear stuffed animal float as well. I jumped down from a ledge onto the bed she was on, then bounced to the floor.

      "Wow, did you purposely avoid my legs? 'Cause that was a close call!" she said. Her legs were curled into her chest underneath the blanket.

      "Yeah, I have lots of practice jumping on beds," I said, referring to my brother's.

      She pointed to my brother's friend Vinson and said he had a younger brother. I was shocked, and they were amused that I didn't know. She asked if I could go get him and with a sense of deja vu I agreed. I sensed that he had not come any of the other times I went to get him.

      Went into a hallway/basement area, was a bit worried because I knew I was sleep-deprived, and even if it was only for 24 hours exposing myself to creepy situations wasn't a good idea. But I ignored it and went on, calling for the brother, "Arglot." (Pronounced Arr-glow.) I heard Valerie [person from swim team] calling for him as well.

      Surprisingly, he appeared around the corner and said bluntly, "What do you want?"

      To diffuse his attitude, I said in a casual tone, "Your friend and brother… well, just your friend, really, is asking for you."

      "Okay, okay, well tell her…"

      Forgot what he said. We were going up the stairs and I saw Kira, was thinking about how Arglot looked like her brother Marcus and how I didn't know she and Marcus were related till recently.

      I really am clueless, I thought.

      7:50 pm (35 hours): J&L and I were watching a movie and I felt pretty horrible the whole time. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it through the night. The feeling cleared up after the movie ended.

      ??? (~41 hours): Briefly fell asleep for ten minutes. J was calling my name but I didn't respond, had to be slapped awake.

      3:04 am (42 hours): "Watching Inuyasha but very tired and keep drifting off, was shocked awake by hallucinating my brother's echoing scream/roar."

      3:16 am (42 hours): "Keep drifting off slightly and hearing songs before an Inuyasha character speaks loudly and snaps me out of it. Cannot focus on screen, eyes too blurry and unfocused. But I can keep track of the plot."

      4:27 am (43.5 hours): "Feels like I fell asleep, but it's just the plot of the anime feeling like a dream."

      5:40 (45 hours): J gave up. She was somehow able to stay awake just by lying on her back and daydreaming, though at one point she hallucinated me asking if she was up and mumbled "mmhm" to the air. I was very confused.

      9:37 am (45 hours): "...I accidentally fell asleep at 6:30-ish. The experiment is probably ruined but I'll just subtract three hours. Might've had a dream but not sure. Something interesting did happen, though:
      "I don't know if this was a dream or hallucination or what, but when I woke up my Chromebook was open in front of me with a bunch of text-to-speech voice options on the screen. They kept playing and it was difficult to move the cursor, but I managed to close the tab. Then I logged out, closed the Chromebook, and placed it on the desk.
      "I know the TTS tab was not real because I don't have anything like that on the Chromebook. But it actually is on the desk, which doesn't make sense because I didn't plan to go to sleep and must have fallen asleep with it open on the bed. Well, whatever...
      "My eyes are slightly bloodshot. Last night J said they looked purple, like a raccoon."

      1:39 pm (49 hours): "I'm not tired, but when I close my eyes I feel dizzy. A throbbing dizziness, similar to that boat-rocking feeling I used to get when I was younger."

      8:11 pm (56 hours): "Again, could've sworn I heard my mom calling for me, but it was very quiet and unclear."

      9:35 pm (57 hours): "Tired only in my eyes. When my mom asked me for help with something, I suddenly felt a strange, full-body fatigue."

      And that's it. The rest of the time I felt fine, sometimes a little tired. I also got a feeling similar to heartburn once in a while, and had a mild headache. Would've done another night if I could spend it at J&L's, but doing it in my shared room with only books and podcasts to keep me occupied (plus trying to stay quiet) is agonizingly boring.
    8. Comp Night 10 - Vicarious Affection

      by , 06-12-2023 at 11:59 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      Didn't have time to upload yesterday as I was busy with friends and schoolwork, not to mention this entry is ginormous! Got some things to explain before getting started:

      1) 1PV/3PV = First Person/Third Person.
      2) NEO = Non-Existent Observer. I've mentioned it in a few other entries but it's particularly important in this one, so I'll explain it. In most if not all dreams I'm not a part of, it's present. What it is, is essentially thoughts in the back of my mind that I'm not consciously aware of (at the time). (Like making internal comments while watching a movie.) They happen almost constantly, so it would be pointless to narrate them all, but they heavily influence the dream scene, and in the last dream logged here, those influences are important!
      3) Watched How to Train Your Dragon 3 on Saturday and got my dragons back

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      S was complaining about China and how they treated their citizens. Said they were stupid for going against their word and cultivating more edible food in 2020, that in the long run it would have been better to prioritize profit instead.

      I brought up the pandemic and food shortages and they essentially said, "They should have just let everyone die."

      "Uh… okay." I couldn't believe they were acting so self-righteous even while saying things like that. I was sure nothing I said would get through to them.

      We were in a Japanese-style house and there were various fruits hanging from the ceiling in bunches. I wanted raspberries, but bees were hovering around them. S wasn't scared and picked them all for themselves, so I got stuck with these little duck fruits instead.

      (Fragment: Later we were on a mission and transformed into two brothers.)

      Woke up at 2:30-ish and WBTB.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      (1PV) I was in a library, on the run from something. I checked out a children's book about dragons eating honey and regurgitating it for their queen. On the same table were chocolate eggs, one with a coating of dark chocolate and a filling of milk chocolate, the other the reverse. Z was gobbling up the former and there was so much drool, it was disgusting.

      A girl with long black hair and a yandere vibe came over to us, and I became half myself, half some guy. Someone gave her chocolate glasses with no lenses, (3PV) and the dream turned manga style. Two panels of the guy kissing the girl filled the screen. Except he wasn't kissing her out of love—it was to pacify her, out of fear she would lash out.

      It backfired. The dream style returned to normal and she grabbed him, dragging him away. He clawed at the wall until his nails bled, but it was no use. She grew tendrils out of her back and wrapped him up like a python.

      My dad encouraged him to "remember the number," false memory or not, I don't know. The girl was casting a spell and during it said "yon" (four), but the kanji that appeared on the screen showed something else. At least the guy thought it did… I separated from him for a moment and as the NEO thought, I would totally die here, if it were me.

      He decided on "shichi" (seven), hoping the correct number would cancel out the spell and exorcise her, but before he could voice the second syllable, he was frozen in place. (1PV) A tendril wrapped over his mouth so he could not speak. We both thought, Guess it wasn't that, then.


      I abruptly woke at 4:30, and for two seconds could not move. I wondered if I'd be frozen until he "won," trying to figure out how I should make that happen, but then it went away. Guess it was sleep paralysis. Wrote down notes and WBTB.

      (P.S., I find it fitting how the first syllable of "shichi" is "shi," which is another way of saying four and death )


      Dream #3 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      Tons of village people were killed. A little boy was sad about it, but their spirits came down from the sky, two of which were his parents. They gave him an amulet and said if he brought it to a certain person, they could all be revived.

      "Really?" he asked. "That's allowed? It's that simple?"

      "Of course! Our deaths were unfair, after all."

      Then there was something about hypnosis and a girl with short black hair. (Can't read my notes.)

      Woke at 6:15 from alarm and WBTB.

      Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
      The rooms on the upper floor of my house had become self-help rooms. A young boy was filling out a sign-up form for one of them and had to choose which languages he was proficient in. He chose English and "Barcelona," but felt a little ashamed choosing the latter since he could only speak and listen, not read and write.

      He went into the bathroom, the Suicidal Self-Help Room, and disappeared from the dream. There were two men in there, and another guy creaked open the door, peering in at them. He asked, "Do you want to die?"

      "Yes," they responded.

      "Then, if you have come here despite wanting to die, and make it to the end of this journey, I trust you will come out stronger."

      He held out his hand and they took it. Next thing I remember is them doing side steps on top of chairs—one guy was nervous but got the hang of it eventually... so I guess the "journey" was just exercising.

      Then I was in my room, except I was a really tall, really wide black lady, and I had zero control over "my" own actions. I think it was the Immigration Self-Help Room, and there was a Hispanic lady of similar size in there. I kept talking to her in an exaggerated accent that mimicked her own, all the while thinking to myself, Why?! Why are you doing this? It's not like it'll be easier for her to understand!

      Thoughts I couldn't control responded, But she speaks that way herself.

      So? She hears normal English every day, what you're doing is way more confusing! (I was also wondering to myself when my appearance would return to normal.)

      In the end I only managed to lessen the accent slightly, and the Hispanic lady understandably stormed out of the room. A minute later, she came back in, glaring at me.

      "W-What?" "I" stammered.

      She started yelling at me in Spanish, and I tried to explain that I couldn't speak it well enough to communicate, and then we both got confused as to why I was in that room in the first place. But she shrugged it off and continued, saying (in Spanish) that we're supposed to be on the same team and she doesn't need prejudice from me, too.

      It broke me down and I started crying, hugging her and apologizing. She hugged me back–I vividly felt her warmth–and told me to go to the Suicidal Self-Help Room (aka the bathroom).

      I did, and when I looked in the mirror I was my regular self (albeit naked), and had regained control over my actions. Tears were streaked down my cheeks, so I wiped them away with toilet paper. Then I realized I really needed to poop, so I plopped down on the toilet, but pee came out instead.

      Of course, this was not only the bathroom but the Suicidal Self-Help Room, so the guy from before creaked open the door and peeked in. There was also a white-haired man standing in the corner.

      "Do you want to die?" he asked, as per routine.

      I was still peeing and felt a little self-conscious about being naked, but I took his hand anyway and said yes.

      "Then, if you have come here despite wanting to die, and make it to the end of-"

      I interrupted him, exploding with laughter. The whole time he was talking I was still peeing, and it was hilarious hearing him speak so dramatically over the sound of it. "It's funny 'cause I'm peeing!"

      "Don't underestimate us," he warned, but he was smiling. The white-haired man laughed as well.

      "Why is it going on so long?" I exclaimed, and as it trickled to a stop,
      I woke up at 7:20.


      That is one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had, and not just because of the naked peeing part. I don't think I've ever had a dream where I was unable to control myself, no matter how hard I tried. It wasn't too unpleasant, but it was definitely strange.

      Wrote it down and went back to sleep, attempting WILD as usual.


      Dream #5 (Lucid?):
      The time period was the 1800s, and some guy was taking J and I around town. I think we were his servants or something similar. He kept trying to take a picture of us but wouldn't stop yelling. I told him to stop because each time he did I tensed up and ground my teeth, and I was worried they would break.

      After a particularly loud yell I heard a crack, but luckily I had Invisalign on, so it was pieces of that that fell out of my mouth instead of teeth. Still, I was distressed, and cried out, "See what you did?"

      J and I left him and went to a shop. I asked the store owner if it could somehow be fixed, but I don't remember his answer and I doubted it, considering the time period.

      Some stuff happened and we ended up in a library, searching for glasses on the floor because my vision was blurry and we were too poor to buy a pair. At one point J said to me, "Yeah, you seriously need glasses."

      "Not really… if I'm driving, maybe."

      We ended up finding a ton, including a "time-travel" pair, particularly under the bookcases. I found it weird, but people were giving us dirty looks so we went outside to try them on. K was next to us being annoying, and I worried she would steal them.

      I put on a very tight black pair; each frame was shaped like the Eiffel Tower, and one of the lenses was blurry. I took them off with some difficulty and thought, "These are for skinny-faced people."

      I turned back to K and found she had stuffed all the rest in her bag. "Hey!" I shouted, snatching two of the red ones (one of which was the time-traveling pair). She threw a fit, waving her fists in the air and howling like a child.

      "You can keep the others, okay?" I yelled, but that made her even angrier. She transformed into a dragon that resembled Toothless, curled into a ball, and covered her face with one wing. You could hear her sobbing underneath.

      I started to walk away, but decided it wasn't a good idea to destroy this friendship. I gently touched her wing and said, "Aw, c'mon, don't cry… don't be like Hiccup." (Wrapped up in Toothless's wings.)

      She didn't stop, but seemed slightly placated, so J and I left to a train. Except, I have a random memory of being in front of my house and Kagome's mom coming out. We had a short conversation, and next thing I knew J and I were gone from the dream.

      Back to the train, Kagome and her mom were running from two different directions to jump on, nearly falling into a pit in the process. Inuyasha grabbed them both and lifted Kagome to safety, keeping the mom held over the pit until Kagome told him who it was. And then all three of them disappeared from the dream as well.

      (3PV) I don't remember the events leading up to it, but there was total chaos on the train. Acidic green goo was pouring through the roof, melting everything and everyone in its path. People were screaming and running around and jumping under the train and into glowing red holes, killing themselves to escape.

      The main character was a man in a bomber jacket. He went down a short flight of stairs, where the green goo wouldn't reach, due to the captives being held there. It was a small room, and in it were two cages. Each of them held a deformed mass of bloody flesh in the shape of a baby. They crawled around as much as they could, pieces of their body rubbing off and trailing behind them.

      They may have been Kagome and Inuyasha, and were rumored to "occasionally have real conversations." (That was not remarkable because they looked like babies, but because the people in this world did not have conversations of any depth in general.) At first they were just apologizing to each other in raspy voices, but soon began to say things like, "We'll never be fixed/let out" and "We should have done it slower."

      They were a hideous sight to behold, and two people who had followed MC down were freaking out. MC himself was on the verge of a breakdown, but as the NEO, I thought, No, I don't want my guy to freak out… I don't want him to kill himself. That would be too anti-climactic.

      That thought must have influenced him, because for a while he just stared blankly at the babies. But then out of the blue,
      he became lucid!

      "It's okay, guys!" he assured the two people wailing beside him. "This is just a dream!"

      Ah, he's right, I vaguely thought, as NEO.

      They didn't pay attention to him, and one tried to approach the cages. He grabbed her by the collar and dragged both of them back up to the main train. (1PV) He looked at the doors and forced them open with his mind, then jumped out and flew into the sky, thinking ecstatically, This is a dream! I'm free! I'm free!

      He landed on a lamp post and looked out at the station, grinning widely. But then someone snapped a picture of him, and it filled the screen. He was alarmed. Even though he hadn't freaked out on the train, the events had still traumatized him, and the last thing he wanted was to cause a scene. He climbed down from the pole and
      lost lucidity.

      Suddenly he realized he could not remember his name, or who he was, or where he worked. A police officer was standing on the platform, and MC rushed to him, begging for help.

      The P.O. turned to him and smiled tenderly. "Glen."

      The train pulled into the station. P.O. pulled Glen inside, and was bombarded with questions as they headed to the back seats. "You know my name? Do you know me? Can you help me?"

      They sat down, and the P.O. handed him a small green key, presumably a house key. "Of course I remember your name, Glen. I'm on the right side of God." He said it with humor, almost sarcasm. "Now stop messing around."

      "What about my work? Do you know my work?"

      P.O. hesitated. Both Glen and I as the NEO could tell he was coming up blank.

      Glen laughed and leaned closer. "You don't even know that? Are you really on the right side of God?"

      P.O. frowned. "Glen, stop. You're going to tip off the 315 out of 415 Orthodox religious people in this small town." (Statistics filled the screen and NEO me thought, Oddly specific numbers, and, They're awfully close–they must be gay or dating. Too bad for them that it's the 1800s.) "You need to be quiet… well, I guess I could be quieter, too."

      He sighed and sunk back into his chair. Glen leaned even closer and continued happily talking with him. Even though I was not him (unlike the second or fourth dream), it was in first person, and I could vividly feel the sensation of his hand on his cheek. I could feel his smiling mouth, the creasing of his eyes, even his affection for the P.O. It was strange, experiencing someone else's emotions like that.


      Woke up at 9:25. Believe it or not, I actually forgot huge chunks of this dream. Couldn't remember the first part for a good five minutes.

      I just don't understand how I could watch someone become lucid and not become lucid myself. I suppose I was in the back of my mind, but that doesn't count. As the non-existent observer, I have no idea that I am thinking anything at all.

      So, regarding scoring… does it count as lucidity if I didn't realize my own existence? Neither Glen nor I were aware of who the dreamer was, nor did we remember the competition tasks. It was a surface-level lucidity in which he only knew his surroundings weren't real and he could do whatever he wanted. I'm logging it in my LD count because it didn't feel like role-playing (edit: changed my mind after saizaphod comment), but I understand how it could be a gray area.

      If it does count, do his actions (telekinesis, flying) as well? Could it even be considered my personal goal, making a dream character lucid?! I need help

      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - ½
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x3) - 3 points
      Dragons Theme - 5 points
      DILD - TBD
      Interact with dream character - TBD
      Telekinesis - TBD
      Flying - TBD

      Tonight's sum: 10.5 points
      Previous sum: 114.5 points

      Comp total: 125 points

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    9. Comp Night 7 - Dragon Witch Lair

      by , 06-09-2023 at 01:25 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      I'm happy with last night even if the lucid part was super short Slept at 11:20.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      Kirishima from BNHA was in a high school classroom, fighting a medusa-like creature. He tried to throw a punch, but a crackling ball of energy emerged from its chest and started sucking him in. He gasped, his mouth and the whites of his eyes turning black, his irises glowing purple and quivering in that typical anime way.

      Is this what it's like to be consumed by pure and utter darkness? he thought, struggling against it and impressively keeping conscious. He appeared to be losing, but I (as the nonexistent observer) knew plot armor would protect him. I metaphorically sat back and enjoyed the battle.

      In another room, my History teacher Ms. K was sweeping the floor and found a "100% non-child" mask. She picked it up and presented it to a janitor, who was watching something on his phone.

      "We're happy with this," she said, and he nodded.

      Woke up at 4:15 and attempted WILD.

      Dream #2 (Lucid):
      Random people were in my house, having a strength competition through rock paper scissors. It may have been to find out who was the strongest dragon, but I'm not sure. They all had human appearances. Three of them sat on the couch; the leftmost being the weakest, the middle the strongest, and the rightmost of average ability. Three more people of the same ability would face off against them.

      My friend K was in the middle, so she must have been a strong one. Two people challenged her to RPS and she won both times. "Hah! I was always the best at this game. You chumps."

      I'm pretty sure I was subconsciously helping her. I could have played a match myself but didn't want to. Prior to this a lot of stuff had happened, and because of that stuff I decided to run away from home.

      Next thing I knew I was in the driver's seat of our car, cruising down the highway. It was on autopilot, and I thought, Wait, since when did our car have autopilot mode...? I shrugged it off though because I'd heard of the concept before.

      The turns it made were strange; each time it seemed to very nearly hit whatever object was in front of it, but never really did. Whenever I tried to take hold of the wheel, it would start driving extremely and uncontrollably fast, so I decided to just give in and trust it. J and L might have been in the back, but if they were, it wasn't for long. I stared out the windshield at the blue and pink sky, a red bridge reaching high into the clouds, and thought about finding a suitable place to die.

      Eventually I arrived at a grassy field and was able to take the wheel. The car bounced along a dark, vivid gravel path, but it was more fun than scary. A short wooden fence separated it from the rest of the field, and at the end of the path was a rectangular dugout. Like the opening to an underground fort.

      I parked the car and peeked in. A bunch of witches were in there and I completely forgot about finding a place to die, overcome with the desire to become one of them. I jumped in, landing on the floorboards with a satisfying thud. To my left was another opening, this one leading out to an enormous cavern, similar to the one in How to Train Your Dragon 2 but with less greenery. I tried to enter but was blocked off by a wall of witches.

      A massive dragon, clearly the leader of the place, approached me. I asked her if I could become a witch, and she said I could, I only had to put on the clothes.

      I turned and against the opposite wall was a shelf, each tier storing a different uniform item: black robes, black pants, black boots, the classic spiked hat, and thin-yet-sturdy biker gloves. I asked a question about the boots and the dragon responded, "It's fine."

      She touched my cheek with a human hand and said that my skin was lackluster. Embarrassed and ashamed, I looked down and mumbled that I didn't know what to do about it. I was worried she'd say I couldn't be a witch if I was like this, but instead she bestowed on me some very wise advice and rubbed a thick blue ointment onto my face, to "maintain the shine."

      "Never let it fade," she said.

      I put on the witch outfit and checked out my reflection in a wood-framed mirror. The ointment was glittery and smeared on in a simple pattern, like when people paint their faces for competitions or war. I thought it was pretty cool.

      Not sure what happened but a bit later the dragon and I ended up in a pitch dark, weightless void. She hovered over me, beating her wings, a giant ball of pure energy forming between her open jaws. I wasn't scared because I knew she wasn't going to hurt me. I don't remember what she was doing, but I was amazed and quite happy.

      Perhaps the energy ball had teleportation powers because next thing I knew, I was home. I avoided thinking too much about the whole event because I didn't want to jinx it.

      I tried to text J and L, now under the impression that I had visited the lair to get something for them, but my phone wasn't turning on. I grabbed the home phone and started dialing their house number before remembering, Right, they haven't had a home phone since they got cell phones. But I don't have their numbers memorized…

      I was in a hurry and beginning to stress when S called. I answered, and they demanded to know, "Why did you send 'This might be a bad idea' in the group chat and then stop responding?" (I think I sent that before entering the witches' lair.)

      I didn't reply. Something wasn't right. S never responds to texts that quickly, and certainly wouldn't be so desperate to hear from me that they'd call at 4 in the morning.
      This must be a dream.

      The Caller ID disappeared and I hung up. It wasn't a high level of lucidity so I wanted to go back to the lair and find a wand to use for dream powers. But before I could leave the house,
      I woke up at 5:24.


      This dream was so epic, the visuals were fantastic and the dragon had such a dignified air. I'd like to meet her again. I'm pretty sure the witch theme was influenced by a manga called Skull Dragon's Precious Daughter. I started reading it for the dragons, but it has other fantasy elements as well. It's quite wholesome, so I recommend it.

      I finished writing at 5:35 and tried to go back to sleep, but I was too excited about the dream and ended up lying awake till my alarm went off

      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - ½ point
      WBTB - 2 points
      DILD - 10 points
      Dragons Theme - 5 points
      (3 comments - 1 point)
      Tonight's sum: 18.5 points
      Previous sum: 80 points

      Comp total: 98.5 points

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    10. Comp Night 6 - Woke Up a Lot

      by , 06-08-2023 at 01:14 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      Slept at 11:10, earlier than usual because I was tired. Actually, I'm still tired.


      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      I was in S's house messing around with a girl my age, who was apparently my Japanese tutor. S's mom at some point was holding a razor doing something dangerous, but S took it away from her. Their interactions were very much like a parent-child role reversal. I(?) went up to the bathroom to do something, and their mom said, "It's definitely not the bathroom." [I have no idea what that meant or what was going on here, memories and notes are both vague.]

      Later the Japanese tutor pushed me into "my" chair (one among many) and shoved the back of it, sending me flying down a hallway. It rolled like a wheely-chair despite having no wheels and I was facing backwards. I held on tight to the seat and the dream went into third person until I hit a towel and came to a stop.

      The tutor recorded it all but messed up the editing, even though it was live? In the beginning we hadn't liked each other very much and all my awkward jokes flopped, but by this point we were best buddies. The camera zoomed in on each chair, upon which the "before and after" of different aspects of our relationship were displayed.


      Yeah, this dream made no sense. Woke up at 3:31, remembering nothing and tempted to go back to sleep without trying. But I pulled myself together and ended up remembering these two fragments—point-wise, they're the same as a full non-lucid dream.


      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      My mom was hosting a dinner party in our backyard, which looked more like J&L's backyard. The house was way bigger than it is IWL, and one of the guests was our neighbor Diana. I was dealing with a troublesome situation involving an animal(?) named Candy, but I can't recall the details.

      I texted J and S in a group chat, asking S when we would meet up, since yesterday they said we had to talk [true]. They didn't answer, and J suddenly sent a "Happy birthday!" message. S did the same, adding a party emoji. I checked the date on my phone and sure enough, it really was my birthday.

      I wasn't surprised, but a gloomy mood overtook me and I started complaining about how, on top of dealing with this Candy fiasco, I had to find out that no one remembers my birthday—not even me. It was a bit hard to type because my phone kept glitching, but even IWL that's normal.

      My mom came inside to grab some tablecloths for the party. I looked at her with a deep frown, the kind a child makes before bursting into tears. I didn't even know what age I was turning, but I couldn't believe she forgot my birthday. [This would never happen in reality unless she got dementia or something.]

      "What? Why do you look like that? You're on electronics too much," she said, and I started crying. "Oh, guess it's not that then."

      She went back outside without asking what the problem was. But a few seconds later, I heard her let out a terrible wail. I knew she'd realized and went out to see if she would apologize. She was hunched over on the ground, but when I went up to her, she raised her head and smiled. "You thought I forgot your birthday? Don't be silly."

      Startled by the change in attitude, I said, "Stop lying."

      It was already 3:30 in the afternoon, so if she truly hadn't forgotten, what was she planning to do? And why had she been despairing just a moment ago? There's no way she could remember yet not acknowledge it. Still she insisted, and although some doubts crept in, I refused to believe her.

      Abruptly woke at 4:11; WBTB.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      There was a group of horses talking to each other, awkward and relatable, practicing Japanese with flashcards. They took out the kanji for month/moon, but on closer inspection it became the kanji for rain. On even closer inspection, it didn't look quite right.

      Next thing I remember is being in my room, looking at an imitation painting I made of the horses. One of them was biting the other's tail, and there was a dragon on its saddle. A stone tower loomed in the distance, and two more dragons were piled on top of it. The painting was able to move like a live photo. I thought it was very futuristic.

      I had a false awakening in which I wrote down the dream, and after that I had another false awakening in which I did the same thing!
      When I woke up for real at 5:11 I was confused and lay there for a while trying to figure out what had happened. Forgot much of the dream, but the FAs actually helped me recall the details of the horse part.

      Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
      Andrew Tate was dating a teenage boy. I saw a video on TikTok of them kissing. The caption read, "He's even a pedo now!" There was a child next to the two of them so I worried about the implications of this.

      After the kiss the (teen) kid walked away blushing. He was wearing a Hunter x Hunter shirt, and on it Killua was blushing too. I wondered if the video was fake because it's weird for non-anime people to blush like that, and the matching shirt seemed unrealistic.

      Sudden false awakening. I debated whether or not I should write down the dream, deciding to do it later since it was almost 6:15. I went over it in my head and thought, Even though it's short, it's not a fragment because that was the whole dream. So that'll be one point.

      My brothers N and Z were both awake. Z was in my bed with headphones on, watching something on his phone. I lay down and covered my ears with a blanket because N was being annoying, but when I put the cloth over my ears, I heard loud piano music and singing. It was definitely a cover of a PowaPowa-P song, not sure which one. Even though the singer's voice was shaking and too-loud and full of voice cracks, I didn't mind because I was fascinated by the hallucination. If I pressed too hard and covered my ear canals, I couldn't hear anything, and eventually the sounds stopped altogether.

      I told Z about it and he told me to shut up and stop talking to him, not meanly though. I kicked him and we both kind of laughed. I announced that I needed to pee and since it was 6:14, I figured it would be fine to get up now. I climbed down from the bed, gathered my clothes, and headed to the bathroom. But for some reason, N was about to walk in first.

      What the heck? He's in middle school, he doesn't need to get up yet. Bet he just wants to go on the computer. I told him to stop, and he backed away from the bathroom as if repelled. Behind me, I heard my 6:15 alarm going off. Oh yeah, I forgot to disable it.

      I turned back to do that…
      and woke up to my real 6:15 alarm going off. Kinda crazy!

      I may have forgotten a dream in between the third and fourth, but maybe I'm just confused. I'm disappointed in myself for missing so many dream signs, I even questioned my surroundings multiple times. But what can ya do...


      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x4) - 4 points
      Dragons Theme - 5 points
      (3 comments - 1 point)
      Tonight's sum: 10 points
      Previous sum: 70 points

      Comp total: 80 points

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    11. Comp Night 4 - A Very Confusing Lucid

      by , 06-06-2023 at 02:55 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      Y'know, I really love these podcasts with CanisLucidus and OpheliaBlue. They always seem to say the most useful things right when I need to hear it... even if they said it years ago.
      Anyway, on to the dreams

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      A girl was on the subway, heading for Japan. She was confused about Chinese versus Japanese pronunciation. Someone abruptly stopped her at 3:30 to ask a question.

      That's all. Ironically, I woke up at 3:30. Logged the entry and went to sleep, attempting WILD as usual. I used CanisLucidus's "99, I'm dreaming, 98, I'm dreaming" method this time.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      Spoiler for suicide:

      There was an immediate scene change. Now I was not even in the dream, but the "camera" was on a guy wearing a turtle shell, and he said to me, "So, you're trying to WILD? Just give it up." We both became simultaneously alarmed by his words. "I mean, no, no, never mind.... I don't know anymore, you schmuck."


      I woke up at 4:21. After recording the dream, I lay awake for at least 35 minutes, doubting if I would be able to get back to sleep at all. But I was thinking of LDing and WILD the whole time, and eventually I drifted off.


      Dream #3 (Lucid):
      Where do I even start? The order of this dream is so scrambled... I'll try my best.

      I was on a spaceship, in a small room with my mom and a cabinet of spices. Lucid from the get-go, I remembered my first three-step task: flying! I jumped up and hovered in the air, being careful not to fly through the ceiling in case the dream blacked out.

      Wriggling in midair, I bragged to my mom, "This is a dream! This is a dream!"

      She clapped and praised me
      , yet at the same time, I heard her shrieking at me to do my work. It was weird, but the image of her in that room was super vivid. I remember being amazed and hoping I didn't wake up.
      Then I had a false awakening.

      I attempted WILD by imagining my mom as she was before, and she kind of "booted up," but in the end it failed. So I went to sleep normally
      and the next thing I remember is being in my living room, lucid again. I pushed my brother aside and jumped into and through the front door, trying to teleport. I emerged in total blackness.*

      At first I assumed I had woken up, but then I thought,
      Wait, what if this is the "void" CanisLucidus mentioned? Remembering how he hailed it as an effective teleportation tool, I tried to summon up a scenery. Grainy graphics resembling the ATNRPG logo popped up.** (I started playing it yesterday.) There were four letters instead of six, and they kept changing, most of them somewhat Greek-looking. I wasn't surprised; I was glad for the typical dream sign.

      I entered what I for some reason believed to be a WILD transition. I was in the woods in front of a stream, mentally comparing it to its real life counterpart. This one had more greenery, and the trees were packed more densely. A kid from my ESS class appeared, floating face-down in the river. (I was reminded of Dazai from BSD.) But he wasn't completely limp, rather suspending his waist over the water while keeping his head submerged.

      My friend A was with me and we pulled him out, despite his struggles. "Can't you see I'm trying to die here?" he snapped.

      "You should do a better job of it then," I said coldly. "Besides, we'll get in big trouble if we're caught turning a blind eye."

      He pushed us away and even started throwing punches. A was distressed but I figured it was a good opportunity to solidify the dream. Unfortunately, I couldn't feel anything.

      Don't remember the end of the scene, maybe it was another FA+false DEILD.

      I was on a spaceship again, literally on top of it, mostly non-lucid. My body was a mechanical bunny, and making it walk was quite difficult. A little astronaut was with me, and we had to avoid these moving concrete traffic barriers; touching them would be fatal. (On some level it was a video game.)

      He opened a door for us but I somehow entered the wrong one. I came across a device with the ability to change the background of my alarm clock. I was like, "Oh wow, I never knew that my alarm clock background could change!" (I was a little bit lucid since I assumed it would change it in real life.)

      A selection of anime-style backgrounds filled the screen. I scrolled through the various themes, among them Irisu Syndrome, Yume Nikki, generic night skies, et cetera. I was going to choose the first, but I couldn't buy it because I needed 30 "tickets" and owned none.

      How am I supposed to get tickets? Never heard of 'em, I thought grumpily. I accidentally pressed a button but canceled it by hitting "esc." I think it also teleported me to the correct door and sent me through.

      I was lucid again, more than before, walking through the spaceship's hallway with a bunch of people. I decided to go with the flow and follow them, wondering if they would take me anywhere important. We went through one of those futuristic, automatic, semi-circle-shaped doors into a room I didn't pay enough attention to to remember.

      I thought of the competition, under the impression that this was its own separate dream, unaware of the false DEILDs. I said hello to a reporter lady and she happily greeted me back. Then I tried to push my finger through my palm but it didn't work at all, so I looked at my hands instead. Totally normal. For a moment I assumed it was because the dream was so stable, but perhaps I was just being cocky. I looked closer and bam, suddenly I only had three short fingers on each hand! It was so creepy I actually said "Eek!" and shook them out. I looked away and in my peripheral vision saw them return to normal.

      I worried the repulsion would wake me up, so I distracted myself by flying. It was unusually difficult; I had to kick myself into the air and flail around to stay afloat.

      "Stop that," the reporter scolded. I did, and she led me over to a marked circle on the ground, asking me some questions I didn't listen to nor answer.

      I wracked my brain for the memory of my next three-step task, but nothing came up. Again I worried about waking up, and maybe the dream dissolved, or I had an FA, but this is the next scene I remember:

      My memories of this part are particularly fuzzy, and I wasn't even in it. There was a play going on (in the same spaceship I believe) but a couple actors had been abducted—a gay boy and a pretty blond girl. An image of the latter flashed across the screen, anime style, of course. Short wavy hair, long eyelashes, a floppy hat, and a white sundress.

      Someone said, "Oh, I knew that gay guy was going to get abducted someday."

      "Well, I knew that girl was going to get abducted someday," someone else put in. [The visuals were very bad.] "[Name], you should have watched her better."

      [Name] was a teenage boy who probably had a crush on the blond girl. "I thought it would be creepy to watch her too much..." he mumbled.

      They were about to set out on a rescue mission, but before they did, I woke up for real at 5:36. There was a sort of hypnopompic transition into wakening, similar to the turtle guy but less vivid. A monk was facing the "camera" and talking about lucid dreaming. I don't remember what he said.


      The reason the order of everything is so confused in my brain is because I didn't write it down right away. When I first awoke, I still believed all those false awakenings were actual DEILDs, and I tried to do another one. But after a while I realized that this time was different than the others and I needed to hurry and write down the dream, or I would forget.

      Anyway, this is my first LD of the competition! YAY! Maybe I'll draw some pics for it tomorrow.

      Edit: Pics!

      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - ½ point
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
      WILD - 10 points
      Fly + First Chosen Task - 10 points
      Interact with a Dream Character - 2 points
      *Does this count as Fully Phase through Big Solid Object if I lost lucidity afterwards? - TBD (Edit: Yep, 10 points)
      **Is this Advanced Summoning? - TBD (Edit: Nope)
      Reality Check / Stabilization - 1 point
      Tonight's sum: 26.5 (Edit: 36.5)
      Previous sum: 25 points

      Comp total: 51.5 points (Edit: 61.5 points)

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    12. WILD Transition and Teleportation!

      by , 05-27-2023 at 02:00 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      I was complaining yesterday, but today I rejoice, for I had an EPIC lucid dream! I reached the 30-minute mark of this podcast, right in the middle of their teleportation discussion. Slept at 11:30.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I wanted to refresh myself on the major and minor chords of piano for a summer program I'm enrolled in. I searched it up and found a forum similar to Dreamviews. Someone had posted a YouTube video explaining the chords, and other people were sharing their own specialties below.


      The way I woke up was very interesting. I was mostly unconscious, in a half-dream state, when I thought, No wait, I need to wake up! and my eyes flew open. Not sure if I checked the time before or after writing down this fragment, but it was 4:58. I lay back down and after 5-10 minutes of getting comfortable, I started a WILD transition.

      Now, I am not sure when it went from lucid daydreaming to actually being in the dream. Luckily I use the same green for both LDDing and semi-lucids, so it works out. But up until the blue, I really thought I was just daydreaming! (I now believe I was fully dreaming the majority of the time.)


      Dream #2 (Lucid Daydream/Semi-Lucid; Lucid):
      This is a dream.

      That is the mantra I repeated each time I caught myself daydreaming. The first concrete scene I remember is someone explaining how every time Kagome from Inuyasha returns to the modern era, the feudal era ends! Rather than them existing simultaneously, she travels through time to the future, where everyone from the feudal era is long dead. As proof, they mentioned the episode where a Shikon Jewel shard was embedded in a tree in the modern era. The jewel only shattered into shards after Kagome's first visit, so clearly what happens there is the direct past of the modern era.

      The scenery came into focus. Kagome was standing in the yard of her shrine-house, and a boy was explaining the above to her. He proposed that there might even be evidence of her from that time in this world. She quickly shot that idea down, but then he brought out a life-sized cardboard cutout of herself (apparently from the Feudal Era) and propped it in front of her.

      Kagome's jaw dropped to the floor in shock, and she circled around the cutout, holding its hands and straightening up so she would be taller than it. Then they forgot about it and went to a restaurant.

      I sat with them in a booth, thinking about telling someone how I distinguish between lucid daydreams and actual dreams. In a lucid daydream, I'm still aware of my WL body and can't see or feel anything clearly, but the plot is as random and elaborate as a proper dream... [Kind of ironic now that I can't tell.]

      Kagome was telling the boy that gakuran uniforms were required for everyone in her old middle school. (She was a high schooler in this dream, wearing her usual seifuku.) I had never heard of that before, and the guy was confused as well. "Required?" he asked.

      "Yeah," she confirmed, then stood up and left, presumably to get food.

      "Guess she likes wearing a skirt now, though," he said to me.

      "Yeah, well, it makes sense." I spoke with the affectionate tone one uses when they know a friend well. "I can just hear her voice in my head: 'I don't want to wear pants! A sailor uniform is way cuter!'"

      He asked what I would choose, and I replied, "Gakuran, obviously."

      "Huh," he said. I wasn't sure what to make of that, but then the "daydream" ended and moved on to the next.

      My brother Z, best friend S, and I were in a hotel room S had booked for us. I didn't question it because I was still repeating the "this is a dream" mantra in my head. It was a nice, expensive-looking room. A bunk bed was pressed against the wall, and although S and a bunch of bags were on the top bunk, it was apparently mine. Z got the bottom bunk (which was concealed by an intricately designed blanket-curtain), and S got the regular bed next to us.

      Eventually my brother and S left and I was alone in the room. I'm not sure about the order of events after this, but I'll try to arrange them in a way that makes sense.

      I went to the bathroom and did my business, for some reason deciding to throw my dirty toilet paper in the trash can. [IWL I find that disgusting.] For a moment I got confused over whether it was really a trash can, since there was soap(?) in it as well. But then I saw a pile of TP and pushed it aside to dispose of mine, revolted that I had to touch it. I hurried to the sink, wondering why they had to make it so confusing.

      Still, this place is so nice, I thought as I washed my hands. The faucet handles were the indented, circular type, and underneath the clear surface of the left knob was a casual pink color. Everything was so homey and comfortable, from the lighting to the furniture. There was even a couch in there! I wondered how S could possibly afford this, then reminded myself it was a dream.

      Suddenly Shippo, Miroku, and Inuyasha appeared. Shippo was talking about how weird it was when Inuyasha flirted with him (he was possessed by a flea in that episode), but the reason he found it weird was either because he was a fox or a boy. Both Miroku and I were thinking, It's weirder because you're a child...

      I told them it was okay because Inuyasha was brainwashed by a flea at the time and wasn't actually addressing Shippo. Some other stuff happened that I don't remember clearly; I think I touched Inuyasha's face and clothes to immerse myself/stabilize.

      I somehow ended up in a place that looked like my living room but was still part of the hotel. There was a really muscular guy sitting in my chair. When he leaned forward I sat down behind him, though I wasn't sure why. He got offended and grabbed me, body-slamming me on the couch. I struggled to escape, but it was hopeless.

      Luckily he transformed into a giant cob of corn. The weight on my chest reminded me of how some people describe sleep paralysis, and since I still thought I was daydreaming, I assumed the feeling originated from my physical body. I couldn't figure out why though, as I have been sleeping on my back for years and long gotten used to it. Nonetheless I tried to ignore it; I didn't want to give up the WILD.

      I managed to roll the corn off of me and fell to my knees on the floor. Everything had become dark and unclear, so I stared at the coffee table, the couch, and a tissue box to re-stabilize. I wanted to hurry and transition into a full-fledged lucid dream, so I held the tissue box in my hands and tried to make it three-dimensional. It only worked a little.

      Next thing I remember is sitting in the hotel lobby, clarity no longer an issue. There was a TV fixtured to the wall, displaying previews of Pinocchio-P songs. One of them was a creepy vampire-person bearing their fangs, and I worried it would seep into my dreams and give me my first nightmare in years. I turned away from the screen.

      Then I had a false awakening in my bed, the same painful pressure from before weighing on my chest. Actually, it was worse this time—I could hardly breathe.

      I struggled to sit up, telling myself without much hope, It's okay, this is a dream, this is still a dream.
      I did a nose-plug reality check and it worked effortlessly! It was so unambiguous that there was no question about it: I was (properly) dreaming!

      Wasting no time, I climbed down from my bed and left the room, glancing at N on my way out. I tried to immerse myself in the scene but my vision became patchy, so I focused instead on my destination. I had run through my goals very quickly in my head and settled on snowboarding. I went down the stairs and headed for the front door, gravity so light that I might as well have been walking on the moon! I grinned from ear to ear 'cause it felt so cool.

      I wrapped my hand around the handle and thought, Beyond this door is a snowy mountain, the same one I went snowboarding at in middle school. I remembered CanisLucidus's words and tried to imagine it in as much detail as possible. When I opened the door, though, it was only my neighborhood... except blanketed in snow and decorated with Christmas lights! Pretty awesome, but not what I wanted. (I wondered briefly if it would be cold but didn't want to waste time finding a jacket or boots.) I closed the door, intending to try again, but the wood had become glass. I doubted the technique would work if I could see what was outside, so I accepted my fate and exited the house.

      After walking a short distance, barefoot yet not cold at all, I looked to my left and saw the snowy mountain right there! Complete with a ski-lift and everything! I sprinted to the top oddly quickly and saw that there were a bunch of kids snowboarding already. It appeared to be a competition, and reminded me of the LDing comp in less than a week.

      The kids' stuff was scattered around in the snow, so I stole a snowboard out of a bag labeled "Olivia." It was light blue and on the small side but whatever. I looked around for socks and shoes, since I didn't think it was a good idea to strap myself in barefoot. I spotted a fuzzy pink pair of socks, but they were a bit thin and, frankly, ugly...

      A little blond girl ran up to me, eyes sparking with excitement. "We're making some awesome socks over there! Wanna see?"

      How useful, I thought. I smiled at her and said sure. She took me to her parents and I kind of forgot about the socks. The dad pointed to two other children and said, "This is her brother, and this is her identical twin sister."

      The twin was a lot darker-skinned than the first girl, I guess because the mom was white and the dad was black. [I know that's not how identical twins work… 99.9% of the time.]
      Without warning, I woke up.


      The clock read 5:28, so taking into account my time spent getting comfortable, I was only asleep for 20-ish minutes, same as yesterday. I was shocked because it felt like at least an hour! But I couldn't go back to sleep because I spent the rest of my time writing. (Wish I could use my phone... sigh.)

      Anyway, this does count as teleportation, right? It's similar to the closet method, after all. Either way, IT WAS SO COOL!!!

      Some sketches of the dream scenes:
      Why do you believe in God?-img_20230526_205130150.jpg
      (P.S. I have noticed when hovering over pics on my DJ, that they are named after random threads like "What is the nature of will?" and "The Unknown Dreamer" and "HALLOWE'EN". Does it appear that way for anyone else? I wonder what this one will be called.)
      (Edit: It's "Why do you believe in God?" LMAO)

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    13. Yesterday's Dreams

      by , 05-21-2023 at 09:14 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      I've been super busy this week 'cause for some dumb reason every single important exam and project is packed into May. Therefore I haven't been able to be on dreamviews much, or even to spend much time on daytime techniques... but I had these LDs anyway! I decided to try out present tense with 'em.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      Actually this isn't a dream, because I can't remember anything about it. I woke up at 1:40, opened my DJ to a random page, and wrote "book," "reddit," "water," "dad," "crazy," and something illegible. Then I went back to sleep.

      Dream #2 (Semi-Lucid):
      First thing I remember is me and my brothers getting locked in the basement. There is a long backstory as to why, but I can't remember. All I know is that we're in a very oppressive environment and will likely be punished severely, even killed, when we're let out. We want to escape before that happens.

      Z asks if there's any way to break the glass of the sliding doors. I press my hands to it and shake my head. "Are you kidding? This thing is like ten inches thick."

      "True," N says.

      Z grabs a crowbar from somewhere and is about to try anyway, but I stop him because it will make too much noise. I fiddle with something complicated and half-unlock the doors. (Two out of four unlocked.) My brain isn't functioning properly, but I figure out that I have to move this giant black printer off the desk. At first I carelessly slide it off the edge, but at the last second I catch it and quietly lower it to the ground.

      With it out of the way, two switches on the wall have been revealed. I press one of them and the third lock clicks, the second one causing the same reaction in the fourth. I go to the door and, after undoing both locks, open it. Z blows raspberries to cover up the noise.

      "Why are you farting?" I ask loudly, playing along. Then the door is open and we run out. I tell them we have to keep running till we get to the lake, then we can take a break. But I forget about that plan and eventually we are just running in no particular direction. I'm worn out already, and it's hard to move my legs in that typical dream way.

      "Why are you tired? We've only ran 50 (something), that's not a lot," Z says, turning around to see me hunched over and catching my breath.

      "I'm out of shape," I say defensively. "Also, I'm having a lot of trouble moving."

      Then I have a "flashback" to the facility we were apparently stored in, the one we just escaped from. I am in a white hallway with glass windows, teenage subjects filing past me on both sides. A "professor" is talking to some girl, and I walk up to him, saying I can't run properly.

      He gives me some semi-useful advice, and the girl next to him says, "What helps for me is focusing on lowering my left arm at the same time my right foot goes down."

      That seems like a wise suggestion, so I try it, but her opposite leg-arm thing feels weird. I align them instead, but I can't focus on my feet planting.
      I vaguely think, Because this is a dream. Then I forget about it and return to the present.

      I'm a little better at running now, but it's still weird. Z and N turn into a mix of Avery and S, 90% Avery though. I take her to a restaurant and we buy food. I somehow end up with boba even though I don't like it. The boba is cube-shaped and green like the drink, and my straw sucks it up automatically.

      At first they are sweet and pretty tasty, and I think, Boba might not be so bad after all. But then a sour aftertaste kicks in, and when I drink more it tastes like coffee (which I dislike). I figure they must not have separated it from the cacao beans because it's "normally" served in lattes. I also have a ziplock bag filled with them, but I don't want it and neither does Avery. I feel bad for the waiter, who's standing next to our table, watching.

      At some point a group of college students come in, our in-dream classmates and part of the same facility we escaped from. I pray that they won't tell on us, but they don't seem to care much. I have an interesting conversation with one of them that I don't remember, and then Avery and I leave. We hear slow police sirens in the distance, which apparently means they're carefully searching and sifting through each neighborhood.

      Eventually we end up at a boardwalk-carnival place, where another Avery is sitting on a bench. She spots us, goes "aha!" and types something on her flip-phone. I know she's reporting us.

      "No!" I yell and fly into the air, out of her reach. Despite my distress, I think it would be funny to introduce the two to each other. [I must have been slightly lucid because I remember believing there were two Averys in real life as well, and technically, there are—my childhood friend, and the current stranger.]

      They seem acquainted though, as My Avery stomps up to Evil Avery, shouting with fury, "Avery!"

      Evil Avery smirks, ignoring her doppelganger and saying to me, "I got you last time, too."

      It's true, I do have the sense I've dreamed this before. [Even now.] I don't respond and keep trying to fly away, half Superman-style and half Flappybird-style. I feel a little hesitant about leaving My Avery behind, so I yell at her to run.

      We both flee, her on foot, me by air, but we don't get far. I don't know why, but I just keep flying in elaborate circles around the rides and tents. When my mom comes though, I stop that and actually try to get away. There is a grove of trees in front of a large concrete wall, and on top of the wall is an even larger spiky chainlink fence. I scale it and My Avery leaps over the trees to do the same, somehow having gained super-jumping powers. She vaults the fence and drops down to what looks like the roof of my school.

      I am a little scared even though I "know" it's a dream and I should stay confident. [I think I might've been semi-semi-semi-lucid this whole dream, it just shined through in flashes like these.] A random narrator says, "Good thing (Evil) Avery wasn't able to use either the chain links nor the spikes to climb the fence!"

      I turn around and sure enough, Evil Avery has fallen into the grove of trees, her eyes impaled by a couple branches. Her appearance has transformed into that of Kalluto Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter, but I don't notice. I cry out her name and rush to her. In the back of my mind I'm thinking, So the plot calls for me to still care about my childhood friend, evil or not. How touching.

      She is alive but badly hurt. I pick her up and take her to a nearby hospital, which means getting captured again but that doesn't matter now. My Avery follows, and as we're screened into the building, we have to classify ourselves with a number stating our danger/rarity level. She says "8v6"—apparently she has been here before and her rank is higher than before. I say "10v4."

      I tell the guy in charge (who looks like Milluki from HxH except with white hair) to help Evil Avery, but he is apathetic, which surprises me more than it should. I think about leaving or destroying stuff, and over the intercom he says I can destroy whatever I want, since nothing matters. Maybe he is testing my abilities.

      I "know" this is a dream, and this time I hold on to that knowledge. I look up to a spiraling arrangement of pipes and try to telepathically slash through them, but I can't. There are some lightbulbs tied together on the wall like big Christmas lights, so I break them, but it's weird. I focus on one, and the one next to it breaks. Then when I try to fix it by zeroing in on a black bulb with gold decor, I hear a shattering sound, but it only appears broken when I look away and look back.

      After a while of this I get worried about my vision and the half-blind thing happening, so I step through a doorway into a warehouse area. My mom is there. I feel like any minute now my vision will go out, and I wonder what I should do. I remember a convo I had with Harlequin that day and decide to try out a command.

      "Clarity now!" I shout, and for a split second I don't expect much because I didn't direct it toward the dream. But then the scenery pulses and ripples and at the same time I feel it the effects within my body. When it stops, my surroundings are clearer than before.

      "Wow..." I say. My mom asks what happened, and I tell her, "I just experienced something amazing."

      "What?" She's kind of smiling, and I'm surprised she's not mad at me for running away. I don't want to tell her it's a dream in case I jinx it, but I also don't want to ignore her.

      "Next time you're dreaming, realize it," I explain, well-aware I'm oversimplifying it. "Then say 'clarity now,' and you'll see."

      She just keeps smiling as if she understands.

      I lose lucidity and the plot returns to Evil Avery. I carry her out of the building, pressing down the feeling that it shouldn't be this easy. I say that if Milluki won't help her, I will go to every other hospital in the area, even the "community center" if I have to. He seems more hesitant now and maybe agrees.

      He tells me that Cinderella's parents died when she was young and that's why her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids are so messed up. Her great-grandkid is apparently my "mom" and works at the facility. I am able to watch the story in a thought-bubble like screen, and this Cinderella looks more like Kyouko from Irisu Syndrome.

      "Wow," I say. "I'll break that chain, then."

      Even though I say that, I have the sense that I just isekai'd into the body of Cinderella's great-great-grandchild and am actually someone else entirely.
      Then I wake up.


      I woke up at 6:07, and it took me until 7:30 to finish writing down this dream Well, that was mostly because I kept spacing out in between each sentence. Then I set an alarm for 8:45 and went back to sleep.


      Dream #3 (Lucid; DEID; Non-Lucid):
      Me and someone else are watching a video of some pink-haired livestreamer, and I notice the background is almost exactly the same as my room. I point each matching detail out, particularly the photographs, and become lucid.

      My vision immediately blacks out, but I say, "Clarity now! Clarity now!" and it comes back. I do a finger-through-palm RC and it makes the back of my hand extend an abnormal amount, though it doesn't go all the way through. I head downstairs and as I'm thinking about what to do,
      I wake up. Just for a second! I am 85% sure it wasn't an FA.

      I close my eyes again and do an unintentional DEID, not DEILD because I'm not lucid when I re-enter. I check the time and it says 8:37, then Nile runs out of the house. I catch him and bring him back inside, only for my mom to yell at me about not making sure N ate his 30 rice cakes.

      I'm confused and walk into the living room to find N sitting at the dinner table, a miserable look on his face. In front of him is a bowl filled to the brim with rectangular, reddish mochi.


      I woke up soon after at 8:43, two minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Interesting that the dream time aligned so well with reality. I rushed the notes for this one because I had to leave the house at 9:30, that's why it's not very detailed.

      Additionally, the reason I say this dream was lucid while the other was semi-lucid is because the other felt more like roleplaying, whereas in this one I had more awareness that I was actually asleep somewhere in real life. Even though I didn't remember my goals in either

      And here are some pics of the dream scenes:
      What is the nature of the will?-unnamed-9-.jpg

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    14. Chain of Semi-Lucids and FAs

      by , 05-06-2023 at 06:50 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      Yesterday when my friend J and I were walking home from school, I asked her what she would do if she could do anything she wanted, including supernatural things. Her answer was "teleport." This is relevant for later. Went to sleep at 11:30 as usual.

      Dream #1: Non-Lucid
      I don't remember much of this dream. I was climbing a super tall tree, a popular one, so a bunch of other people were doing it as well. I was thinking about the different types of acrophobia (fear of heights), that mine was the type who doesn't get scared until they're really high up. [Actually, in real life I get scared just from being six feet off the ground.] I thought it was the most dangerous type because you would lead people to believe you could do more than you were truly capable of.

      We had to play videogames to progress, and each of them would fill the entire "screen." I specifically remember a racecar game but it's hard to explain, at first I was losing but then I put in more effort and managed to pass the few other people playing. At one point my car shoved aside someone else's and went down a narrow path, the other car pushing me from behind, unintentionally helping me out.

      Then we were back in the tree and there was a young man near me, he said he didn't know anyone his age who saw colors as badly as he did. (I guess he was colorblind.) My vision was messed up as well; I could see colors fine but my head was spinning from fear so I couldn't concentrate on anything. I kept looking down at the large patch of grass far, far below us.

      Eventually I couldn't stand to be in the tree any longer, so I forced my locked-up limbs to move and climbed down to a ledge, nearly falling to my death in the process. The way I pulled myself over a branch was so awkward and I was shaking horribly but I managed to get to the ledge. I breathed a huge sigh of relief
      and woke up at 3:25. Was extremely tired but jotted down the dream anyway, falling back asleep within seconds.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      Remember even less from this dream, and I can barely read my own handwriting. I was on the bus, sitting between J and a girl named Sarah. It was really dark in there for some reason, and on my phone I was watching an animated version of Genshin Impact. The style reminded me of Animal Crossing, though at the time I couldn't remember the name and just settled on Animal Farm.

      When we got off, I asked the bus driver how to save (as in download) something. She explained it to me but was a little too helpful in my opinion. She kept talking and asking if I needed help and I started to feel awkward because my only responses were nods or shakes of the head.

      When she finally stopped I yelled, "J!" because she and our friend K were leaving me behind. I wondered if the driver was surprised by my sudden outburst since I didn't say a peep to her.

      J and K walked back to me, and I thought, It's as if I summoned them.
      Then I woke up at 4:50-ish.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      Another short one! I was with my childhood group of friends (as our current ages), but they had all ostracized this kid named Sam H. (He wasn't part of our group in real life but he was another childhood friend of mine.) He kinda reminded me of Yu Yang from Here U Are so maybe he was gay, but I don't think that was the reason they disliked him.

      I was the only one to take his side. I went up to one of the group members and told him off for being so mean. He threw a rock at me but I caught it one-handed and glared.

      Then there was a flashback to Sam H. and Sam G. (another member) talking. Their hair colors were switched for some reason. Sam H. asked who in the group the other Sam would want to get rid of [not exact wording], and Sam G. basically said that they were all too precious to him to choose. (Which was ironic considering his treatment of Sam H. in the future.)

      After a pause, he said sheepishly, "Maybe S though?" (I don't know how but this somehow implied something else, something romantic.) Then he added, "To get them off my back." (Which removed the implication.)

      I thought it was hilarious and texted S about in in the present, since they had a crush on him back then. But I kept stumbling on how I knew about their talk, since I wasn't there. My thoughts were all jumbled up: "Sam G. told me... no, Sam H. did... hm..."

      At some point I was with my dad and he was talking about Animal Crossing, but calling it Animal Farm. He searched it up and asked if that was the correct name. I saw the style and thought of my last dream, telling him yes, it was called Animal Farm. But I was still uncertain.


      Woke up at 6:05 and after writing down that dream, I tried to do WILD by staying focused on my breath and repeating "This is a dream" in my head. I also briefly thought of the conversation I had with J, but decided that "teleport" was too vague a mantra and I'd just have to remember to do it once I became lucid. [The reason I wanted to in the first place was so that I could report the dream to her, motivating her to put more effort into LDing.] Fell asleep around 6:20-ish.


      Dream #4 (Chain of Semi-Lucids+FAs):
      The WILD must have worked because next thing I knew, I was in a dream and semi-lucid. I was talking to S in Sarah's body, using my voice recorder to record what they were saying. [I had asked them a question but was more focused on the recorder and my thoughts than their response.] I was hoping that I could bring it back to the real world and show S what their dream self was like.

      But as I was "waking up," trying to stabilize by rubbing my hands together, I realized that since I had started recording in the dream, it wouldn't be able to come back with me in reality. I told S this and they wailed comically in despair.

      Then I had a false awakening and was disappointed. Went back to sleep, using the same WILD technique as before.

      Now I was outside of J and L's house, except it was actually S's house and neighborhood but functionally it was J and L's. They were both freaking out about something, maybe these silver flecks all across their collarbone areas. (In the dream I believed it was a skin condition they've always had.)

      They were trembling and whimpering and being really dramatic, and I asked, "Why are you guys freaking out? I mean, I get L, but why you, J?"

      I don't think they answered, but that's when I remembered the conversation J and I had yesterday. "Hey, stay here," I told them, and dashed off a little ways away.

      Apparently Laila followed because she was sitting on a doorstep nearby. I told her I was going to teleport into her house and doubtfully she asked, "Is that really possible?"

      "Anything is possible!" I declared, and flew into the air, spinning with my arms outstretched. I consciously made black lines trail from my fingers through the air. L seemed impressed. Then I thrust my hands downwards, imagining being in J's house, and yelled, "Teleport!"

      A golden glow engulfed me from below, but something went wrong. The dream started falling apart. I thought that I should've opened a portal on the ground in front of me, and another in front of Jude, then jumped into mine to appear before her.
      I had a false awakening in my bed; it was so realistic! I quickly went back to sleep to try again and ended up in the same place. This time both J and L were in the spot I'd told them to stay.

      Instead of instantly trying to teleport, I got on all fours and crawled on my stomach toward them to stabilize the dream On the way I passed by these guys throwing each other across the street. I figured I should question things so I asked what they were doing, but they didn't answer and I honestly didn't find it that strange in the first place. I picked up a green paper and threw it in their direction. The sound and sensation were very vivid.

      Alas, I woke up anyway (FA). Frustrated that my stability rates had become so low despite my best efforts, I went back to sleep once again.

      I was now at the top of some stairs in a basement area. It was part of my school in the dream but it doesn't exist in real life. There were a ton of students having a club meeting down there, circled around a teacher that was like a mix of my long-term Theatre sub last year and a young sub who always talks nonstop about gaming during class.

      He was telling them about LDs and I said, "I had three lucid dreams just now!"

      I crawled down the stairs on my stomach, but they didn't pay much attention to me. The students muttered amongst themselves about what a lucid dream was, if it was something demonic or a ritual or whatever. Mr. R didn't seem to know much either and was fumbling with his words.

      I went to his side, crouching for some reason, and said, "A lucid dream is when you're aware that you're dreaming while you're dreaming. That's it."

      "Ooh." They seemed more open to me now. I noticed this guy named Daniel in the back of the crowd, it's kinda funny that he was there because he's in a million different clubs in real life. I wondered if they all thought I was a natural lucid dreamer, and considered recommending that they form an LDing club, but decided against it.

      Later I was sitting on the couch with all of them
      when I suddenly realized something. "Hah... you all are talking about lucid dreaming—of course this is a dream."

      They seemed a little confused, so I got up and said, "Watch this. I've been wanting to try this."

      I held my hands close together and tried to summon a fireball in between them. I could only manage to impose a translucent flicker of realistic-looking flame, and only for a short time. The girl next to me made a biting remark, and I thought with some bitterness, You're only saying that because I'm thinking it.

      I gave up and instead thrust my hands in front of me, trying to launch a line of fire from them. There was a girl in the way but I didn't really care. It didn't work at all though; I was trying to at least feel heat on my hands but nope.

      This is harder than I thought it would be, I thought. [I still think it would be pretty easy with full lucidity.]
      Then I had yet another false awakening!

      I woke up in the same basement, but this time it was in third person. I was an anime boy buried in a mound of plushies, my face flushed and my eyes literal spinning circles. There was a kid checking up on me but when I opened my eyes he retreated as if he'd been doing something wrong.

      "You okay there, Meiseki? Looking a little hot," someone said. It was a friendly, gym-teacher-like voice.

      "Yeah." I dug myself out of the plushies and the perspective returned to first person. "I had a dream about fire."

      I still kinda knew it was a dream, but at the same time thought I had to sleep to enter another one. So I buried myself in the plushies again, this time on the couch, and waited for sleep.

      Soon after, a delivery guy came in, trying to sell his own plushies and insulting a giraffe one near me. (It was made by a different brand or game or something.)

      "Hey!" I said in a jokingly offended tone. "Don't insult the giraffe!"

      He held up his hands and smiled. "It's part of my job, I have to say it. I don't actually hate it."

      Satisfied, I continued trying to fall asleep. In front of me there was a guy flipping through my DJ entries from tonight (all the ones previous to this one including the semi-lucids), comically horrified at their length. There were drawings at the end, one of which was of the club members and I sitting on the couch, me in the middle, smiling.

      My vision was fading out, and up until this point I believed I was drifting off, relieved that I wouldn't have to write all the previous dreams when I woke up since apparently I already did. But when I saw that drawing, so detailed and professional-looking, I realized that they were false entries and I would have to write everything "again."

      That's when I finally woke up for real at 6:45, actually remembering to do an RC. I now fully realize and appreciate the importance of RCing every time you wake up, no matter what... just one would have boosted my lucidity level so much... probably

      Anyway, it seems I have more luck with LDs after 6:15. Maybe because I can focus on WILDing better, idk. Too bad I have to get up early 5 days of the week... This was so interesting though, even if it took foreeever to write I'll be adding it to my LD count as a single lucid, since it all technically took place in the same dream.
    15. Potential Dream Guide?

      by , 05-04-2023 at 11:42 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      Okay, so the first half of last night was fairly disappointing. I awoke from a nice dream and started going over it in my head, still tired. Somewhere along the way I got the impression that I had recorded the dream in my phone rather than DJ so I didn't need to write it down, and now I don't remember it at all ;v; Don't worry though, it gets better.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I was in my ESS classroom, in a miserable mood and maybe trying to take a nap. I talked to this guy named Jason and turned an assignment in. It was pretty vivid so it's a shame I don't remember anything else.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      First thing I remember is that there was some random family in my house—a father, mother, and little boy. The mom in particular was very vivid to me. She was skinny, wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, with freckles splattered all across her shoulders and face. Her dirty-blond hair was tied in a half-up, half-down style, and she had a freaky smile and wide-open reddish eyes. [Now that I'm awake, her appearance reminds me of a character named Roselia from the most recent chapter of King's Maker.] I did not like her.

      They were talking about something gross, don't remember the particulars, when the little boy asked what would happen if the dad died. He responded that the mom would have to get pregnant to one of his two older brothers (one of which was Sunny from OMORI)?! The mom didn't say anything, just cuddled up to her husband and smiled her creepy smile, nodding at everything he said.

      I was so disgusted that I ran away screaming. They chased me, and I fumbled to unlock the front door. As soon as I was out, I got dizzy and the plotline was forgotten. My vision wasn't aligning properly with where I was looking and I could barely move my body. It was like trying to play a PC game that needs a mouse with your keyboard touchpad.

      The door was ajar and I worried that Nile (dog) would escape, so I tried really hard to turn around and adjust my vision. I managed to do it, just in time to see Nile dash out of the house. I attempted to pounce on him, but my arms just flapped pathetically in his direction.

      A moment later a tigress followed; she was very overprotective of Nile. I had recovered just enough to grab her by the scruff, although unlike last time I could not muster the strength to grab her face and shove her back in. [In the dream I knew this had happened twice before, but now I think they were false memories rather than previous dreams or a replay of events.]

      She struggled against me, demanding that I let her go. I thought she might bite me, but I was not very scared. In the most confident and authoritarian voice I could muster, I said, "[Name]! Did you not learn anything from the previous two times?! You running out to find him just overcomplicates things! My mother and I are perfectly capable of finding him ourselves, so stop freaking out. Why do you always insist on making a nuisance of yourself?"

      I actually managed to convince her, and she went back inside. Then my mom came out and yelled at me for letting Nile escape. I told her that my vision wasn't that good right now. Ms. F [math teacher] was in the back and implied that I had the same eye-related disease that she did [she's colorblind in real life but in the dream it was something much more serious]. I interrupted her and said, "No, it's just something that makes me dizzy from time to time, it's already going away."

      And it was. I could see and move properly now. I was uncomfortable because I didn't want my mom to freak out or interrogate me, so when she started asking a question I ran off to find Nile.

      I don't think the dizziness happened again, but I felt extremely tired and had to stop in the middle of the road. There was a young boy nearby and I wondered what would happen if I fainted in front of him. I started thinking about naps and a Wikipedia-esque hologram appeared, listing off the different types of naps. There was "a light nap," "a good, refreshing nap," "an overextended nap," maybe a couple others, and "an Endless Nap." (Far in the back of my mind I was reminded of an OMORI fan-song called Endless Dreaming.)

      They all had descriptions and that one's was something like, "A slumber with no conclusion; a lifetime doomed to interminable rest." I thought, So like a coma? An alternative definition was, "A student sleeping through exam day. They sleep through test after test, hyperbolically deemed a series of endless naps."

      I eventually turned back to my house and saw my mom beckoning Nile with a treat, him running to meet her. I woke up after that.


      I woke up some minutes before my 6:15 alarm and wrote down my dream. I didn't have to go to school in the morning because the freshmen were taking some test, so I wrote down my dream and tried to do WILD. It took over an hour to fall back asleep, but it was not for naught!


      Dream #3 (Lucid):
      I had a false awakening in my bed and heard my dad playing with Nile downstairs. It seemed to be a really intense game and I could hear Nile hyperventilating from how much he was exerting himself. I was a bit concerned about his health, but figured it was fine since he's a dog. (I was also disappointed that my WILD attempt had failed and wanted to try again.)

      When my dad finished playing, he came up to my room (even though I had been hoping he wouldn't) and tried to wake me up. I told him that I didn't have school this morning and he left dejectedly, saying something about how the house was so quiet and lonely. Even in the dream I knew it was out of character for him, and was thinking about the ruckus he had been making with Nile not five minutes ago.

      I looked at my clock and saw it was 10:01. Oh no, I thought, I was supposed to meet J at the library at 10:00 today [true]! Better hurry.

      I climbed down from my bunk bed and went to my drawer. There was what seemed to be a really horrible Miku costume on the ground, and I wondered if my mom had made it. It was extremely small and discolored, made out of some gross wrinkly material, so there was no way anyone could wear it.

      Then I opened my drawer and saw a bunch of frilly, flamboyant clothing that I would never wear. I felt threatened, but only for a moment. I considered the possibility that my mom had replaced all my clothes because she wanted me to wear these instead. But it was still strange, so I decided to do a reality check.

      The first one, finger-through-palm, didn't work. Then I tried the nose-plug RC, and it also didn't work, but I kept trying. Something was not right about this.
      After a full five seconds of paying close attention, my breath shakily started coming through!

      "Yes!" I smiled and wondered if it had taken so long because I was exhaling in real life until that point, and was relieved that my intense inhaling hadn't roused me.

      I was pretty clear-headed and remembered my goals immediately. I looked at my open bedroom door and tried to summon a dream guide. A faint shadow appeared to walk in, but it wasn't efficient enough. I imagined someone behind me, hands on my shoulders, but it just gave me a sensation of warmth. I sighed and moved to leave the room, nearly bumping into a young lady, 21-ish, if I had to guess).

      I looked her over. She had light-pink skin and oddly realistic—as opposed to anime—blue eyes rimmed in eyeshadow. There were black dots on her upper cheeks and nose, but they weren't freckles; maybe makeup or something alien. She had a small, smirking, red-painted mouth and a pink bun with two tassel hairpins going through it. She was wearing a colorful, kimono-like dress, maybe sandals too, and her nails were dyed a deeper pink than her skin.

      A little dumbfounded, I asked, "Are you my dream guide?"

      "Is that what you really want?" she responded, and I wasn't sure what to say. Then she ran past me and jumped out the window.

      "Hey, wait!" I yelled, rushing to the window, being careful to avoid the glass shards. She was already on the ground running away. It did not really occur to me to chase her, and I went downstairs.

      My brothers were home, playing video games. I briefly wondered why since they didn't have off this morning, but didn't think too hard about it. They were judging me for some reason, I could tell. Then I stepped into the living room and BAM, half my vision went away just like in my ten-second lucid. It wasn't quite as unstable as that time, though.

      I rubbed my hands together, and although the sensation was vivid, it wasn't doing much. So I held a hand over my blind eye (it didn't look like I was staring into darkness, but rather a wall of skin), and some of my vision came back, but it was extremely distorted. I tried everything to stabilize it! Focused on smell, all I smelled was air; focused on sound, my brother was playing a shooting game on a tablet, which helped a bit I think. I stomped my feet and listened to the thuds, and yelled, "One of you talk to me!" to which my dad responded from behind. (Don't remember with what.)

      I thought about closing my eyes and trying to teleport but was worried that when I opened them I'd be awake (like last time). I guess I could've spun around or fallen backward, but I didn't think of it.

      Alas, despite my best efforts, my surroundings were gradually replaced with that of my bed.
      I was awake.


      It was 8:40 when I woke up. This will be the last entry in my current (physical) dream journal, since I've run out of space. That's something of an achievement, to fill up a DJ, right? And this LD is a nice way to end it off

      Here are some quick sketches of the dream scenes:
      The Unknown Dreamer-unnamed-7-.jpg
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