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    Game set but no match

    by , 10-29-2015 at 11:46 AM (268 Views)
    D1 - Outside a set of classrooms, students are congregated waiting to enter class, there is a dividing barrier between classes for queuing.
    One student looks at me shocked (DS1) P has crush on me, I vividly feel intense emotion of being in love. She looks on as I give other girl a gift of a magazine, freshly wrapped in plastic. I feel the 2nd intense emotion vividly of the excitement of my lustful(?) and dark underhand emotions, delicious. Next I am in a girls locker room, there are long benches and people discussing the event. I bump into a third girl who is notorious for being gay, she is after the girl with a crush on me, prey. I suggest with a openly flirtatious look that i am available. She is shocked but accepting of my advance.
    I signal for us to go somewhere private. I am worried she will tell all about me. We enter a white (ds) area with a lift to the right, thread bare school carpet and white columns to the middle right, a bland poster on a wall. We head behind the columns to an area ahead with chairs and potted plants. She has dark school uniform with some grey, large bag with strap across her chest. She has long brown hair and pleasant features, nose maybe little to promentant , brown eyes, some makeup. I feel her emotion, she has love but a more general one, she loves all girls. I shock her by dispassionately proceeding to discuss the attractive features of each girl, as i see it.
    I wake 1:32am feeling a strong sensation over my chest, it is a tingling and burning sensation. It is dark in the room but in my minds eye I see short orange and black flames coming from my chest area. (similar occurance to after first ld at dv, but much less intense, that was x100 this being x10 ), similarly on recalling memory sensation tho dulled felt also.
    - dream sign of vivid familiar face looking at me, smiling.
    /took about an hour before went off to sleep again due to
    a) wanted to ensure recalled details with my current method (dont want to have to get up, annoys partner if am up or scrawling notes)
    b) intense experience to while to settle down

    D2 - Old man, white beard , brown coat (giver ? jeff bridges) is teaching me survival skills. We are laying on large wooden structure which is also home. Size and shape of large train caboose, some wood is piled next to us. I seem to be not unlike tom sawyer.
    seems long dialogue then i leave. Other children give farewell prank, spraying liquid over me from toilet seat in back of caboose (one holds others legs while one lays inside ), they look like street urchins.

    D3 - In office, old chunky pcs with large white monitors, everywhere. I start to help technician who turns up to fix a monitor. We swap monitors to try and diagnos problem. New head of dept turns up, long blondie hair, heels etc. Confusion over why we are going to other branch. Not to meeting at 1-2pm but to fix monitor. Then standing by slanted countertop with trailing wires like xmas lights, joke with head about swapping monitor with starbucks next door.

    D4 - frags
    - stepping cautiously over many prone bodies of sleeping ? sunbathers. Am spotted by guy with short dark hair and intelligent eyes but get to sea. Jump in and swim, under warm sun.
    - Editing video, seemed like longish repeating dream.
    1st was cutting scene then realised was long due to tension of whether girl in box car would live or die. Then context changed on same scene completely changing same footage.
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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Your first dream sounds really intense. that is interesting im asking myself pretty often what defines how one is dreaming.
      me for example have pretty rare intense dreams. some are amusing or memorable but most of them are pretty grounded. not logical but normal places with normal people doing random things. sure here and there some woot?-feelings but overall no intense feelings at all.
      other people dream really crazy vivid fantasy and action stuff or dream very sensitiv with intense emotions pretty often...

      i dont know how to interpret it? lets say you are a perfect meditator. do you get "more boring" dreams because you dont have so much feeling in your daythings and are decoupled from all the feeling rollercoaster? because when something is bothering you intensely during the day and you cant get distance to it your dreams are fast pace and demanding...

      dont have an answer. or maby your dreams are more fantasy because you watch more anime or maby i am more rational and less emotional so my dreams are more straight forward too...

      i just dont know but would really know it
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    2. Milly's Avatar
      It looks like your recall technique is working! Lots of details and impressions remembered in your first dream, that's great
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