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    Stocks and pears

    by , 09-27-2015 at 04:08 PM (210 Views)
    I am fund-raising while Graham the loafer and his sidekick look on. I'm on a dirt track with grassy borders (seems a dream sign )
    Outside a Library. Sam asks if I can use the proceeds towards his permanent studentness, I say he has to talk to Graham etc knowing full well they will not let him have a cent. I go into the white washed municipal library, books everywhere clearly a library. A member of staff handles my application details while Sam watches hopefully for a sign I might change my mind.
    I then travel along the dirt track uphill past G & co to a supermarket of sorts: there are lots of conveyor belts with fruit on.
    It seems I have to buy and sell the fruit like on the stock market to make a profit...but I mess it up and watch as suddenly I am left with neither fruit nor money. Oops. (another recurring them recently embarrassing failure followed by guilt)
    I magically make things ok i.e pretend everything is ok then dream ends soon after

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