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    Kinda scary :/

    by , 08-17-2013 at 02:24 PM (449 Views)
    This is obviously a very small dream...But I'll still write it because yes.

    [COLOR="#800080"]I was in my room(It was night outside) and the window was open.Me and my sister played some kind of game.I go check in the hall for some kind of monsters but then realize there is nothing.I try to call my mom but she doesn't respond to her cellphone and there are some kind of green things on the telephone.Then I ask my sister to call her,instead,she goes in the hall and checks for monsters and she comes back inside laughing saying : I saw a shadow. I desperately try to call my mother but when I type her number I hear a scream in the telephone. I ran to the couch and jumped on it and there is my grandmother asking me to call her again.I say no and I start to yell at her. [/COLOR]

    That's pretty much it :|
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    1. TwoCrystalCups's Avatar
      Grandma says call your mom!! Maybe you need to listen to her so she would stop scaring you.
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