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    1. First lucid in a while!!!

      by , 07-23-2020 at 02:56 PM
      Fell asleep at ~1AM.
      Woke up at 6:30AM
      Woke up at 8AM, wrote down 1 tag
      Woke up at 9:30, chilled for a while and wrote down 1 tag

      What to work on: Using SSILD and becoming lucid
      Dream 1: I was out front of our house and lou manillo came to tell me to water the grass this weekend. After speaking with him, his father came out and told me to water the grass this weekend too.

      Dream 2(partly lucid!): I was at some school and had been working out really hard. I did some sort of circuit around the school. After I wanted to go home and had to use Evans car. After starting his car I couldn't find a brake. I went slowly and just avoided things, I wasnt able to stop often. I played around by pressingthe park button to stop, I tried lifting the gas pedal and also dropping the steering wheel. The steering wheel idea worked. I was driving and was vividly taking in the scenery. I was in an urban area with lots of homes. The roads were very inconsistent, sometimes pavement, sometimes really sketchy dirt roads. I recognized some landmarks every once in a while and tried to get home. I realized that the geographical area makes no sense, its always changing. This combined with my experience of the malfunctioning car made me lucid. I wanted to get home as fast as possible and it started flooding. At this point the car was basically a floating cushion and a steering wheel. I floated up with the car until the floot brought us to the top of a tall building. I grabbed the top and the flood started to recede. I climbed on top and wanted to fly home now. I was looking around and thinking about how I could fly because I knew at that point that if I tried I wouldn't make it, I would just fall into the water. The flood started rising and falling again. Thats the last part I remember from the dream.
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    2. short LD after long streak of no recorded dreams

      by , 02-25-2020 at 05:42 PM
      Okay no more notes I dont find them that useful

      Dream 1:
      I was driving again. I was trying to control the car but it wasnt working like I was expecting. I was trying to brake but it wasnt working. After a bit of struggling with the car and steering frantically, I realized that I must be dreaming because this car has been out of control for a while and I havent crashed and I remember not being able to break in dreams. I was at first kind of apprehensive about treating my reality as a dream because if it wasnt a dream ad I did something crazy with the car that would be terrible. But I slowly gained confidence that it was a dream and before I knew it I was speeding down this track and then doing long drifting maneuvers around the turns like in Mario Kart.
    3. Lots of dreams! + Beg. TOTM :)

      by , 02-10-2020 at 05:33 PM
      Went to bed at 3AMish.
      Woke up at 10:50 with soooo much recall. It felt like I had been dreaming for 45 mins to an hour with a ton of dream changes.
      Dream 1:(in room, climb out window, community, sex)
      I was in my room after a FA. I wanted to find an attractive woman to have sex with. So I looked out my window, there was a ton of snow, then I decided to go out my front door. When I opened the door of my room, it was my room again on the other side. So I said fuck it, I'm jumping out the window. I went through the window and there were a ton of people outside. While looking and walking around, the dream was destabilizing. To restabilize, I remembered the TOTM task(2. Touch the ground. What is it? Grass, asphalt?). I touched and looked intensely at the ground. It felt hard and rough like bumpy asphalt. It looked like a combination of red, grey and a tiny bit of white in the bottom of the ridges. It's depth and colours were totally psychedelic, they were slightly moving and distinctly reminded me of how things looked on psychedelics. Like I was on mushrooms with less distortion. After stabilizing, I walked down the street and found some ladies next door who could be a partner to me. I convinced one to come over and we went to my room. We were getting ready to have sex, she had her pants off and I almost had all my clothes off. When I finally did it destabilized and she disappeared. I figured out how to bring her back, I did something that made sense in the dream world and then I saw she was in the bathroom, I just had to wait for her to get out. She came back out and we were gonna get to it when my light which can change colors started going on a random loop of colors and brightness. I tried to go to my app on my phone to change it back but I knew I couldnt get to it because technology never works properly in dreams. After trying to change the lights she was gone again. I was very aroused and like humped the air and it almost felt just as good.... I barely remember anything after that.

      Dream 2:(work, chase, fingering)
      this began at work. I knew it was a dream right away and decided to leave and try to find someone to have sex with(again... I need to stop wasting my time with this lol). I went outside, it was super snowy and I walked around a bit looking for someone. Eventually I found this pretty asian lady and we started getting chased. I told her to jump into this car with me. We jumped in the front seats then went into the back. 1 or 2 others got in the front and started driving to my house. I started to rub her vagina through her pants in the back and she seemed to really like it, I could feel the contractions of her body through her pants. I dont remember much after that.

      Dream 3:(FA with Ezra, fly, models of the city)
      I woke up in my room with my friend Ezra and his girlfriend. I asked if they were there this whole time(This was after multiple dreams and FAs.). They said yeah, they were kind of guiding me and helping me while in the dream world through talking to me. I still knew I was dreaming but Ezra wanted to tell me it was real life now. I was backing up from him and looking for signs that it was a dream. I was looking all around my room and finally looked at my shelf! I had only 1 shelf and it was really bare when I know I have lots more things on my shelf. I leaped through my window to outside. I ran down my street and attempted to fly by jumping a few times. I couldn't. I decided I would find a cape to let me fly! I was looking around thinking where I could find a cape. I told myself that when I went on the other side of this car next to me, there would be a backpack which contained a cape. I tried that and it didnt work the first time but I tried it again and I found a backpack. At this point I have a vague memory of possibly another person maybe trying to take the backpack. I threw on the cape and I flew! I flew so high and so far, everything underneath me was unrecognizable. I flew back closer to home and wanted to look at my city from the sky. When I was closer everything looked like models(like google earth or something), but I really felt like I was flying high up in the air. At one point one of the models was a model for a cruise ship that I had been on recently. It was exactly like the toy model of the ship they sold on board.

      Dream 4:(double closing, run home matt+ Darwents mom)
      I was at work, closing the store for the night. I was then also asked to close another store by my old coworker Nina who now manages the other store. To do both jobs, we had a teleportation system between the two stores! It was really cool. After a lot of work stuff and me thinking how much more easy and simple her store is to run and manage because of the sales volume, we closed up finally. It was raining. For someone reason The Darwents' mom was there and we were deciding to run home together. I suggested we call an uber but she didnt want to. So we decided to start but I think we went back. Then I was deciding to run home with Matthieu.

      Dream 5:(meditating, rooms with teachers)
      I was at a spiritual teaching center. There were multiple rooms for teachers to teach smaller groups. I was looking around for a while and after looking through multiple rooms, I found one that was empty and I went in. I remembered I wanted to meditate in a dream and so I sat down with my back on a big wooden counter. I payed attention to my breath, some sounds around me and some body sensations. It didn't last long and I dont remember anything else.

      Dream 6:(Jumping thru recycling)
      I was outside and looking for a way to get somewhere else. I ended up jumping thru a big recycling bin and fell into something like a void. I was fully conscious but my vision was filled with what looked exactly like hypnagogic imagery Just blobs of pale color all morphing around.