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    "Lucid dreaming makes us kinder in everyday life. It shows us how our mind creates illusion, which allows us to see how other people's mind do the same. Once we see that, we realize that everybody is trying their best and that we're all in this together. We become a bit more tolerant and responsive, rather than closed and reactive."-Charlie Morley, Author of 'Dreams of Awakening: Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep'


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    Dont read, no dreams just notes

    by Mikey5555 on 03-21-2020 at 08:28 PM
    I woke up this morning with dream recall. I remembered only one thing and thought I should lay still longer to remember more and then I will write it down. This didn't work and its not the first time I'v done it. I will write things down as soon as I remember 1 piece. Writing this piece will get the writing going and help me continue on to writing more. Don't let me fool myself again tomorrow morning.
    side notes

    At the climbing gym again

    by Mikey5555 on 03-15-2020 at 02:56 AM
    These events are in no particular sequence

    I was at the climbing gym with my friends Evan and Matthew and I went up this blue route that didn't have a clear ending. I realized I had to reach over far to the right to get the last move. I grabbed the little piece of plastic that was the last hold and it broke off in my hand. I then realized the correct finishing move was just on the left side much closer. I showed my friends the broken piece.

    There was a trampolining area with lots of people watching. When it was my turn I tried to do a flip but my skills had significantly worsened, it felt like my balance was all fucked up. Almost like I had a 3-5 drinks

    I remember telling some staff that the gym was better off before renovations. Now there was so much non-climbing athletic stuff, it was an all-in-one gym basically when what I wanted was a climbing gym

    Vipassana FPS

    by Mikey5555 on 03-08-2020 at 06:52 PM
    Dream 1:
    I was at a Vipassana retreat. It was still first day so I could talk to my friends with me. At one point a teacher came up to me with a bag and his fingger pointed. I knew this meant he was going to cavity search me to make sure I was clean. I was next to my friend Matteo. I let the search begin and it wasnt unpleasant but Matteo was really not excited for his turn so he went to bed while I was getting searched. He didn't know that he was up next surely. At one point it was also like a new house and we were trying to defend ourselves with guns and stuff against other players. It's like it turned into first person PUBG.

    1 fragment... I will not give up

    by Mikey5555 on 03-03-2020 at 07:42 PM
    Dream 1:
    All I remember is me looking in the mirror and seeing I had longer hair, like I did in elementary. Just about down to my sohulders. I kinda liked it too XD
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Dreams are slowly coming back

    by Mikey5555 on 02-29-2020 at 05:49 PM
    Dream 1:(Stay back, pull up bar, oiled up, darkness spray, people bed)
    I was walking with my family to go visit by brothers friend. I decided to go a bit further back and then catch up. I met her when I stayed back, she was sunbathing. We started walking back to her place. She was one of the prettiest girls I had seen. She didnt have a bikini top on and was using her arms to cover her breasts as we walked back. She was jumping around and was really playful with me. We got next to her place and we hung out a little by this place with a pullup bar that had a realy thick section to the pole. I was hanging on to that part with my thumb over the bar saying its really hard. She jumped on and tried with her hands on either side of the bar so I told her its cheating that way. We got a bit payful and she held onto my lower body as I was holding onto the bar and I 'showed off' by doing a pullup or like a leg raise with her holding on. Next thing I remember she was all oiled up and she wanted me to go into this machine before I went into her house. It had a sign that said darkness on it. She was sorry about it but she told me she has to do it because of something in her past and it was harmless. I went inside and got a spray of something onto me. Then we were in her place, just her wriggling around on her water bed. Then she opened the plastic and it was full of people. Her place was super spacious, much bigger than it looked from outside.