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    Longest dream ever

    by , 07-12-2020 at 01:27 PM (108 Views)
    Fell asleep at ~1:30AM.
    Woke up at 6:30AM, dont remember anything
    Woke up at 8AM, with recall, wrote down very long dream

    What to work on: Writing down tags upon waking from first couple alarms and using SSILD
    Dream 1(Being late for school, going by bus, late for class, riot, detained, new floor, put in acid then given second chance, fall into water, giant hot tub with stories, comedy and chalk): I was getting ready for school and took all my school stuff plus a joint into the bathroom. then I left for school. I walked to Fielding and it was super snowy and slushy out. The stop on fielding was cancelled. I had to go to back further down to catch a bus. I got on a bus and saw a bunch of other people including Divneet. Eventually I got to school and was late for class. I saw Phoebe also late for class, she was about to eat a jello she just got on her way. I was walking upstairs and saw some classmates coming down and realized my class was on the lower floors, I was going the wrong way. I joined them and we went to the classroom but the teacher wasnt there. A lot of other students saw this as an opportunity to kind of riot and go crazy but I just decided to wait and not cause trouble so I went into this big open area while others were running around. Some H-L: Alyx looking guards brought me to the designated holding area while they caught the rest of the students. I was with 1 other kid that had a secret item and wanted to keep it from the guards so he hid it on the structure above us that was right outside the yellow forcefield looking thing that was the designated area. After that I saw a new floor or classroom being built above the school and we were supposed to take the elevator up there. I was in this glass elevator looking thing and this angry voice started saying that they wish they could just drop us in the acid underneath the elevator. She brought me very close and then backed off. Then she did drop me in it. It melted the bottom, I died and got another chance like in a game. This time I broke what was holding me there and fell into some water on the side. There I was part of this story that was being narrated then I was in a giant hot tub that had this story with all different levels and characters in it like an old mario level map. I remember there also being 2 buttons that would add bubbles to the pool and the other would make the tree start raining. After my dad told me to stop making the tree rain I got out and started walking along the side of this area, there was a wooden railing. I heard my dad talking about my friend who does comedy. Then I found chalk and put it on my hands.

    Dream 2(shooting cars then 4 tuck sequence search): I was on a motorcycle with someone and we had this stick-like gun that we were shooting at other cars. At one point I was reloading and we passed right next to a uniformed officer who was not in his vehicle. A little further down we ditched the gun next to this group of people chilling on the side of the road and right after that we saw a sign saying 4 tuck sequence search and we still didn't get caught even though they were right behind us.

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