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    Lots of Ezra

    by , 07-16-2020 at 02:52 PM (215 Views)
    Fell asleep at ~12:30AM.
    Woke up at 6:30AM
    Woke up at 8AM, maybe wrote down tags
    Woke up at ~9:15, wrote down some tags as I drift in and out of more dreams

    What to work on: Using SSILD and becoming lucid
    Dream 1(Chilling on beach):I was with my brother and we were going to the beach. I might remember someone saying Oka beach but not totally sure. We walked through this crowded area which had modern structures then got to the water. There were many more waves than last time. I found a boogie board and started hitting the waves. After a couple I saw the Rainvilles on the beach. Phil had been boogie boarding so much he had a rash on the side of his neck in the same spot that I was having some discomfort. We talked a little then they left.

    Dream 2(Painting): I was with my friend Ezra painting at the top of a school. He was high. We were painting the ceiling while laying down on this elevated platoform. Some teacher found us and came up to us. She said we look like 2 really high kids. I thought that was kind of funny and told her she could test me, I'm sober. We just like painting. She said she was going to bring us down and make us count 100 dimes. I thought that was the easiest test ever. We went to the office then outside. She started talking to this man who had a board game I had never seen. I assumed she was going to use it to test us. Then she told us to go climb up this thing so we did. We had to wait for her a little so I closed my eyes and was doing pullups on the bar. I did a ton very effortlessly. Then we climbed up and it was a great view. Then it started raining. We were sheltered. Another woman climbed up as it started raining, she was seeking shelter. After it started raining the building started to move and we were moving along this crowd of people that were all walking in one direction. We started singing the classic canadian chant "oleeeee ole ole oleeee, oleeeee, oleeeee". Many pople joined us. Then we started going through this tunnel where the chants echoed and got more intense.

    Dream 3(Drink w/ Catherine): Catherine had brought all of the family to a museum and she opened a bottle of rose to share with us all. She gave me a glass and I accepted before thinking about the commitment I've made with Louis. Many of the rooms felt very familiar, like I had been there before. I think I have in a dream before. I saw this arrangement of pretzel sticks covered in melted cheese, it looked like it was made that day.
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