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    [Dream #16 - 2/2/2016] A Dream About DreamVeiws

    by , 02-02-2016 at 06:33 PM (399 Views)


    An image depicting a diary

    Quite funny how I had a nap due to being depressed about my former situation and this dream was what formulated from it.

    I remember being on the site and looked at my Waking Journal following the post right after the one I made earlier about whether or not DreamViews was the right place for me and found that one of the staff had replied stating something and mentioning some user with some very hard to understand name would be able to help me. I then went and looked through the introductions section and found that person with an overly large signature of Shadow the Hedgehog wearing a black trench coat and some some sort of Sonic'esk avatar. I couldn't read what that individual said but I was awoken by my mother yelling at me me for taking a nap and to stop sleeping my days away and to make her food.

    Notes: None to note.

    Date 2/2//2016

    Went to bed I cannot recall, I was depressed and just laid in bed before I took an unexpected nap.

    Woke up 12:00PM

    *Time logged 5:15PM

    Total sleep N/A

    Stress level throughout the day Depressed


    *Daytime RCs

    *Recall N/A

    *Inducing Method N/A

    Dream Signs N/A

    Perceived Length 10 Minutes

    Emotions Worried, Stressed

    Awareness None

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