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    [Dream #18 - 2/6/2016] Sex With Headless Shadow

    by , 02-06-2016 at 06:03 PM (1296 Views)
    [Warning] - The following contains body horror and a sexual act.


    Sex With Headless Shadow

    This was a very odd dream as well, and like the title states, I had sex, more so fingered Shadow the Hedgehog but he was literally headless. I chuckled when I woke up after having the dream.

    This took place, I'm assuming in my room -- The surrounding was hard to map out. I was laying down and I could feel my 'soul' or 'something' extract from my 'physical' body and was then visibly on-top of me. For a minute, I began to think it was a replica of myself but I ended up seeing a patch of white chest fur just like Shadow the Hedgehog's and the noticeable shortness in height compared to mine in perspective. He did not have a mouth to speak with nor could he speak through telepathy, but he could understand what I said to him. I did not freak out and I was extremely pleased. I remember taking Shadow's hand and placing his index finger into my vagina.

    I could feel it enter me as he began to toy with the inside. It felt good and I told him to do it faster and harder which he proceeded to do on command. But then I woke up.

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