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    Reocurring Dream Figures

    by , 10-08-2015 at 05:05 AM (544 Views)
    I decided to make a list of all of the dream figures that I have encountered more than once. These guys have always recognized me when I saw them again and vice versa. I intend to update this periodically.

    Name: Lavernia Peterson
    Species: Human
    First Encounter: Two Towers
    Last Encounter: pariah
    Figure Type: Familiar

    I encountered Lavernia in a dream that I had back in 2001 when I was in 2nd grade. She is the operator of some kind of attraction somewhere in the dream realm. The attraction consists of two fairytale towers that are connected by a bridge. I do not remember what the towers were for but I do remember that it was an attraction off of which she made a living. She has four kids so far and no husband that I know of. When I first met her in 2001 she only had three kids at least one daughter (I do not remember the genders of the other kids). I met her again 11 years later in a dream titled Pariah. She was still running her business and we recognized each other immediately. She told me about how she had been. Her children had long since grown up and moved out and she has had one other son who was still living with her, he was around my age (19). She had notably aged and had even seemed to have lost some weight.

    Four children

    Physical Description
    She is a middle aged woman who normally dresses in a tank top and kakis. She has light blond hair and has it up in a short pony tale. She is Caucasian and was just a tad on the heavy side but over the course of eleven years she seems to have trimmed down. She was more of a stronger female.

    Name: Marquise Spinnerete Mindfang (aka Arenea Serket)
    Species: Alternian Troll
    First Encounter: Shanghaied
    Last Encounter: Night about Town
    Figure Type: Familiar (or Boss?)

    Mindfang is a Homestuck troll who appeared in the dream Shanghaied. She was a pirate sailor who kidnapped slaves. I was one of the slaves she kidnapped along with the twelve other trolls and several other denizens of unknown species. At one point I believed her to be there under cover. I believed her to be there in an attempt to free the slaves. But I cannot be sure. At this point I am not sure weather she is friendly or boss. I encountered her again in Night About Town she invited me to a house party although I never had a chance to make it. I was hesitant to attend her being a pirate and all.

    Pysical Appearance
    Really, she appears just as she does in the comic except for he skin color which is grey instead of black.

    Name: Stocking Anarchy
    Species: Angel
    First Encounter: Filial Devotion
    Last Encounter: Demons Within
    Figure Type: Familiar

    Stocking is a fallen angel who first appeared in the Dream Filial Devotion. She mostly made appearences in flashbacks in that dream as her sister Panty Anarchy lamented about how she and her sister were estranged. In these flashbacks it was mostly the sisters in persuite of another angel named vergent a sower of discored who was directly responsible for their situation. I encountered her and her sister on other slightly less memorable dreams. Each time they recognized me. She appearse months later in another dream called Demons Within. In this dream she and Panty had made up. I was helping them hunt down a demon spirit who had been going around and possessing people. Stocking became possessed and was left for dead on the floor an attic. I haven't seen her sense

    Physical Appearance
    Just like in the Cannon she dresses in heavy Gothic attire. She is Caucasian.

    Relations: Panty Anarchy (Sister)
    Enemies: Vergent

    Name: Merna
    Species: Demoness
    First Encounter: Darkness
    Last Encounter: Cinema Witch
    Figure Type: Boss

    Merna is a Demon Witch who had managed to take over a portion of the dream realm in a dream titled Darkness. I had the dream when I was in elementary school. Merna had managed to set up her headquarters at the top of the new equipment just a few miles away from what is now Tebequidor Point. When I encountered her I saw her torturing one of her subordinates. A short old man who had failed her in some way. She had the power she shoot rays of darkness at people which appearently caused pain. This is what she was doing to her subordinate. Me and my friends were able to drive her away. I did this by using my watch to activate some lights in the area that Merna had managed to snuff out. I was only able to activate some lights that were a few miles away. They appeared to be coming from the direction of Tebequidor Point. The lights were able to drive her away but I do not think that it was enough to kill her as I saw her again in a later dream years down the road. She remembered me and I was unable to escape her grasp. I do not remember much about that last dream.

    Physical Appearance
    She has very dark grey skin and wears a black wavey strapless dress. Black steam constantly permeates around her. She has short black hair and wears it in a style reminiscent of the 1920s flapper style. She also wears black armlength gloves.

    Name: Backhand Jack
    Species: Human/Asshole
    First Encounter: Untitled Dream
    Last Encounter: Day At The Mall
    Figure Type: Hostile

    I do not remember the dream when I first encountered Backhand Jack but I do remember this particular dream figure. Jack was a man who would grab me by the shirt and slap me over and over again across the face. I first encountered him when I was nine and again ten years later in a dream called Day At The Mall. He did the same thing, he grabbed me and began to slap me back and forth across the face. The thing is he remembered me and shouted at me for screwing up something. He is my least favorite.

    Physical Appearance
    He is portly and dresses in a dress shirt and black pants with a black vest. He has a handlebar stash and has hair on the sides with a slight comb over to hide his balled spot. He is older with silver hair.

    Relations: None

    Name Chauncy
    Species: Dog
    First Encounter: Street Light
    Last Encounter: Car Ride
    Figure Type: Siren

    Chauncy is a Siren who assumes the form of a dog. Like all other siren's I encounter he starts off docile but shows his true colors after a while and attacks. I first encountered him in Street Light When he came at me all of a sudden on a dark starless night. I encountered him again last year in Car Ride When he had me stuck in my car.
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