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    I Don't Know How To Play Guitar!

    by , 07-20-2016 at 01:52 PM (393 Views)
    I Don't Know How To Play Guitar! (DILD)


    I'm at a gig, having just performed, though what exactly I did escapes me. I watch a man in his 60s come on stage briefly with his guitar before going off again, presumably to fix a broken string. The crowd are cheering excitedly so I gather that he's well-known.

    He comes back on, but instead of playing he goes straight into a forward flip stage dive. Watching from the stage, I wince as it looks like he slams his feet down into someone's head, though no one seems to mind. We--me and a few others onstage--watch it replayed in front of us (though not on a screen), and it definitely looks painful.

    Lots of people are already crowd surfing so I decide to join in, and notice how quickly I'm passed over the crowd; it's like floating on a river. As I start to near the back of the crowd I realise I'm performing again soon and need to head back, and merely pointing towards the stage makes the crowd pull me there instantly.

    I get off the stage and walk past security into the backstage area. I navigate a load of corridors and notice how incredibly ornate everything is. It's like a palace, or a temple.

    I'm looking for some kind of dressing room but have no idea exactly what. I know I'm on soon, and get the feeling I'm meant to be playing guitar, but that's it. I've never played guitar in my life.

    Finally I find a guy who asks me what I need and I tell him: I'm performing soon need to find a dressing room. He points to the closed door beside him. I tell him I'm supposed to be playing guitar so need to learn how. Halfway through saying this it hits me: I don't know how to play guitar--it's a dream.

    I tell him, '...but it's a dream so...', and, not knowing quite what to do with this realisation, front flip magically through the closed door. I land on my back and wake up.

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