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    Dreamland: Olden Attic

    by , 03-19-2011 at 10:36 PM (1105 Views)
    My house was a combination of my present home, my childhood home, and my Grandparents Victorian home. My GF was with me, and I got the impression other people were around the house but early in the dream I didn't see them. The visuals were vibrant and realistic.

    I asked my GF to wait for me in the attic for some reason. She had just taken a shower and agreed happily. I went into the bathroom after she got out, and I could hear her moving around the floor above me. (Hearing people through walls is a dream sign: Dream 005 & Blackbird Flying) I went down stairs, which led to a weird mix of my Grandparents Victorian and my childhood home. My Mom was down there in a ground level green sitting room. It had a small curtained window with blue dusk light spilling out around the edges of the curtain. She was day dreaming or deeply in thought. We had small talk for a while.

    I decided not to keep my GF waiting any longer, I entered my middle bedroom which actually exists in my present house. Inside the closet, there was an extremely old looking pull down latter. I climbed up the latter about 10ft into a small square attic with four shelves. On the shelves were lots of stuffed animals and books. I felt confused. I saw no where else to go. (Recall gets hazy.) From behind me someplace came a woman I took to be one of my cousins, but, never got a clear look at her and didn't recognize her. She pointed out a black and white brochure that recorded the history of one of my ancestors who's books were stored in this attic. There were many unusual sounding books (none of which I recall the exact name of). I remember thinking, a few of these books I would like to "check out" of this library. (Recall gets hazy.)

    After looking at the brochure, the space in the attic had opened up.
    There was a series of rooms situated on the beams in the attic precariously. None had walls, some "rooms" required a leap over weak "fall through" points between beams. There was a group of family members up there with me by this point. None who I recognized or recall clearly. I was fascinated by the familiar location , and the dangerous areas of the attic. (Recall gets hazy.) I looked out an attic window and the view was consistent with a view from the roof of my Grandparents Victorian home (which does have an attic). *I saw two brown hawks flying away. One of them was wearing a strange pendant. I was worried how I "lost" my girlfriend. I was still watching the Hawks fly away from an old looking house about attic height. I heard a voice attempting to reassure me:

    "Do not worry about her. Many of your family members were abducted from this attic, and returned." -I woke up.

    The attic dream location is olden. There is no accessible attic space in my present home, or any home I have lived in.

    I'm extremely happy to have logged current dreams that are consistent in ways with my dreams from over 10-years ago. I was wondering if a lot of our old dream themes get retired. Some of my dreams from the late 90's clearly featured elements from early childhood, but my recent dreams didn't seem too. The other problem was, when I did get the sense I had dreamed of an older theme, for some reason those dreams were more difficult to remember. I would recall only a vague impression of a distorted home.

    Likewise, part of my goals for mapping dreamland included using my home as a gateway to old dream locations and repressed dream memories. In 11-months of efforts, this dream is the first with vivid recollection of childhood dream archetypes. Although I've had dream fragments of secret passages and elevators leading to weird but familiar dream locations.

    (*) Birds flying is becoming a nightly dream sign. It's resulted in levels of lucidity in repeated dreams.

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    1. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      I confirmed last night that my Grandparents attic does in fact have a backyard facing window. Since I had not been in there since I was about 9-years old, I wasn't at all sure.
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