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    Future Haunted Prison

    by , 06-27-2012 at 08:38 PM (873 Views)
    This is a dream I would pay money to remember in exact detail. It was very vivid, gritty, emotional, and at times completely irrational. Again, I want to blame something for my poor recall. So I mention this is additional support for my theory that: irrational dreams are especially forgettable. At the end of the dream things got super weird and my recall of those events is very spotty.

    A detailed beginning is completely forgotten:

    I was in a very old, run down, poorly light blue, futuristic indoor complex. It was large and imposing but looked darkened and vacant. I was determined to release a group of people from some kind of stasis prison. I seemed to know exactly where to go. I used some kind of stealth device to sneak into a giant room filled with rows of beds with wavy metal gates. I would say at least 60-people in rows stacked to the ceiling were in this large medical-like room.

    In the middle of the room, off to one side against the wall was a brightly (white) illuminated bed. The guard I was sneaking up on was laying on it with a blanket trembling with fear. I was going to knock him out when I noticed he was fixated on a point deeper into the room. When I looked I saw what he saw.. It was a ghost. A cloudy looking young man with an outstretched arm walking towards him in a distressed looking manner. I remember thinking, what are the odds I would come to release these people and a ghost would show up?

    There was a panel on the guards bed with an orange LED on it. I twisted the knob and all the bed grates began to slowly lower at the same time. The guard saw me when my stealth wrinkled. He was so terrified by the apparition he made no attempt to stop me.

    Things go completely hazy at this point...

    Next thing I know I am about to enter a "very" haunted area of the complex. I had a powerful high-tech camera with a large screen that allowed me to see in the dark. It was not the ugly green infrared look, it was a pale blue display and it was strikingly clear. When I looked without the camera, everything was almost pitch black. The hall was at least 20ft wide, went forward about 15ft leading to a small set of two or three stairs to a split-level hall leading to the left. The hall had many doors. I remember heavy dust in the air. Long rips in the carpets and clawed looking walls. It was much, much older and worn down than the rest of the complex.

    No sooner had I taken a few steps down the hall when I saw a flare of light on the camera. Then, a terrible sounding groaning noise started down the hall and two shabby looking ghosts turned the corner heading towards me. I put down the camera and looked. I saw nothing but I could hear the weird, disturbing moaning getting closer.

    This was too much. I hurried out of the hall the way I came. I shut the wooden doors behind me. I could still hear the moaning getting closer. I was standing in a bustling police station. Apparently, the "haunted wing" of the police station had been condemned... I announced, "Two ghosts are following me." Everyone reacted with irritation. I stepped away from the door and turned around. I could see the broken yellow police tape on the door.

    To my shock, the two homeless looking ghosts appeared in front of the door looking at me. I heard men yell with fear in the station. Somebody shot some kind of energy weapon that exploded sparks of light everywhere and one ghost vanished.

    At this point the dream gets very irrational and unstable. There was some weird thing about shooting a boot. A large plastic shotgun. And some huge super cop that could out perform everyone in the station, including me. I'm almost certain he "took out" the first ghost , and, took out the second ghost in a spectacular way which replayed/repeated like a sports highlight. --Then I woke up.

    Note: This dream has many common elements/dream signs: police, prison, desolate future, undead, LCD, and long halls. Even the poorly recalled super cop seemed like a trickster.

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    1. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      I briefly discussed Robocop yesterday. I can definitely see the Robocop vibe in the dream.
    2. The Sandman's Avatar
      Very cool dream told with good detail. I was able to follow with good imagery. Obviously if you inculcate, your subject is likely to enter a dream, but I feel that some stimuli experienced just one time can enter your dreams specifically because it was a unique experience.

      This is not to say that you can't have done something before, but if it is a rareity, then I think it has a chance of entering a dream. Movies are a big one. They are so visual, that they can impact the psyche. Perhaps certain movies impact your psyche more than others, but I also feel the time of day you see the movie is important. Likely other factors in conjunction.

      Anyway, I enjoyed the whole dream.
    3. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      I agree. Vivid new images viewed directly before bed has especially stimulated my dreams in the first REM cycle. Not a big revelation, but worth mentioning. On the other hand, I have increasingly noticed things I intend to do, or only touch on, are more likely to produce preview-like dreams. Something worth exploring further.
      Updated 09-09-2012 at 09:03 AM by MrDreamsX