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    Rapid Dream Transformations

    by , 01-28-2011 at 11:41 AM (1023 Views)
    Two nights ago, I had a weird unsatisfying set of dream fragments. If I had only recalled one of them, I would have thought they were part of a longer dream, and I would have been wrong.

    I was sitting at table with my Mom in a diner. She looked pale and she was arguing with me about salt and pepper shakers. She was much meaner than in real life but I was blowing it off without the slightest care. She said I was rude to the waiter, but he expressed that he took no offense.

    There was a TV on in the restaurant. I looked up at it and it was a show on 20's dance moves. I was instantly transported to the dance. I could still hear the narrator explaining which dance moves from the 20's could be applied to modern dance styles. I walked around on the dance floor. There were lots of colorful lights and well dressed people. Still it seemed slightly uninteresting...

    Suddenly I was laying down next to my girlfriend in a cool house on a hardwood floor. On her right side is Snooki. Snooki asked me to guess what month her birthday was? I said "September." She said, "It's September 2nd!" I said, "So I was right?" She said "Yes!" I said snidely "No wonder I'm so popular." (I checked, her real birthday is November 23rd.)

    Suddenly, I'm inside of an apartment that is warmly colored and seems familiar. I'm using a PC to check out my girlfriends Facebook. I wanted to upload a photo to it. On her page is only a colorful montage of unknown women. Several dozen in various outfits forming a horizontal diamond shape. All of them are facing away so that I can only see the backs of their heads.

    One of the pictures is of someones heavy set mother on a lounge chair in a bright red Moo Moo. I remember her from an earlier dream and feel surprised to find her on my GF's Facebook.

    I'm 100% certain this was all one dream with no time between the three completely different locations. I also clearly remember being aware of the prior dreams and amused by the thought of dance moves from the 20's making a come back.

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