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    Revelations part I

    by , 06-20-2021 at 06:33 AM (33 Views)
    So I'm gonna document the responses my guardian angel gives me when I ask him a specific question at night, the way he replies is that he gives me a very memorable dream and the next day I wake up and remember the important message of the dream, I'm gonna right down three of them. The following dreams occurred the same week.

    1) I asked Gabriel if he could please reveal to me what happened to the disappearance of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, two girls that died in vacations while in Panama.
    That night I had the following dream.
    I'm seeing the dream through someones eyes, but it's not my body. I see someone with a knife and hes peeling and cutting to pieces a plantain. He's also stirring a soup, he's preparing some sort of dinner or lunch. I focus a lot on that knife, it's for sure a mans arms, a sharp knife and I really pay attention to the way he cuts the plantain, he cuts them the way my mom prepares it when she makes beans.
    Small cubed shaped pieces of the plantain, he gathers the pieces and pours them inside the soup, starts stirring, and it's hot, it's a big cooking pot for like at least 10 people, a very big meal. The soup looks greenish, I can also see garlic and long onion roots as well.

    I wake up, analyze the dream...after a while of thinking it hits me... the girls were eaten, they were killed by cannibals

    2) I ask Gabriel if he can confirm his name to me, I'm not really 100% sure if he's called Gabriel so I wanted to verify his name.
    That night I had the following dream.
    I'm playing with three kids a game of tag. We are in a neighborhood with many houses nearby, but I've never seen this place before. It's like a block similar to the ones I use to live in Miami. Then I call out Gabriel and say "Gabriel come here let me tell you something"
    And a boy comes out from his hiding place, he's a black, around ten year old boy, he responds affirmative to the name I called him.
    Then a little girl, about the same age as Gabriel appears, she says "Hi, I'm Alba" and we start playing with Alba too. A third boy was with us but I can't recall his name. The dream continues but it's not important what happens, can't really remember much.
    I wake up, come to the conclusion that yes, definitely Gabriel is his name. About the girl Alba though, there are two theory's, 1) Gabriel has had 3 life's before, he has been two boys and a girl or 2) the three kids are my guardian angels, I've only met one so I should meet Alba and the other boy.

    3) Last dream. I ask Gabriel is he can please help my Grandma rest in piece, she stated in the past that she was tired of living, she's about 88 years old, she can't walk anymore and can't eat on her own, she can't sit up straight on her own and needs help to do every task because she can't do anything by her own. My grandma really deserves to rest in piece, she had a good and long life, we believe it's time for her to go and reunite with her husband, we love her too much and it breaks my heart to see her in this condition.
    That night I had the following dream.
    I'm in my grandmas house. In the bedroom where my parents sleep, I'm in this room with all my family. My uncle Omar comes in and says "take care of them", he then proceeds to release to cockroaches on the bed. I understood that the roaches were his pets, he puts them on the bed and I feel very disgusted by seeing two roaches on the bed. My mom just grins and says "fine".
    For some reason I didn't ask anything, I acknowledged the fact that he had two pet roaches and that I couldn't kill them because my uncle was taking care of them.
    I wake up and instantly know what the message is. The two roaches represent my dead grandpa and grandma. My uncle stated in the past that he was the last person that spoke to grandpa before he past away, meaning that he took care of grandpa in his last days. The roaches represent the will and desire he has over my grandparents, I understood that my grandmas life and future is controlled by my Uncle and Gabriel cannot interfere in that regards. When Omar wants grandma to go then she will go to the next life.

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