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    1. A fucking phoenix

      by , 07-25-2018 at 03:41 PM
      After waking up from the dream I instantly remembered a conversation I had with a dude that told me that he had remembered all of his past life’s, he said he had awoken from his amnesia and that he lived in Jupiter.
      He told me that our imagination wasn’t really an “imagination” it was memories from our past lives, so everything we saw in our creative minds were events we lived in previous minds, what this means is that our scariest monsters that we have ever thought of really do exist.

      Back to the dream:
I’m at a mountain (I’m thinking the Himalayas for some reason). I’m near a hotel that’s located on one of the mountains, I came to this place to meet a guy that had domesticated a very rare eagle. He said that the eagle was the most expensive to have and keep in the world. I saw the eagle, it was white and could move its neck like an owl. The eagle behaved like a dog, it would play fetch with me, I really liked the eagle, it was kind and playful. I played with the eagle for a while, tossing a stick so it could go catch it on the ground (it would hop on its two legs to get the stick and bring it back). Then I decided to throw the stick off the mountain, with a lot of strength I tossed it and the eagle immediately flew at a very high speed and gave it back to me.

      I was completely amazed and enthusiastic about the eagle, I started talking with the trainer, I was asking him how he trained the bird and where could I get one… We are having a conversation when all of the sudden I see 2 big wings in front of me.

      I was sitting down, in the position I was in I could not see the body of the animal but the wings were huge, I got really scared. I looked at the trainer and he was as shocked as me. He said:
“I have never seen anything like it, what is it?”
      I was feeling scared but curious, I stood up and saw the face and body of the bird.

      The body of the bird and all the way to his head was a little more taller than me, I would say 1.9meters. The bird looked young, it looked like it was still growing, not and adult yet. The color of its feathers were beautiful. It was all very purple, dark purple with red, mostly dark purple. The dark purple really opened my eyes, I was amazed with this bird, I was thinking about it and all I could think of was the pokemon Moltres. I told the trainer:
“Yooo, it fucking moltres!”
He didn’t say anything.
      His head had like a little bun of feathers on top, like the one moltres has (I googled and a phoenix is also drawn with this particular aspect).

      The wings were very big, but when we started to inspect the bird we noticed he was malnourished (he looked anorexic), we could see his bones and almost his skeleton behind his feathers. The bird looked in pain and I felt he didn’t have any more energy to fly, I quickly told him to bring food. We ran inside the hotel, got some food but we were very afraid to get near the bird, we didn’t know if the bird could spit fire and burn us or how could it react (it was a legit question).

      We threw the food from inside the cabin of the hotel, I remember the bird started eating all of it and the dream ends.
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      non-lucid , memorable
    2. tsunami

      by , 08-13-2011 at 05:14 PM
      Me and my family were at an amusement park, doing lines so you could actuallly ride on something...I was very exited, and while we were in line I saw a colombian model taking pictures near a lake there was at the park. I went to her and saw that she was natalia paris, I felt like raping her right there lol.
      But instead i just said hi and we took a pic together
      I went back to the line and there was this very tall american behind us, with a very expensive camera, my aunt started flirting with him but scared him haha.
      since he didnt speak spanish, i started talking to him in english and he said he was waiting for the sunset to go photograph and i said " oh, we'll go with you".
      When the roller coaster finished we went near the beach, turns out it was a terrible idea.

      There was a beautiful sunset, but all of a sudden the sky turned black, gray, like if a hurricane was arriving, but it was something worse. we all saw the huge wave growing from kilometers away, I instantly yelled "Everybody run for your lives" like a maniac.

      I grabbed my sister and started running, I saw my dad petrified so i shook him hard and then he started running too. My mom was running carrying her little girl, but we lost sight of her in the stampede of people, how the fuck did i lose my mom, assdfagadssdadg.

      I led the way between some huge buildings and the three of us stayed in a alley. We saw the huge waves take down the building, the water came to the alley and quickly covered us, but we swam and got on the rooftops of some houses near by. I looked around and told them that we needed to head for the mountain, where we would be safe, we jumped from a house and started running up a road that whent high in the mountain.
      As we were running up, more water covered our shoes but we coudn't stop there, my dad got tired really fast ...
      we took a quick rest because we gained some advantage from the water, we went in a store , the owner gave us everything for free, poor guy was really panicked, he then quickly left and told us to head for the farms up hill.

      there was not a soul to be seen except for us, I looked back a the beach from where we were, and not a house, or building was seen. I cried for my mom, but then shouted to keep running because the waves were heading up know.

      We made it to a farm and the little had no idea of what was going on, she thought we were criminals and said she was calling the cops hahaha
      we went to the back of the farm and saw she had some animals, cows and horses, And they had the most evil, sinister eyes you could imagine, and that was when i realized it was a dream, Suddenly it was me again, and i told my dad and sister to grab my hands, because we were flying out of there. I flew very high and we looked down and all i could think was that the water literally swallowed all the land, and my mom woke me up
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    3. haunted aliens

      by , 07-31-2011 at 09:44 PM
      well the dream starts in a farm my family has, we are living there but we are being haunted by some evil spirit.
      im very scared so i tell my parents that if we are going to keep on living there we have to sleep in the same room, but we decide to just pack up bags and go back to the city, as we head to load our truck i see a ufo, a fucking flying ovni over our head , then it started to land in front of us...

      so i yelled at everyone quickk get on the truck lets get the fuck out of here, everyone ran into the truck am my dad started driving, as we left i saw them start making like a portable home, s little house was begining to form and the ship got bigger like if it were a base or something. it was like those inflatable houses where you played as a kid, but the aliens one were a heck more complex and awesome looking.

      we were on the road and kept looking through the window and saw the main door of the spaceship open, and to my surpsire humas came out of it, i was just like =O!
      i yelled and orderd my dad to stop the car and we actually went back jajaja.

      It turns out the "aliens" were a family of 6, mom, dad, 3 sisters 1 brother... the brother was a genius , and i fell in love with one sister, her name was daniela, i remeber it clearly.

      So they explained that they traveled around the universe and live at the other side of our galaxy, in fact they didnt know the name of our planet, i told them itsc called earth, yes they talked english.
      And the mom explained to me that they traveled around lookin for water, they had a unique way of getting water, the had a device that tranformed any solid into liquid, she just started gettin chunks of huge rocks from the mountain and turned it into water, and saved it inside the spaceship.

      Then i asked her about the spaceship, how did they discover the secret to travel faster than the speed of light, then she told me that the secret was discovered in the 50's, around when einstein was still alive. so she said that her family took off since then but apparently the secret was super kept or it got lost and only the us army has it.

      i looked at the space ship in the main room, and i saw a loot of mathematical problems and equations around the buttons, sad story is i cant remember them
      They had thosearcade games with the huge console thing going on, the ones where you inserted a coin and played pacman? yeah those, well they played for fun and i was playing need for speed on one of those against daniela
      -i guess my family staid in the truck, and then caos starts.

      we hear the sound of jets flying across and helicopters in the area and i saw the usa flag on them, so i yelled at them to get the fuck out, to leave the area, to just fly away again but they didnt care...

      A huge pipe like tower fell from one of the helicopters and in those pipes soldiers were coming down, i told the mom "dont tell the secret to those americans, whatever happens dont tell them " she laughed and replied " dont worry, i will tell them everything about the universe and our secret for traveling" and i was like fuckk dont do that, and then she told me start running or they will get you to, i looked around and my family had left me ._. ¬¬!

      i started running through the forest and then to my horror i had like 25 lasers pointing at me and then they instantly fired at me, i fell down but REALIZED IT WAS A DREAM SO I TRANSFORMED INTO HULK HAHA
      and i beat the crap out of those soldiers with my huge hands and steel like body, and then i got to exited and woke up u_ú

      the end