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    1. school #806

      by , 07-08-2019 at 03:42 AM
      Here we go again,

      I'm in my ninth grade class, the teacher is the spanish teacher Lina. I'm sitting in the middle of the class and she starts grading some assignments. While she´s grading them she makes eye contact with me and says that "why didn't you turn yours in?"
      I didn't answer, inside me I didn't give a fuck.
      Then she stopped grading the rest of the assignments and just started talking loudly to me in front of every one.
      Her: "You could of been the best student of the year, why did you stop trying alex?"
      "What a shame, with your current grades you are going to fail the year"
      "Your grades are barely a 1.3"
      ---All the class starts looking at me
      Me: "I don't care anymore, I have a scholarship to a masters degree, I don't need to win this course"
      " I don't need t try hard no more"
      She then put a new assignment, in groups.

      I decided to sit at the back of the classroom where the bullies are, I talked to the kid that punched me before, "sebastian" I asked him if I could be there, he said yeah, no problem.

      I was sitting in the group of the kids that never did anything in class, I was in the group of the bullies, troublemakers, the bad boys.
      I was in a position where never in my head would I have thought of.
      And then I looked at the group of my "friends", they were happily doing the assignment, no one asked for me, I was with the others doing nothing.
    2. A fucking phoenix

      by , 07-25-2018 at 03:41 PM
      After waking up from the dream I instantly remembered a conversation I had with a dude that told me that he had remembered all of his past life’s, he said he had awoken from his amnesia and that he lived in Jupiter.
      He told me that our imagination wasn’t really an “imagination” it was memories from our past lives, so everything we saw in our creative minds were events we lived in previous minds, what this means is that our scariest monsters that we have ever thought of really do exist.

      Back to the dream:
I’m at a mountain (I’m thinking the Himalayas for some reason). I’m near a hotel that’s located on one of the mountains, I came to this place to meet a guy that had domesticated a very rare eagle. He said that the eagle was the most expensive to have and keep in the world. I saw the eagle, it was white and could move its neck like an owl. The eagle behaved like a dog, it would play fetch with me, I really liked the eagle, it was kind and playful. I played with the eagle for a while, tossing a stick so it could go catch it on the ground (it would hop on its two legs to get the stick and bring it back). Then I decided to throw the stick off the mountain, with a lot of strength I tossed it and the eagle immediately flew at a very high speed and gave it back to me.

      I was completely amazed and enthusiastic about the eagle, I started talking with the trainer, I was asking him how he trained the bird and where could I get one… We are having a conversation when all of the sudden I see 2 big wings in front of me.

      I was sitting down, in the position I was in I could not see the body of the animal but the wings were huge, I got really scared. I looked at the trainer and he was as shocked as me. He said:
“I have never seen anything like it, what is it?”
      I was feeling scared but curious, I stood up and saw the face and body of the bird.

      The body of the bird and all the way to his head was a little more taller than me, I would say 1.9meters. The bird looked young, it looked like it was still growing, not and adult yet. The color of its feathers were beautiful. It was all very purple, dark purple with red, mostly dark purple. The dark purple really opened my eyes, I was amazed with this bird, I was thinking about it and all I could think of was the pokemon Moltres. I told the trainer:
“Yooo, it fucking moltres!”
He didn’t say anything.
      His head had like a little bun of feathers on top, like the one moltres has (I googled and a phoenix is also drawn with this particular aspect).

      The wings were very big, but when we started to inspect the bird we noticed he was malnourished (he looked anorexic), we could see his bones and almost his skeleton behind his feathers. The bird looked in pain and I felt he didn’t have any more energy to fly, I quickly told him to bring food. We ran inside the hotel, got some food but we were very afraid to get near the bird, we didn’t know if the bird could spit fire and burn us or how could it react (it was a legit question).

      We threw the food from inside the cabin of the hotel, I remember the bird started eating all of it and the dream ends.
      Tags: phoenix
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Lucky charm

      by , 07-22-2015 at 07:15 PM
      I woke up a 7:10 am and quickly went back to sleep and automatically entered a Ld.

      I was in a shopping mall and I remembered my mission and started looking for Gabriel. I screamed at the top of my lungs:
      - Gabriel, Where the fuck are you? I need answers.
      Then a random guy came towards me and asked me to follow him.

      Me: Who are you?
      Him: You know who I am.
      Me: Give me an answer to my life, I’m getting lost.
      Him: Right now, on your current life situation you have a problem. You want to make your mother happy, your father happy and yourself happy, all at the same time. You want to do these 3 things all at once, look into that.
      I was baffled by his comment, left me thinking.
      So he took me to a room where a very particular lady was. She had very long blue hair, white colored and reminded me of a small fairy.
      Him: This is your lucky charm. She follows you everywhere and there are only 16 of them in your world.
      Me: Where can I find you when I wake up? I asked her.
      Me: How can I contact you when I’m awake?
      No one answered ...
      Him: Alright, let me take you to a special place, hold my hands and we will travel.
      He started to open some kind of portal and the room went black,
      Tags: lucid dream
    4. Emma fucking watson

      by , 04-28-2015 at 01:34 PM

      I'm waiting for my bus campo valdes 052, on the oriental avenue. Next to me is another girl waiting for the bus. We see a campo valdes coming to a stop and she got in it and I followed. The bus didn't go to the route it normally went to, I had gotten on another route wich was the 051...I followed this girl because of no reasons.

      But thanks to that I saw the most precious girl sitting in that bus, emma watson. There were no chairs left so i stood up almost next to her. The bus was near the hospital metro station when we stumbled uppon a motorcycle crash with a bus, so I got out to see.

      I got out the bus and so did Emma, I saw an injured man but he didn't have anything critical so he was just waiting for the ambulance. But next to the crash there was a protest of mutilated men and women that were protesting against the goverment.

      Emma saw them and leaded me through the crowd. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the multitude and when I got to the other side of the protest I was at shopping mall but alone.

      I had lost emma out of sight and was desperately looking for her. Out of nowhere she returns for me and gets really mad at me for leaving her alone. I said I was sorry and at this moment my lucidity kicked in. I told emma, wait let me stabilize, so I looked at my hands, rubbed them, and I also did some spins just to make sure. I was so happy I was lucid dreaming with emma watson.

      I looked at her and said " kiss me"
      She hug me and our lips did the rest. During the kiss I closed my eyes.
      I knew I had really screwed up because its really hard to open my dreaming eyes and not my sleeing real eyes.
      I told her to open my eyes, so she did. When she opened my eyes I didn't see anything, everything was all black so I had no more other options. I opened my eyes and woke up.

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    5. White house with d

      by , 03-22-2015 at 06:40 PM
      The dream starts of with me looking at an old photograph of the white house and its perimeter. I'm inside the white house and I'm on a tour of it. The tour guide said it was estimated to be worth at 126m, but I didn't agree, I thought it was over 2 billion.
      Guess what, next to me is D. After the tour we have a break while the guide is getting our lunch. The photographer that is with us is a freind of D, a 40+ big women. This lady said that she loved photographing D because she came out gorgeous and that she's being doing it for like 4 years. She then offered me to see the album.

      Some very "interesting" photos of D were there, on one photo it was her with a guy, and another gentlemen was on the background. The lady said:
      - That's D with her boyfriend while her husband is on the background
      D replied:
      - Well... i wasn't happy with my husband of the time, and that relationship with my boyfriend didn't work either.
      She stared at me with so much determination in her eyes and said:
      - Don't worry, I'll get you out of there, trust me.

      I heard this and part of me wanted to cry, so many feels, such a heart warming moment.
      The lunch arrived and we ate, it was a very elegant plate with snails to eat...

      We returned to a little camp fire outside, I sat down and she laid on my knees. Continuing the conversation;
      i said:
      - But d, times have changed, you have changed.
      - You are living in the past, this is the old you, who knows what you think now about this... tell me whats the current date.
      It's march 2010 - she smiled.
      A tear fell off my right eye,
      - D... it's march 2015
      You could see her startled face, like if she had no idea and someone told her she had cancer.
      she said,
      I'm so sorry
      I hugged her so hard, I knew she was saying the truth. I put so much emotion on that hug that I woke up
    6. black armored soldiers

      by , 03-18-2015 at 01:52 AM
      So i'm in a new area, never been there before. It has a middle east vibe and escenary, i'm with my mom and sister sara. The place was like a neighborhood / block that was surrounded with a fence and on one side with concrete wall. The building and houses are fairly poor looking and some of them aren't finished yet. My mom and sister are near a construction of a building that only had it's pilars built.
      When suddenly an alarm starts going like crazy and I see a military talk going through the principal gate. I saw panic in my mom and told her to sit down and be as close to those concrete pilars as possible with my sister. I run to the fence to have a better view and then I see th military of the area with the tank. It was an army of blacked armored soldiers with smoke masks and big rifles. At first I was very prepotent and with a heroic super guy atitude, did not fear a thing.
      I new I was dreaming but wasn't conscious about it. I saw some soldiers coming in from behind, so I went to the nearest fence and grabbed it, I looked at my body and made it turn invisible. I then was planing on beating the soldiers up and killing them while on stealth but first i was going to haunt them. While on stealth (invisible) I climbed the fence and started shaking it like crazy, 6 soldiers turned around inmedietly.
      I hadn't felt this sensation of panic in a very long time. Actually the last time was when I got robbed at gun point and realized that my life was in danger, a few years ago. There was so much horror in my eyes and I was so shock I coudn't move, I was paralized of what i was seeing, I was dead scared for my life.
      The soldiers turned towards the noise and took at an electrical net and started hitting the air as if searching and maybe hitting something invisible with the magnetic energy of this weapon. They were headed towards me while I was invisible with this net weapon and I was freaking out, I was going to be found and electrified, later to be killed. But I new i was dreaming so I quickly looked at the sky and wanted to fly out of there so bad, So i started flying but was moving slower than a snail.
      I was so terrified that I was flying at 2 centimeters an hour, it was ridicoulus and I coudn't fly fast... I tried with all my might to fly out of there and managed to fly over the soldiers, they were still hitting the air with there nets in search of me.
      I felt a little more self As I flew higher and the they started throwing the damn nets to the sky, one flew 4 centimeters away from my nose, I woke up.
    7. the cat

      by , 01-10-2014 at 07:10 PM
      entering a building and in the entrance a lady says "hello again" (never seen her before).
      I'm going up the stairs with my mother, and in front of us another lady is going up too. We're going to our apartment and the lady in front of us sees a cat wrapped heavily in gift wrapping paper, the cat couldn't move his front paws and was walking in his back ones. The lady got scared and left him there.
      I went to the cat and was shocked to see the poor animal defenseless and my mother said to leave him alone but I couldn't , she screamed at me and left me there.i untangled the cat from all those wrappings, and the door next to me opened, the "owner" appeared.

      A lady around her fifty's appeared and said that the cat was hers, she grabbed it and took it back inside her home. 5 seconds later the cat came rushing outside, ran away from there like crazy and went through the stairs. The lady then said it was all my fault and took out a knife, she came right at me.

      I dodged her and managed to punch the knife away from her. I took her down and we started a fight on the floor. She got her hand and from her nails she took out another sharp object, it came out of her nails and stabbed me. She hit my leg and then I kickd it away from her, I connected a direct punch in her face and took her down.

      I stood up and she started laughing,
      -you can't kill me, I won't die...
      Her face reconstructed itself and she was back to normal, no scars. I was shocked and then she laughed
      -you fool, you'll never change, to bad I married you and now you are just another crazy person.
      I looked at her in her eyes and and was furious, I was so mad I bit her nose off her face.
      She looked at me and laughed, you can't hurt me , you are lost in your head.

      I looked confused, I didn't know what was going on, I ran away from there, as I exited the building I looked at myself in a mirror, I was a bald old man, I had aged out of nowhere. I ran out the front door and the same lady that greeted me before said "see you again tomorrow"
    8. wedding

      by , 12-06-2013 at 08:08 PM
      So this dream is strange.
      I see myself with my tuxedo, and my bride is with me. We are laying on a sofa and she had a very beautiful wedding gown. It was none other than D, she was the bride.
      I stood up and went for the baby, not sure if it was my child but it probably was. I carried him and couldn't believe the situation, I just stood there and looked at D, I had married her and apparently we had a baby. I was shocked....This dream was so vivid
    9. Lucid after a while!

      by , 11-19-2013 at 11:18 PM
      well college doesn't give me time to dream so i was really shocked when i had this lucid dream.

      I'm staying at this hotel , it had many floor like 100 I think. I'm with my dad and sofia, we're waiting for the elevator and the cleaning lady says to not take the elevators on the right because they are haunted, so we did just that.
      We started going up floors but all of the sudden the elevator stopped and took us back to the first floor, the spirit trolled us. We got out of the elevator and went to another elevator. I looked at my reflection and started thinking, how is it possible that a haunted elevator just trolled us like that, it's not possible, this must be a dream i said.

      I got out of the elevator and the magic began. I did my reality check, then I yelled in every direction that I was dreaming and a random guy said "hey, that's great" and gave me a thumbs up. I rubbed my hands and went to the shopping mall that was next to me. I walked around and kissed like 10 girls, just for fun and because it feels as good or better than " the real world" because all those girls are really hot.
      Then i went for some clothes and grab a shirt. I touched that material of that shirt and man, it made me doubt that i was dreaming, so i did my reality check and yes i was still in the dreaming world, the material felt more real than real itself haha.
      I went to the malls second floor and went inside an office. There was a doctor who mas measuring his patients breasts so I volunteered and grabbed them just to make sure and the doctor almost punched me but i jumped out the window and landed softly on the floor.

      Then i went to my objectives and remembered that i wanted to talk to juli, so i focus really hard to get her there. A crowd of people walked and between all the people there she was. I went toward her and she saw me but started backing away. She giggled and backed off wanting me to go catch her. As I got closer I woke up.........
    10. Dad's lesson

      by , 06-13-2013 at 06:02 AM
      I'm inside san andreas and i have a jetpack, I land on a bridge and look down at the highway. Cars passing by and I notice a green car with a beautiful driver, I fly over and sit next to her. Black lond hair, skinny, white, shining eyes, flawless face.
      So i started singing to her Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls jaja. I got her to smile and laugh then i asked her for her name. She said (it was something like fragie, fergie) . She worked at a telephone company and i said "are you the companies model?"
      -no , jaja
      -I'm just at the call center, but i'm working on being a model (and smiled)
      She drove to her company , we got out of the car and she told me to go with her to the wedding being held in the companies salon. We entered, a nice white decoration was giving life to this place, and some people dancing. We sat on a separate table and noticed my family was on the table in front of us, my dad stood up, he saluted me and said out loud :
      -When i was young and crazy like my son, i was the type of person that came to a party at 8pm and left at 8am.
      -one day i was talking with a stranger that asked me: Have you ever thought what would happen if you arrived at that party after 8 pm?
      -And I immediately thought this stranger was retarded and stupid so I left.
      -But what that man said, left me thinking a lot, It took me plenty of years before I answered his question, and the lesson i want to give you, the answer to his question is time.
    11. pool with D

      by , 05-31-2013 at 05:16 PM
      I'm at a nice pool, it was kind of small though. There's some of my school friends in there but I didn't care because I was swimming next to D. She had this huge and lovely smile, I love how my mind conserves her memory as if I had seen her just yesterday. I just wanted to be next to her no matter what, and so did she, we laughed, we hugged, and were happy with each others companion.
      While in the pool we recieved a declaration from the vatican, The world was ending this april frist. All I was thinking was that I didn't care about the world ending, all i wanted was to die by her side.

      This wasn't the first time I had this dream, I've dreamed this before.

      The apocalipse was supposedly going to occur with a deadly virus, a plague, a epidemy. We dived in the pool, did frontflips and so on. Our familys decided to go out of the city (medellin) to pass our last month in a farm where the virus might get there much later.

      We moved to the farm, from the farm you could see the city of medellin, I was outside on this beautiful terrace seeing the citys light next to D when all of the sudden, all the lights in medellin shut down, a total blackout.
    12. lottery

      by , 05-25-2013 at 05:19 AM
      So i'm at a shop paying at the cash register when suddenly I hear my name being called by the speakers and it said : "Alexander ortiz you are todays lottery winner!", I hadn't even played the lottery, and a guy came tot ake me to take a picture and to congratulate me for winning. I reached my hand in my pocket and took out the lottery ticket and the winning number was 1004. I had won 15 million pesos, a tv and a washing machine.
      I couldn't believe it because I had never won anything this valuable before. I ran out of the shop to the church where my father was. I went in their and told him I had just won the lottery, he couldn't believe and I insisted, he was so happy . the end
    13. time travel

      by , 05-04-2013 at 06:42 PM
      I was living in a big house with my sister, my best friend (but i didn't know him in real life, he was my dream best friend) his name was dave,and his mom. The house had around 5 rooms. Then I asked dave if he was gay he said: no man, no way i'm gay
      -i replied:
      -dude i think you are gay, you kissed a guy on your first year of college
      -what, i don't even remeber that
      -well i do, you kissed that guy called ted
      -no i did not
      -let's time travel to make it clear to you again.
      -fine lets go
      We went out of the house and the college was like across the street, There was an abandoned old room in the campus and that was where our time travel was. We closed the door, the room was really dusty and old... like no one has went in here for ages. I got the magic chalk (dave sat in front of me), and drew 2 rectangles, side by side and said
      -tower of the west, tower of the east
      -I need to go to the past, forget my future and take me at last!
      In a piece of paper i wrote the date i wanted to travel to: 1966 ( i can't remember the day or month

      The room started glowinf, two structures the same size as two soccer goals appeared and closed us inside them, but the goals didn't have a net, instead they had like small glass windows all around them. The goals started spinning very fast around us and everything turned dark, when the light appeared again, the room looked brand new, it was clean and shiny, it had some nice desks and we were in 1966.

      We got out of the room, the college looked so "fresh" and new. We looked for the past dave, and we saw past dave walking alone, we followed him and he met up with ted. We saw as they both kissed and dave looked at me like he couldn't beleive it jaja.
      Dave wanted to talk to past Ted to ask him why they had kissed. We followed ted to a playground and then i rememberd that on that same spot was when ted had died that same day. I didn't think of the consequences and i yelled at ted,
      I ran to dave andjumped on him to take him down so the flyring baseball ball would miss. I succeded, the ball that killed him missed and ted was alive, but instead the ball hit a dog that was behind us. It was a french poodle and he died from the impact...

      I knew this couldn't be good, a dark hole started appearing and thunder shook the clouds above us. A strong wind started and the hole was sucking everything, Dave yelled at me " Alex lets gogo, we have to leave FASTT"
      We ran like lunatics to the room. I got the chalk and wrote the present date i wanted to go back. I said the magic words and we were back to the present.
      We got out of the room and we saw my sister looking for us. She was like
      -Ohh there you guys are i was looking for both of you.
      -we have to hide in our house quick, the zombie apocalipse will get here any moment.

      I looked at dave and we knew this was our fault, we had fucked up the timeline in a huge way and now zombies were going to kill us. We got home and started drilling wood to the doors. All the doors and windows were covered with planks and wood. We just stood there waiting, and the zombies ripped right threw that door, they started coming in the house... we were dead men.
      I woke up

      I have never met dave in real life, and time travel was pretty cool in my dream
      to bad we caused the apocalipse :c
    14. Lucidness In New York

      by , 04-18-2013 at 04:27 AM
      So my parents were already in new york about 2 weeks befor i got here.
      I started exiting the airport of new york, around me were my cousins elizabeth,caroline, sebastian.
      I have my luggage with me and I see this officer checking everybodys passports so they could exit the airport and leave. I see my dad at the other side waiting for me to get out of here. I reach in my back pocket and to my surprise there was my paspport so the officer saw it and just let me pass.

      I was in america again, I was in america with my cousins and my aunts were also here (teresa,diana).
      My mother was waiting for me at the apartment where all the family was gathered. I looked to see caroline, she was so happy. But I was just shocked of joy, I WAS BACK , i SAID TO MYSELF:
      "I'M BACK, I MADE IT, I'M BACK!!"-and you could see tears of joy running down my cheeks.
      You could also see carolines smile, she was equaly happy.
      (I've never felt so happy in a dream before)

      My dad and my cousins are walking with me to the apartment and we are just carrying our luggage with us.
      I see a girl riding a bycicle. But this bycicle was out of this world. The bycicle had a cabin where inside the cabin were 4 small children with a small bike for them to pedal, while the girl was pedalling the bycicle itself. This cabin had black windows so noone could see what was inside, it was a very interesting bike. The children that were riding in here were araonf 5 or 4 years old. I yelled at her
      -Hey girl, nice bike!--Inside myself i was so glad that i could talk in english again!

      And then it hit me, as i'm going up the stairs to the apartment I knew that in reality it was imposible that i could be in the usa..so it must be a dream. I look around, check out my hands doing a reality check and I count my fingers, i saw all 10, and poked my palms, and then i became lucid...the real me landed in the dream. I could see again!

      I went in the apartment very exited cus it was me, i was infinite, I was lucid alex and had control. I looked at everyone in hear, my aunt angela hugged me, and there was people i didn't even know. I looked around for D but she wasn't there. Since i hadn't plan on what to to I couldn't come up with something to do while lucid so I looked for a women. The only person I found that I could use was elizabeth so i took her to a room. I finished and exited the room.

      I jumped to the first floor of the building and there was a pharmacy, I looked around and the lady was really old. I looked outside and it was raining, so I thought "Hey, lets water bend!"
      But then I said "nono,First let me try levitating stuff with psychic powers!" I saw a statue and concentrated on tearing its head apart. I concentrated but it was really hard to move that thing. I tried again and I concentrated so hard I blurred out of the dream. end
    15. Lucid and met my Angel, first DEILD

      by , 01-06-2013 at 11:04 AM
      Before I went to sleep I did my prayer to my guardian angel and asked for him to come in a dream.

      So last night I had 4 dreams I can recall.

      1)I'm with christian and his sister steph. We are in the states in a park , beside me is D. We looked so happy together, i could not forget her smile. She said "Hey the traffic light is red, we should wait".
      PS: there was no traffic light.

      -I'm pretty sure that this was a metaphor, she's my crush and I believe that the dream means to wait a bit, it still isn't our time and that when the moment comes we might be together.

      I wake up because I hear my dad waking up for work at 5 a.m, I try to dield but fail, next dream appears.

      2) I'm a pest exterminator, I'm with my co workers at a big house, we are in the back yard and we cut down a tree because it had a lot of bee hives. Everything was ok, we killed some bees on that tree and we went around the house to exit the place, when I saw a very shocking image. There were around 5 HUGE bee hives on the houses roof and anjother tree next to it and all of them had the biggest bees you could imagine, an adults finger size bees. We were only 3 and we panicked, inside the house there were dead cows. We could here our radio saying that the bees from this place ate the cows and they had 12 dead cows in there. I saw a bee from close up, it still creeps me to think about it, the bee was disgusting with cow blood on it, I got really scared cus they ate meat. , i woke up.

      3) I'm in the water with 3 other friends. We're swimming towards the shore when I see a huge shark come at us, I scream to swim faster, the shark ate a friend of mine. We swam fast , my other friend was in front of me and a shark swam past me to go eat him, the shark was about to bite him but I got him from the tail and threw him with super strength back to the deep ocean. We got to the shore and there was a baseball game going on. Barry bonds was up to hit the ball, there were 3 players on bases, if he made a homerun his team won. first try: strike, second: strike, third: (I imagined him hitting the ball so hard he made a record) and so he did, he hit a homerun like never before, his team won, i woke up.

      This time i remembered to Dield and it worked.
      4)I'm inside a van, next to me is my mom and i don't know who is driving. we passed by a park that had a public gym. We get to a restaurant and as i get of the car i tell my mom i'm dreaming, she calls me crazy and insane. I do a RC and yep i'm aware. At the entrance of the restaurant there is a huge muscular guy with a girl , he's yelling " whoever can kick my ass i'll pay them" so i told my mom to look at this, i tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned to look at me I punched him so hard i could feel how his nose went threww his skull.
      I started with my objective, and called out loud "Hey gabriel please come!! (gabriel is my angels name), I turned around and saw a boy coming up to me on his bycicle, he gets off his bike and comes to me, he had Ians face from Smosh
      (I'm sure he had this appearance to look friendly) ,I said:
      -Are you him?
      -he replied
      -Yes, i'm gabriel
      his brown hair started glowing and turned white and his eyes also glowed and turned white!, then he turned normal again.
      He proceeds talking about my dad, he said that my dad needs a lot of motivation and moral hel because of his job. In his current job everything happens to him, his car breaks down, he loses his papers, his boss is a dick, he barely sleeps 4 hours =/. I asked him
      -why does this happen to my dad?
      he said
      -it's his destiny.
      I was very shocked, that sucks... and then gabriel spots something in the distance, he says
      -don't be scared, don't panic
      There were 2 demons walking on the road and heading towards ud. The demons had red skin and a raptor like head. A third one appeared and they were getting closer. I said:
      -Gabriel this is freaking me out, I'm gonna wake up i can't see this.
      he said
      -no, don't be scared I got this.
      Gabriel went in front of me acting like a human shield, he started to do some movements with his hand (I thinks prayers), One demon dissapeard. The other two were more close and flew above us, I fell on the ground and gabriel went on top of me to cover me. I asked him
      -Hey this is a dream, can i call holy mary?
      he didn't reply because he was busy doing his things. I closed my eyes and at this point I was more scared. I yelled in my head for holy mary to appear, I opened my eyes and I was in a new dream scene.

      I WAS STILL DREAMING. In this new scene i had just woken up from the lucid I just had. I was layin on a bed and remembering the lucid dream that just happened and I was shocked. Then I woke up for real.
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