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    Finally had a snowboarding dream at least

    by , 04-14-2012 at 02:59 PM (421 Views)
    Im a snowboarder tasked to keep watch over the mountain and fix any problems that arise, no matter the difficulty. *My first job is on the slope known for insane winds. *An avalanche is beginning to build and I have to stop it before it reaches the town. *As I walk away from my drop off helicopter a gust of wind blows it off the cliff. *Its up to the pilot now, so I drop in to the slope. *The avalanche proves, like most avalanches, to be unstoppable by one snowboarder. *When I reach the town its oddly unscathed. *I look back. *The avalanche is harmlessly turning into a stream of water on the strip of desert on the mountain slope. M is waiting at the town. *She says Christmas is tomorrow. *What? We haven't even set up a tree!
    --no recall here--
    My next task is to rescue a crying young boy (nobody i havd ever met) named Timmy from a cable car parked at the top of a slope. *M is busy in town looking on her iPod on an app that is basically a welcome to visitors, so I'm on my own. *I pick up T and begin the ride down. *We crash and I suddenly find myself back at the top of the slope. *I respawned? *I decide to try to mess up what I now see as a scripted scenario in a game, I walk in front of T to see if he spazzes out trying to walk through me like most video game characters. *Suddenly my sworn enemies known to cause trouble on the slopes show up. *I ask what they are here for. *They say nothing but they show me a video clip of a YTMV of T crying. *I wake up.

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    1. MyNameIsNotPa's Avatar
      YouTube poop music video not "YTMV" whatever that is