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    Lucid 3

    by , 04-12-2012 at 02:08 PM (313 Views)
    I had my first successful DEILD last night without even trying or practicing DEILD. *I woke up from a dream and moved around a bit without thinking but decided to instantly return to my sleeping position and freeze. *Soon I was sleeping and I somehow just simply realized I was dreaming. *Maybe it was ADA and not DEILD? *Anyway I did the nose plug RC and counted my fingers. *I had 11 fingers. *I remembered dream stabilization and focused on looking at everything around me. *I don't remember what I exactly saw very well but I was in a fancy hotel. *After stabilizing the dream I was suddenly confronted by a few DCs and nearly forgot I was dreaming. *I ignored them and decided to try to fly with a jet pack and succeeded... Until it crashed and I was back with the DCs. *They kept pestering me about sonething I had to do and I saw my dream getting blurry and start to fade. *I tried rubbing my hands and spinning, it didn't do anything. *I got the stupid idea to fall backwards instead of use verbal commands to restabilize it. *I immediately went into a false awakening, but didn't reality check. **
    Too bad I forgot the dream I was in before my lucid and I barely remember my lucid itself but I guess that's what practice is for.

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