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    Remembered a Dream for once in a long time

    by , 04-29-2012 at 02:59 AM (290 Views)
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    So glad I remembered a dream, and quite well too..
    I am in a state of the art mall with a friend, E. We are pretty bored and walk up to a conference table and take a seat. Across the short side of the rounded rectangular wooden table, 2 businessmen in suits are obviously having a business discussion of some sort. I didnt think my DCs talked amongst themselves, apparently this is false. My friend mentions watching a cartoon movie that he brought along. Something like a cross between anime and Despicable Me in terms of what the movie looked like and was about. I ask the men across the table if we can watch the movie on the big screen behind us. They say it's fine. So E puts the movie in the centerpiece of the table, a very long xbox 360 with multiple disk ports. This is a well thought out conference area. The movie starts and I get bored pretty quickly. I decide to continue work on what I am building in a small part of the mall where you can build anything you want easily with giant digital lego-type blocks. I'm building an aquarium. I add some rocks to one tank and work on making some broken pipes look realistic beside the entrance to my aquarium. E comes over right when I finish and asks me to show him. I give him a little tour through what i've built. There are 2 exits to the aquarium and E takes the bad exit, where I basically built a lava temple that looked like stereotypical hell. I grab him and walk him over to the good exit, where there is just a cobweb in the corner to remind me of the bad exit. After rushing him out, I show off another thing I was building, the payload cart from TF2. The track lays itself out in big blue slabs as I walk over to the cart, explaining that it dispenses health and ammo just like the real thing. The cart is blue all over instead of blue and white, which seems to be how my subconscious remembers it for multiple reasons. I walk over to the cart as a lego-like brick extends from a few feet away from the cart to a few feet from me. Then I wake up.

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