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    1. The Skytower

      by , 01-19-2013 at 08:01 PM
      I was going skydiving with my mates, but it was somehow from the skytower. I was really scared, as I'm scared of heights.
      When we go to the top bit, I was somehow picked up by the wind and flung against one of the walls. I was so scared, I was shouting to my friends to give me a hand. Two of them stretched out their hands, and one after the other, as soon as I got close to grabbing their hand, they pulled it away and laughed.
      Then the wall I was flung against broke, so I was blown out into the open. At this point I became Lucid!
      (The feeling of falling is a dream sign for me) so I started to fly around. I flew down and just before I hit the ground I pulled up. Can't remember anything after that.
      lucid , nightmare
    2. Forgettance

      by , 01-13-2013 at 12:53 PM
      Lucid 1: I was at school next to the astro, did a nose plug RC, and it passed so I was like woo!!! Started talking to people asking them random questions. (FLIP! Forgot TotM! D Then the dream faded...

      Lucid 2: I was in my last year's English teacher's room, talking to her, and then I realized the classroom looked different, so I did the nose plug RC and it worked. Then I tried to do other RC's but they wouldn't work, so I was a bit confused, but then I just ended up talking to classmates and grabbing some random half-Russian half-English book? Then the dream faded.

      Happy that I had LD's but pissed that I didn't remember to do TotM!
    3. Unintentional WILD and another random

      by , 10-22-2012 at 08:33 AM
      1st unintentional WILD: I was walking down a city street and S was on the other side of the tall buildings. I saw B and he walked out onto the road, and a car was going straight for him, but as soon as it hit him, he kind of, limbo'd under it. He looked at me and we said 'woops' jokingly to each other. Then I went and jumped off the side of the street onto a field down below (if I fell from this height IRL I woulda died) While I was falling I was thinking whether the height would actually kill me or not IRL... Then I started flying just before I hit the ground, tried to do a somersault, but failed, and popped into an FA.

      2nd LD: Was going really really fast down a hill in some cart thing, then a thing hit me in the face really hard, and I became Lucid. As I approached the bottom of the hill, I ended up on a different street. Then I did an RC and stabilised by continually touching things. I think it worked. Then I tried summoning an apple out of my pocket but it didn't work. Then I saw a half rotten apple stuck to the wall, so I was like "Well, I need to eat SOMETHING!" so I took a bite out of it, and it tasted just like a rotten apple would taste. I tried doing telekinesis but it didn't work AGAIN!! Then I was walking with E and we jumped on this boat which was being trailered by a car. Then my dream faded.
    4. Just another LD

      by , 10-19-2012 at 01:40 AM
      I got Lucid through DILD, and did an RC.. My awareness was quite low, I was doubting whether or not I was actually dreaming.. I was talking to some stranger chick about something I can't remember... But I remember I tried flying.. I tried running at a super speed to get points for my Competition (I just checked and realised it was actually Fly, then Eat something.... Not Super Speed... -_- )

      I can't remember much about this LD either... Hmm. It's weird I seem to only be able to remember small chunks of my LD's... I think I need to work on my Dream Recall and Vividness a bit...
    5. LD's and FA's

      by , 10-18-2012 at 04:53 AM
      So I went to bed with the intention of getting Lucid... And I sure did... Here's how my night went.

      I was in a dream, doing something... Can't remember what, and I became Lucid. I can't remember what I did in this one, but I know I was definitely Lucid..
      You'll see why I can't remember what I did in a second...

      After about 5 mins of being Lucid, I woke up, then DEILD back into a dream, and became Lucid again... It was raining, and I lifted up my hands and changed it to be sunny.
      Then I had an FA, and did a nose plug RC and became Lucid... again... Then I was at school, and was talking to some chicks, and I woke up...

      At this point I was just lying there like, 'uh... ok, lets keep going!' (WBTB) So I went back to sleep with the intention of becoming Lucid again, and I did. Now I told my sister that we were dreaming, and then went and flew around for a bit... Then my lucidity faded, and I had an FA, did a Nose Plug RC and became Lucid again....
      This red bit repeated over like, literally 7 times.... :/ So when I woke up I was just like "duh herp derp what just happened'...
    6. Hockey

      by , 08-22-2012 at 07:49 AM
      Was at school playing hockey on the astro turf. Then I got Lucid, stabilized with awareness, did a finger count RC.
      Then I teleported with a chick to the old library. We were just sitting around talking for ages...

      Wasted! -_-

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    7. Serious Sam

      by , 08-13-2012 at 10:48 PM
      I was playing Serious Sam then I realised I was late for school because it was 8:90. Went to the kitchen and realised I was dreaming because the 7 and 6 were the wrong way around on the clock. So I said something to mum, who was in the kitchen, went and flew, tried to basic summon, but it didn't work. (AGAIN!!!)
      I stood and stablised with awareness, then I did a finger count and finger through palm RC.
      Then I ate a flower because I wanted it to be like a banana, but it tasted horrible!

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    8. The chase

      by , 08-12-2012 at 08:51 PM
      I was driving, and then an undercover police car turned on it's sirens and started following me! (It looked so awesome!)
      I was scared because I didn't have my license so I told mitchell to take over. Then while we were going down the hill, I got Lucid!
      I did a finger through the palm RC and said something to Mitchell (can't remember what it is).
      Then I lost Lucidity and the dream continued. We pulled into some driveway, and spread out. I had to pretend to be some robot statue thing so that people wouldnt figure out it's me. Then some other people came so we had to run up some stairs, but they still found us.
    9. Roll out

      by , 07-07-2012 at 02:32 AM
      I woke up and didn't move and did my own 'roll out' technique which I used ages ago...

      It took about 10-15 seconds to get into a fully fledged Lucid Dream. I started rubbing my hands instinctively to stabilize the dream. Then I walked outside and started flying... I was turning heaps in the air, and the dream started fading.. Then I woke up...
    10. The mall

      by , 07-04-2012 at 08:06 AM
      Dream 1: I was in the mall and got Lucid. I stabilized with awareness. I was with Graeme and other mates. I told them I was Lucid. I did an RC and flew across a big gap in between the two storeys.. I tried summoning a banana out of my pocket, but at first it didn't work, but then after I turned around it did. I ordered a crap load of Burger King and ate heaps.

      Lucid +5, Dream remembered +1, Interact with DC +2, Fly +4, Stabilize +2, RC +1, Basic Summon +4, Eat +4, Three step task (task two) completed +10.

      5+1+2+4+2+1+4+4 = over 20, so caps out at 20. + 10 for Three Step Task.
      Overall points for dream 1 = 30.

      Dream 2: DEILD'ed back into a dream. I stabilized with awareness. Did the finger through palm RC and looked at my hands. At first they were normal but then I made my pinky finger longer... Now I tried telekinesis but it didn't work. I just decided to fly around the mall. I couldn't be bothered getting more points so I just decided to go do stuff with my friend.

      DEILD +2, Lucid +5, Dream remembered +1, Fly +4, Interact with DC +2, Stabilize +2, RC +1

      2+5+1+4+2+2+1 = 17
      Overall points for dream 2 = 17

      Overall points from last night = 47
    11. Triple Lucid

      by , 06-30-2012 at 07:27 AM
      Dream 1: I was in the city with Eduard (TheModernNinja) and I saw my mum, and we bought Macca's..
      I bought a can of Monster which turned into a bottle of V and cost $5.50 then we needed to bus home.. On the way I did an RC and got Lucid!
      I started doing awareness to stabilize the dream, Eduard was still next to me, but I just left him and started flying towards the harbour bridge. I flew to my old road and 'got it on' with a hot chick.
      Lucid +5, Dream remembered +1, WBTB success + 3, Fly +4, Interact with DC +2, Stabilize +2, Meet a team mate +10 (And +10 for achieving the same Team-Task as another team mate, and another +10 for the entire team achieving the same task)

      Dream 1 - 5+1+3+4+2+2+10 = 27 points for me, and 20 points for the team.

      Dream 2: I got lucid in my house. I started doing awareness in order to stabilize my dream. Then flew out the window and I knew I had to do my Three-Step-Task, so I tried pulling a banana out of my pocket, but I always turned up empty-handed. I also tried telekinesis but it didn't work either. It somehow turned into night time and I flew around this big building in the middle of my suburb which isn't actually there IRL.
      Lucid +5, Dream remembered +1, Fly +4, Stabilize +2, +5 for achieving my first Three-Step-Task

      Dream 2 - 5+1+4+2+5 = 17 points for me

      Dream 3: I was in some kind of village things and there were loads of chicks... I was Lucid from the start.. I was the king of the whole village and it was some celebration.. I tried talking to the chicks but they didn't want to. Then the dream just faded.
      Lucid +5, Dream remembered +1, Interact with DC +2,

      Dream 3 - 5+1+2 = 8 points for me

      27+17+8 = 52 points for me
      And 20 points for the team!
    12. The City

      by , 05-24-2012 at 12:33 AM
      I was up in a crane with Eduard (TheModernNinja) and I was doing something weird, like unravelling string or something, then he mentioned something about LD'ing, and I became Lucid... Said a few words to him, and then I kept repeating my Three-Step-Task, and went out on the end of the crane, but was too scared to jump off (because I'm scared of heights)... It was in the middle of a city, really high up.. Like, higher than buildings..

      Somehow I teleported down to the ground, but then I woke up... I stayed perfectly still, and before I knew it, I was back in the dream standing on the ground... (DEILD) And realised I was back in the dream, became lucid, and tried to fly, but failed... Ended up looking weird. There were city buildings all around me, but I dont think there were any people or cars.. Then woke up..

      Attempted a DEILD again, but didn't work because there were too many distractions.
    13. Passive LD

      by , 05-20-2012 at 01:22 AM
      I was at a cafe with my mum, and I was like "hey, this is a dream.. Oh well, I guess I'll just play along..", and I was just eating stuff and talking to mum and then dream faded.

    14. Random Lucid

      by , 05-14-2012 at 01:37 AM
      I was standing next to a counter with an Asian guy behind it, and I was like...
      Hey, I think I'm dreaming...
      So, I did a Nose Plug RC and got Lucid!!!
      Started rubbing my hands but then the dream started fading because it was just as I was waking up...
      And the asian guy was just looking at me like, 'wtf'...

      But YAY!!!

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    15. LD within a dream

      by , 04-27-2012 at 07:34 AM
      Blue = Dream
      Green = 2nd dream
      Red = Lucid

      I was on my school bus, and was really tired so I fell asleep

      I was standing at my bus stop, and I became lucid! "YES! I'm Lucid!" I said. I did a finger through the palm RC, and stabilized. Then the dream started fading.
      Woke up in the bus, and was like: "Yea! I got Lucid!" Then the dream started fading
      and I woke up
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