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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. LD's and FA's

      by , 10-18-2012 at 04:53 AM
      So I went to bed with the intention of getting Lucid... And I sure did... Here's how my night went.

      I was in a dream, doing something... Can't remember what, and I became Lucid. I can't remember what I did in this one, but I know I was definitely Lucid..
      You'll see why I can't remember what I did in a second...

      After about 5 mins of being Lucid, I woke up, then DEILD back into a dream, and became Lucid again... It was raining, and I lifted up my hands and changed it to be sunny.
      Then I had an FA, and did a nose plug RC and became Lucid... again... Then I was at school, and was talking to some chicks, and I woke up...

      At this point I was just lying there like, 'uh... ok, lets keep going!' (WBTB) So I went back to sleep with the intention of becoming Lucid again, and I did. Now I told my sister that we were dreaming, and then went and flew around for a bit... Then my lucidity faded, and I had an FA, did a Nose Plug RC and became Lucid again....
      This red bit repeated over like, literally 7 times.... :/ So when I woke up I was just like "duh herp derp what just happened'...