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    The Skytower

    by , 01-19-2013 at 08:01 PM (580 Views)
    I was going skydiving with my mates, but it was somehow from the skytower. I was really scared, as I'm scared of heights.
    When we go to the top bit, I was somehow picked up by the wind and flung against one of the walls. I was so scared, I was shouting to my friends to give me a hand. Two of them stretched out their hands, and one after the other, as soon as I got close to grabbing their hand, they pulled it away and laughed.
    Then the wall I was flung against broke, so I was blown out into the open. At this point I became Lucid!
    (The feeling of falling is a dream sign for me) so I started to fly around. I flew down and just before I hit the ground I pulled up. Can't remember anything after that.

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    lucid , nightmare