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    The Island of the Natives

    by , 07-04-2011 at 09:12 PM (891 Views)
    I was in the middle of the ocean, along with my two friends Liz, and Brittany. We decided to head north and within a few minutes we found a small island. We couldn't dock there since there was no dock. So we anchored near it and swam to it. There were stairs leading up to a village in the mountain. Houses were carved into the mountain, and the whole village was in a sort of square basin. A villager came out. I didn't understand what he said, but most of the village stepped out of their "caves". I waved hello at them and one of them threw a spear at me. It missed. We ran back into the boat. I heard the scream of Brittany and Liz and I ran. I was safely in the boat but all I saw was Liz. The villagers captured Brittany! Another boat came near us. It was a boat full of girls I knew from school. Someone asked, "Do you guys need help?" I replied, "Yes! Our friend was captured by villagers! We need to get her back!" Immediately girls jumped off the boat with bows and arrows. Liz and I swam after them and headed up the stairs. All I saw were girls shooting arrows at villagers. I saw Brittany tied up in a corner. I cut the ropes and told her to swim back to the boat. "RETREAT!" I yelled. Everyone went back to the boats and lived happily ever after.

    P.S. Shockwave, if you're reading this.....Kiss my shiny metal ass!
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    1. Solarflare's Avatar
      heehee... ahem >.>

      ignoring the last sentence, that must've been a cool dream
    2. NoDaniel's Avatar
      Lol it sorta was xD nothing but girls ;D