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    1. Dat Library

      by , 03-07-2012 at 12:52 AM
      I stepped through the automatic doors of a giant mall. The floor had marble colored tiles, and to my left was a department store with glass windows; inside was clothing on hangers and other stuff you find in clothes stores (I get the feeling that I'm planning my 16th birthday), Upon entering this "mall" I run up to my brother's friend, Yessica, whom I hug and shout "Hi!" to. I say hi to my brother and we walk towards the end of the mall. We walk to the end of the mall which looks like the place where people park inside. The window reveals it's nighttime. A woman who has black hair, a bit chubby, and is wearing a leather jacket appears as we walk to the staircase(s). I have the feeling that she's my sister's friend who isn't present in the dream. We follow her and she leads us to a room with multiple staircases, much like the moving staircases in Hogwarts, however these aren't stone, they're covered with a beige colored carpet and rimmed with dark brown wood. She leads us down stairs, leads us to the right down another set up stairs and into a library, or Barnes & Noble like place. A buffet-like table is covered with children's books and toys that have to do with literature. I walk over to the bookshelves and find a large, brown and black book, I think it was an Edgar Allen Poe book. I continue to walk around and come upon the end of the store. In the corner there's a toy machine that holds small mechanical figures of "The Angry Birds". I walk away and go up to the register. Bracelets are hanging on a display hanger thing, I grab one and put it in my mouth. It tastes like those chalky candy bracelets people buy each other for Valentine's Day. The clerk gets mad and attempts to throw me out. I ran as fast as I can to the Angry Birds machine and steal some. The clerk grabs them out of my hand, a girl who looks 14 grabs a few and tries to give them to me as I'm thrown out the door. The clerk gets her too, but she still hands one in her hand. She throws it to me, I catch it and find I have a blue bird, I throw it up in the air and it begins to fly. I sit "indian style" on a cement square which begins to move. I tilt to the left, making the cement block turn left as well. As I steer this cement vehicle out of the parking lot I sing and move my arms to Madonna's song "Vogue".

      The dream transitions into another and I find myself in a village of some sort. I walk down a natural ramp of rock and I enter an open cave system. Below me is water. All round the cave are natural stone pillars and holes which allow me to still see the village. I hear a roar behind a pillar and a dragon emerges. Its eyes glow red, and its black scales glow in the moonlight. It takes a breath and blows fire in my direction. I look down at the crashing of water against the cave walls.

      I wake up.

      The End c:

      I attempted a wild before I had this dream, no success obviously. But I didn't get discourage, I think it's because the alarm and woken me up and I wasn't tired. I had this dream after waking up at about 2 AM.
    2. Oh my god finally i remembered a dream d;

      by , 10-19-2011 at 11:27 PM
      I was in my little town walking through the streets. I went into a white 80's style house and walked into a bedroom. Inside I found a crouching A^Roxxor. The dreams skips and I find myself in my mom's room saying I am not aloud to talk or hang out with A^Roxxor anymore. "He is 18, and you're 14! You cannot talk to that bad person anymore!" I stomp into my room and A^Roxxor magically pop out of the bedroom doorway, saying, "It's okay.. I understand.."

      I get a text message from a person saying, "IT'S OVER!"
    3. THE RANDOM 2 (Once again, read it with a scary movie trailer narrator voice)

      by , 08-16-2011 at 08:28 PM
      I was in a desert. Very dry, sandy. I had a gun in my hand and a couple of Ocarina of Time characters were next to me. They were also holding guns. We came to a hill and tented right there. Then a hoard OF ZOMBIES APPEARED!!! Everyone shot at them and we ran back home

      I was at my house in my parents' room. My dad said he could play guitar and said he'd show me how to play sometime. But he never did

      At this doing i became semi-lucid
      In a forest, I saw one penguin in a cage and three baby penguins holding on to the cage. The father said, "Run run!" And so they did.
      They came upon a glass with people inside it and screamed, "Help help!" But no one came. They ran into a room with shelves and found a turtle. They picked it up and ran into another room. Here they found a TALKING turtle. They switched the turtles, making them handle the talking one.
      The forest turned into my house and one of the penguins turned into me. Whore-ay. And I took care of the turtle and we went to some castle themed amusement park The end.
    4. THE RANDOM (Read title with the voice of a scary movie trailer narrator)

      by , 08-15-2011 at 09:07 PM
      I was in a town, next to me was a girl, who looked a lot like Goldilocks! She was pulling a red wagon. We walked in a small downtown area for awhile and entered a gated parking lot. The girl turned into my mother, the wagon into her car. I took my seat in the passenger's front seat. We tried leaving the lot when a large, fat man who looked like Ed from the movies, "Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead", and "Paul". He closed the gate demanding my mother to take him somewhere. My mom refused and got out of the car. The GATED parking lot then morphed into a regular, ungated parking lot. And my mother morphed into my friend Sarah C. We walked on the sidewalk and ran in to a park. We started jogging around the track. On the side of the track was my 6th grade P.E. teacher holding a timer. She yelled, "COME ON GUYS, YOU CAN DO IT!" We kept running and running when that dream, ended.

      I was in a room, painted a sort of orangey-brown color. An asian man... who I believe to be....(wait for it).... forceez..... was sitting on a wooden bench. From a 3rd person view I began to give him a blowjob... -__-
      Thank God, that dream ended quickly.
    5. So Random! 8D

      by , 08-03-2011 at 01:47 AM
      I was playing black ops with a few friends. I was actually in the game. I walked across a snowy map and some random guy popped out of a window. Derp

      A friend of mine, Sakina, came over my house. After a gibberish conversation she left.

      I then spawned in a classroom where a friend, Bailie, holding a brown unicorn stuffed animal sat next to me. for some reason the classroom was made of ice.

      I was in a car with my dad who was driving crazily. We passed so many places, the only one that caught my eye was a record store (I collect records).

      I was in a library with my mom and friend Liz. We sat in the cafe next to Teena Marie, who asked my mother how my grandmother died. My mom explained and I twirled in a flashback in a hospital with my grandmother laying still on a bed. My mother was crying uncontrollably. The flashback ended and I was back in the library. My friend Liz saw unicorn stuffed animals just like the one Bailie had. She begged me to buy her one and, I did. I went to the instrument section and found a, "How to read piano notes for dummies" book and purchased. Then I woke up and I epicly failed at a WILD ^_^
    6. Omfgwtf tina fey????

      by , 08-01-2011 at 08:49 PM
      I was in my kitchen sitting at the table when all of a sudden DERP A DERP HERP! Tina Fey appeared right next to me. Immediately I asked her, "What was your inspiration for Mean Girls?" She replied, "Oh um, I just turned a lot of what happened to me in high school into a not so sad comedy.."
      I lol'd in mah seat, then i woke up
      Tags: tina fey
    7. Minecraft -_-

      by , 07-25-2011 at 08:37 PM
      I was in minecraft with minecraft shaped DCs exploring the world. We stumbled upon a temple full of mossy coblestone and cobblestone. We went deeper into and discovered a ship. Glowstone blocks were everywhere, however it was still dark. I fell into a dark pit and tried lighting the mutha fucka up with torches. But everytime I placed a torch, they would dissappear. That's when I got creeper bombed and woke up.

      I also dream Shockwave died..alone....and drunk that bitch...
    8. My Favorite Dream

      by , 07-19-2011 at 09:05 PM
      My friend, Kayla, and I were at my house watching T.V. I think. My dad didn't know she was here so he began to yell and say "GET OUT!! GET OUT NOW!" So we both did. We ran out of the house and hid behind a huge boulder in the backyard. My dad came running after us but couldn't find us.

      Now here's my favorite part! 8D

      My brother was driving me to his apartment. We went up the elevator and walked into the apartment. A brown rug, with white walls and brown chairs. When I walked in I saw a woman sitting in the corner. A blond woman with black streaks in her hair and black sunglasses. She was out of the ordinary, she didn't wear "normal" clothes. Instead she wore a black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders and black pants with slits in them. She just sat that and began to sing. I loved her voice. She grabbed out a pen and paper and wrote something down. I thought they must have been lyrics. I said, "I wanna be an artist just like you."
      And slowly she said, "You like music?"
      I nodded and replied, "I write my own lyrics!"
      "How do you compose your melody?"
      "I-I don't...I can't play an instrument..."
      She put a stick of blue gum in her mouth "WHAT?! Well, would you be interested in playing the piano?" She gave a smile that made me realize she would be my piano instructor.
      "Hell yea!!!" I yelled.
      I felt so excited, so happy, so happy that I could die. But it was only dream, as most of my thoughts are just a dream that I have to chase. This was a dream that I was happy to experience, but sad that it had to end.

      Note: When I went to bed I did some mantras, "I will remember my dream." I picture the mantra going into the back of my mind, into my subconscious. And I guess that helps! :3
    9. Saving Atlanis, Seeing My Grandmother, and Walking Los Angeles

      by , 07-15-2011 at 12:39 AM
      I was swimming in the ocean. I looked at my feet and saw a fin instead of legs. Everywhere I looked there were mermaids and mermen. (I don't remember too much in this part of the dream) I remember seeing a big glacier. I could barely see through it and saw a city. The city was atlantis. There was an opening at the top, inside, the glacier was filled with water so the merpeople could swim around. I met up with King Triton. He said, "If we don't get atlantis out of this glacier, all the merpeople will die!" And that's when that part of the dream ended. I even saw Ariel XD

      I was at my dearly departed grandmother's house. She was sitting in a white plastic chair on the front lawn. She requested ice cream and I said "I'll get you some." I walked into the kitchen and there was a palette of different flavors of ice cream. Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. I took a scoop of all three and put it in a bowl. I returned to the front with the bowl in my hands. I saw my grandma take a bowl of ice cream from another person, who looked like Megan Fox. She hugged my grandma, looked at me and gave an evil smile. As if she wants my grandma to lover HER more than me. I started to cry because I knew it was true. Then in a flash a blue portal opened and out of it, stepped my mom's sister. We don't like her because she's a stupid spoiled whore... anyways she walked up to my grandma. Instead my mom attacked the bitch and threw her to in the road. There was a big block of ice in the middle of the road with a hole on the top big enough to fit my mom's sister. She threw her in there and filled the whole thing with lava.

      I was walking in a huge city. With a random DC who was my "friend." He was mexican with spikey black hair. We had a parachute backpack on our backs and we started talking gibberish. We walked on, and on and found a company. It was a hair company. I don't remember the name. We walked in and a blond woman greeted us. She told us, "We do all sorts of hair. Boys hair is free here." She talked with a New Jersey sort of accent. On counters there were blue beads and pink strands of hair. She led us to a long table where the manager was sitting. He said something which made me mad and I gave him a sort of push and called him a motherfucker. He yelled for the guards to attack us. My friend and I ran outside the building into an amusement park. I ran and ran and at some point they got my dream friend. I kept running and ran into my friend Savannah. She told me where to hide and I did what she told me. THe guards approached her and told them, "He went that way! Towards the water ride!!" They believed her and ran to the ride.

      The End
      P.S. Sphinter
    10. The Closest Thing I've Come To

      by , 07-10-2011 at 04:10 AM
      I have never ever EVER EVER EVER played an xbox before. I own nintendo stuff which is boring... anyways

      I was in a warehouse. People were in army uniforms armed with guns. I walked around a bit until I realised I was in a video game! Someone came up to me and explained how to control my character. He gave me and gun and wished me good luck. I survived one map by just wandering around. The next map was in central park. Some noooob kept jumping and I couldnt hit him. I threw a knife at him and got points or something. i don't know. My friend jocelyn walked up to me with her character and handed me a remote control. That's when the dream transitioned

      I was at an amusement park that felt like Knott's. My friends and I slid down a huge yellow slide and walked up to a ride with swings that twirled in the air.
      And that's it
      Tags: fun, gaming, noob, xbox
    11. The Island of the Natives

      by , 07-04-2011 at 09:12 PM
      I was in the middle of the ocean, along with my two friends Liz, and Brittany. We decided to head north and within a few minutes we found a small island. We couldn't dock there since there was no dock. So we anchored near it and swam to it. There were stairs leading up to a village in the mountain. Houses were carved into the mountain, and the whole village was in a sort of square basin. A villager came out. I didn't understand what he said, but most of the village stepped out of their "caves". I waved hello at them and one of them threw a spear at me. It missed. We ran back into the boat. I heard the scream of Brittany and Liz and I ran. I was safely in the boat but all I saw was Liz. The villagers captured Brittany! Another boat came near us. It was a boat full of girls I knew from school. Someone asked, "Do you guys need help?" I replied, "Yes! Our friend was captured by villagers! We need to get her back!" Immediately girls jumped off the boat with bows and arrows. Liz and I swam after them and headed up the stairs. All I saw were girls shooting arrows at villagers. I saw Brittany tied up in a corner. I cut the ropes and told her to swim back to the boat. "RETREAT!" I yelled. Everyone went back to the boats and lived happily ever after.

      P.S. Shockwave, if you're reading this.....Kiss my shiny metal ass!
    12. A Nightmare with a Side of Gaga

      by , 07-02-2011 at 02:25 AM
      My parents and I took a trip to a motorcycle shop. My dad turned a black Harley Davidson and played with the engine a bit. He made it go "Rum rum rumrumrumrumrumr RUUMM rumrmumrumrum!" I see a lady coming out of the shop, she walks towards us and asks, "Hmm, I have a few bikes in the back, they're much better than these ones up front! But please, adults only." My mom gestured me to stay back and she walked with my dad to the back of the shop. A cutscene shows my parents walking into a dark room. A pentagon was painted on the floor, with candles around the edges. The lady pushed them onto the pentagon and said some sort of chant. My parents mutated with each other, and became some sort of demon. "It" had a ram skull head, it's chest belched fire, and the hands, oh the hands were horrible. They were full of blood and had long, black claws. The hands didn't have any flesh, instead, they were just skeleton. I was frightened for my life. I saw the fire come from the back of the shop, and ran for my life. I ran and ran, all I saw were lights of stores and restaurants. It was late at night, about 11:00. I kept running, until I stopped at one restaurant. There was an essence there, an essence of comfort, love, and peace. I walked into it. I felt safe, as if I was...home. I walked up to a person that was sitting at a table, and I screamed, "Miss! You have to help me! My parents...th-they've turned into monsters....Please! Help me!!!" The lady turned and to my suprise, it was Lady Gaga! She had, peach colored hair, with aqua-blue highlights. In a sweet voice she replied, "Don't worry, I'll protect you. Here, maybe this will make you feel better." She stood up, and walked to a keyboard. She played beautifully for a few seconds then began to sing, "Whenever I dressed cool my parents put up a fight...." (This song is Hair, from her new album Born This Way, and it's my favorite song at the moment) The chorus, when she hit the chorus, it was beautiful. This dream went form a blood curdling nightmare, to a sweet, comfortable eden. As she finished the song, I woke up.
    13. Friday, Saturday, Last Night

      by , 05-25-2011 at 11:35 PM
      I was in a world of minecraft. I was standing on a frozen lake and all of a sudden, i felt a shake in the earth. It was an earthquake! The ice started cracking. More people began to show up. I was surrounded by random people! I looked around to find my family and no one was there! D: Suddenly, the ice broke, and everyone fell in the water. I was drowning, I couldn't swim up. I tried my hardest, and kept kicking my legs as fast as I can, but i couldn't get up. So I gave up and died.
      Still in the minecraft universe, I found a a little spot and began digging a house in a wall. I needed some supplies so i covered the door with cobblestone so other people wouldn't go in. I walked into a town and went to the town's shop. As I walked back i saw this tree. That was dead on a pedestal, in the middle of an open field. I ran to it. And that's when the dream ended.

      I woke up on a saturday morning. My mom yelled at me for no apparent reason (which she does in real life too). I yelled back, flipped her off and screamed, "FUCK YOU!" I ran outside to the backyard and jumped in the pool. :3 Epic win for me

      Last Night.
      In real life, my school is going to have a pancake breakfast for all the students who are graduating. I was in the cafeteria lunch line awaiting my pancakes. As I got closer and closer, I could smell the butter, the pancake mix, and the syrup. I could here the sizzling of the pancakes cooking, OH it was amazing. I approached the counter and got a plate of pancakes. I cut a piece and put it in my mouth. I could taste the syrup, and smell the delicious pancakes. OH lawdy..it was delicious. I ate faster..and faster..and FASTER! There was one piece left..I took it, and as soon as I was gonna bite it..I woke up.
    14. Many Dreams

      by , 05-04-2011 at 09:44 PM
      I was in my 7th grade science teacher's classroom, yet the teacher was the science teacher I have now. The whole class was taking the CSTs. I was constantly getting in trouble because I kept talking. So I received an infraction

      I was now at a friend's house. A few of my friends were in a circle, and we passed the ball to one another, kind of like hot potato. All of a sudden a chubby kid came out of my friend K's house. He said, "Boy, get the small ladder from the tree motherf*****!" So the boy climbed up one of the limbs and brought the ladder down. But when he tried to go down, he fell and broke many bones. I heard the crack of his body, it was horrible because it felt so real. I ran up to him scared. I yelled, "I-I don't know how to hold him, I don't want to hurt him!" His father stepped out, with tears in his eyes he said, "Don't ever hold him again." The father though that I had killed him. I ran home frightened for my life, and frightened for the little boy. "Mom! Mom!" I yelled. "My friend's brother fell from the tree, his dad thinks I did it!" I ran to my room and hid under my bed, afraid the father would come to hurt ME!

      I was in the town of Hemit, where my great-grandmother used to live. We went to visit 'little grandma' because we heard she was sick. We took care of her, fed her, clothed her, even slept next to her. The next night my brother took me to the market. I asked if I could get come and he said yes. I looked at the dvds on the shelf. I saw a "Ghost-face" remote. My brother called my name so I stopped looking at the dvds and ran back to the counter. We drove back to 'little grandma's" house where there was a huge celebration for Cinco De Mayo. All my cousins were there, even the cousins from my mom's side. My older cousin who is about 30-something pulled off my pants along with my underwear... So I sat on the concrete, naked. X_X Somehow my clothes were back on, so I decided to play Wii with my cousins. Rofl... A girl cousin who was just a DC got teleported into the game, so did I! The setting was a play like Minecraft, however, it was Tropical. There were trampoline blocks, and everytime we jumped up, we saw a Mexican Restaurant in the distance. We went back to the celebration. I went inside lil' g's house and I found her dead. I ran outside and called for my dad. "Dad-dad! Little Grandma's dead!!!" He immediately burst into turns and run inside the house and into her bedroom. He saw her lifeless body and cried.

      The next thing I knew I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Except my dad and I were IN the game! I looked to my right and saw my math teacher with his son. He accused me of being stupid for "buying" the wrong bathtub at the shop we were at. My dad told him to "F*** off."

      I was in a classroom. I opened the closet to get a tri-pod (I'm in the school news, and we use tripods). A DC sitting behind me asked, "What song is this." An instrumental of A Hard Day's Night went on. I answered, "A Hard Day's Night by the Beatles." The chorus repeated. And I woke up.

      The Hard Day's Night instrumental was actually my alarm to wake up. It put my phone under my pillow so I guess thats why the song was in the dream. Pretty cool eh?
    15. Minecraft

      by , 05-01-2011 at 04:54 AM
      I dream that i was mining in Minecraft..even though i don't have it and i want it badly.... -tears-
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