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    The Closest Thing I've Come To

    by , 07-10-2011 at 04:10 AM (675 Views)
    I have never ever EVER EVER EVER played an xbox before. I own nintendo stuff which is boring... anyways

    I was in a warehouse. People were in army uniforms armed with guns. I walked around a bit until I realised I was in a video game! Someone came up to me and explained how to control my character. He gave me and gun and wished me good luck. I survived one map by just wandering around. The next map was in central park. Some noooob kept jumping and I couldnt hit him. I threw a knife at him and got points or something. i don't know. My friend jocelyn walked up to me with her character and handed me a remote control. That's when the dream transitioned

    I was at an amusement park that felt like Knott's. My friends and I slid down a huge yellow slide and walked up to a ride with swings that twirled in the air.
    And that's it

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    Tags: fun, gaming, noob, xbox


    1. Mancon's Avatar
      So basically you were controlling your dream self's movements but you didn't know it was a dream? That's kind of cool