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    Many Dreams

    by , 05-04-2011 at 09:44 PM (430 Views)
    I was in my 7th grade science teacher's classroom, yet the teacher was the science teacher I have now. The whole class was taking the CSTs. I was constantly getting in trouble because I kept talking. So I received an infraction

    I was now at a friend's house. A few of my friends were in a circle, and we passed the ball to one another, kind of like hot potato. All of a sudden a chubby kid came out of my friend K's house. He said, "Boy, get the small ladder from the tree motherf*****!" So the boy climbed up one of the limbs and brought the ladder down. But when he tried to go down, he fell and broke many bones. I heard the crack of his body, it was horrible because it felt so real. I ran up to him scared. I yelled, "I-I don't know how to hold him, I don't want to hurt him!" His father stepped out, with tears in his eyes he said, "Don't ever hold him again." The father though that I had killed him. I ran home frightened for my life, and frightened for the little boy. "Mom! Mom!" I yelled. "My friend's brother fell from the tree, his dad thinks I did it!" I ran to my room and hid under my bed, afraid the father would come to hurt ME!

    I was in the town of Hemit, where my great-grandmother used to live. We went to visit 'little grandma' because we heard she was sick. We took care of her, fed her, clothed her, even slept next to her. The next night my brother took me to the market. I asked if I could get come and he said yes. I looked at the dvds on the shelf. I saw a "Ghost-face" remote. My brother called my name so I stopped looking at the dvds and ran back to the counter. We drove back to 'little grandma's" house where there was a huge celebration for Cinco De Mayo. All my cousins were there, even the cousins from my mom's side. My older cousin who is about 30-something pulled off my pants along with my underwear... So I sat on the concrete, naked. X_X Somehow my clothes were back on, so I decided to play Wii with my cousins. Rofl... A girl cousin who was just a DC got teleported into the game, so did I! The setting was a play like Minecraft, however, it was Tropical. There were trampoline blocks, and everytime we jumped up, we saw a Mexican Restaurant in the distance. We went back to the celebration. I went inside lil' g's house and I found her dead. I ran outside and called for my dad. "Dad-dad! Little Grandma's dead!!!" He immediately burst into turns and run inside the house and into her bedroom. He saw her lifeless body and cried.

    The next thing I knew I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Except my dad and I were IN the game! I looked to my right and saw my math teacher with his son. He accused me of being stupid for "buying" the wrong bathtub at the shop we were at. My dad told him to "F*** off."

    I was in a classroom. I opened the closet to get a tri-pod (I'm in the school news, and we use tripods). A DC sitting behind me asked, "What song is this." An instrumental of A Hard Day's Night went on. I answered, "A Hard Day's Night by the Beatles." The chorus repeated. And I woke up.

    The Hard Day's Night instrumental was actually my alarm to wake up. It put my phone under my pillow so I guess thats why the song was in the dream. Pretty cool eh?

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