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    A Nocturnal Opus

    A selection of dreams from nights past.

    1. Winter Competition 2022 Exerpt 1

      by , 12-13-2022 at 02:47 AM (A Nocturnal Opus)
      I wake up at 5 am. I go to get a glass of water, pee and remember the previous dreams. It takes me a long time to fall asleep (40 min I think and thatís the reason why I donít practice WBTB or WILD).

      Itís VR. No, itís a dream: Godzilla.
      In the dream, I am hunting cute Kirby-like creatures scattered along a city street that I can capture for their powers. My latest prey is on someoneís front porch. Then, on that front porch, at the end of the city street above a forest, under a beautiful night sky, I hear this great sound. I donít only hear it but also feel it. In the distance, from the forest part of the city, there is a giant beast (think Godzilla) walking toward me, bellowing. My mental state is mixed between a readiness to fight it (this is a game after all!) and awe at the surreal quality of the experience. There are gaps in the experience however and I explain it away telling myself my VR headset must be falling off and once I put it back on, it isnít calibrated properly, so while I am able to bring the fantastical elements of that porch scene, I miss the impact of Godzillaís arrival. Game over. Disappointment. Now, I realize this personís porch is theirÖ kitchen. And down the stairs (outside) is more dining room/kitchen furniture. I can hear them inside their house and so I decide to quickly leave their property before they notice me. Itís no longer just furniture outside on the porch. Itís now inside the house, and I hurry out the front, noticing many strange furniture Iíve never seen before but seem functional. But then I realize itís fine if I trespass, I am dreaming. I might as well do that now: trespass. I have now arrived in a part of the city that has not loaded in much detail so the first building I pick to visit seems boring and empty at first glance, but I let it take life. It becomes a gay commune as I pass the reception room and into the shared bedroom. In the center, there is a bed tree. A center pillar branching out in beds sort of like a tree. The beds are thin and small but not all equal. Couples start to load in. Some couples can sleep side by side while some have to sleep one on another. I notice in particular a man who sleeps on his back with his hands and feet up, and his boyfriend sleeping in an acrobatís pose resting on his palms and legs. I wonder how can his muscles rest in this position. They slowly come alive and are having lively conversations. I listen and chat for a bit and then move on.

      Fake Awakening bed horror
      I wake up now in bed. My boyfriend and I notice white things scattered above the bed. I focus on them to understand what I am seeing. At first, they seem like rice but then, they subtly become bigger and alien in shape. I say: they must be earwax, they donít have the texture, but sort of the shape of an inner ear. How could I have shed so much wax? Gross! And then they are bigger and more clearly alian larvae. Disgusting! The biggest one starts moving! They are alive! We hurry to shove them in a bucket and run to a garbage. My boyfriend dumps the bucket, but they get all over. Theyíre all over me. I can feel the larvae over my whole body. I am frenetic trying to get it off me. I go to take a shower.

      Itís a movie. No, itís a dream: Ghosts.
      In this dream, I think I am watching a movie about a ghost girl. She is talking to her mother who canít hear her. The mother is running on a big city street and the girl behind her. I can hardly keep up with them to hear but the story is very touching to me. I am bawling my eyes out as I run, thinking ďwow, I love this movie! Itís really making me feel things! Wow. Iíll just watch it again another time to hear more properly. But itís strange to be running in a movieÖ A bit like the VR experience, I get gaps in the experience until I lose the girl and her mother around a bus station. The street is lined with open restaurants. I notice a guy sitting between 2 friends. I think heís cute and decide to focus on that to continue the dream. I approach him flirting, ready to kiss him. He is receptive and shy but then I hesitate because the experience is so surreal, and the scene is so alive with people and conversation. I think, this might be real life and I am in a closed relationship. There is nothing recognizable here and I have no memory of past or future. I really am dreaming: amazing. So, I sit on the guys to be closer to the middle guy that I am flirting with. I flirt for a bit, even with the two other guys but then I kind of scold my wandering mind and focus on the middle one. This prompts the one closest to me to kiss me in a way to give me a hicky. So I kiss the guy I was focusing on and the third one joins in with caresses. I am surprised by the vividness of the touch and of the scene.
      This new scene vaguely feels continuous with the previous one but maybe only because I donít remember waking up into lucidity and I am in a city street. I am observing the details with a strong sense of traveling. I am impressed. It seems this city is lived in and has its own culture with so many unique details that seem at home here but that I canít recognize. Thereís a pop rock song playing too, I notice. The lyrics are sung clearly by a maleís voice. I am amazed by my mindís musical talent because I donít recognize the song. Then, since this is a dream and there are no rules, I decide to start dancing to the music right here and then. Just making my way around, appreciating the details of the sights and the music. Then, I notice some characters behind doorways or down alleyways are also dancing. I think ďsee, how my mind and this whole dream is one. My own dancing is seeping into the dream.Ē And then I dance even more, having a good time in this inner city.

      I am inside a service business (think travel agency). Itís very nice and fancy but the dream narrative is that the owners are baddies. They have done injustices unto others, and I am angry. I sense my powers. This is a dream and I can do anything. Throughout the night I have often remembered dreams of invisible people unseen to all but me so from this inspiration, I become invisible to the owners. I become an agent of chaos creating havoc for fun, flying and pushing all the wall and table decorations, throwing random items at the owners. They react in shock and indignation. They run after the disturbances I cause. As they come to grab the stuff I am spilling over the floor, they come so close as to almost discover me, so I phase through a door into the next room and continue there.

      The Dreamviews Winter Challenge: Sip and kiss for stability, winter and body horror
      Presently, the contents of my consciousness are thoughts, no sensations. ďWhat an exciting night! Now, I will wake up. Too bad. Iíve been lucid a lot tonight but I didnít do anything for the Dreamviews winter challengeÖ I will get no points. Well, I did fly and phase but thatís not much. Oh well, it was a very interesting night anywayĒ. I take a sip of a glass of water. Wow. As I sip, I have sight: I can see the inside of the glass, dark liquid in a dark cup, with so many lights reflected on the water, the sound echoing in the glass. Itís a sensory overload in a complete empty dream. The dream is still empty but I have a sense of being somewhere. Ok, maybe itís not over, I can bring the dream back and complete my tasks! What are my three step tasks? I take another sip. Amazing again. The dream is coming back to life but itís still empty. Thereís just a vague empty human inside the emptiness. Remembering how lucid and vivid I felt in the kissing dream, paired with the previous powerful sips, I decide to further stabilize the dream by kissing the empty human. But before I do, a full human arrives into the dark emptiness with a cloak on hiding his eyes. His face is vivid, but it reminds me of someone I would not kiss. Whatever, itís not him and itís a dream. I kiss him. The emptiness is gone! The dream is back! We are in a big room with pillars and people. Inadvertently, the empty human who I had left unkissed latches on to my finger with its mouth. I donít look but I allow the sensation to remain. Still mid kiss, and vaguely aware of the empty creature at my finger, I focus my attention on the room, and also thinking: ďwhat are my three tasks? Summoning!.. NoÖ Advanced summoning!.. NoÖ There are three advanced tasksÖ The theme is winter. The first thing is elemental manipulation! And as I think this, I notice, at the bottom of the room, an ice rink. Amazing: I had planned to freeze all the water of the dream into ice to complete the elemental manipulation task as part of the winter theme. But my mind already put some ice into the dream! I am excited by my mindís trick, but I need to think about how I will recover from the dream beating me to it. Really, the room is like a stadium with the ice rink at the bottom and itís alive with people. Itís really not a great stadium because there are lots of pillars so I just move on to somewhere else past nearby pillars, still mid kiss. There I find a pool! Great! I focus on turning it into ice. The creature is still at my finger and I stumble and fall. I am scared for the dream stability. I have very little time left. I do not stand up. I focus on the pool from a lying down position. The corner of the pool turns into ice. Not a thin sheet but a complicated multilayered ice. Itís cool and I am happy but thenÖ thatís it? I chose advanced tasks! This will not do it. I wanted everything to be ice and snow. It must all be ice! The pool freezes over. And everywhere I look the moisture freezes into ice and snow. Itís beautiful. And the weird creature that I paid no mind to this whole time lets go of my finger and I notice my finger is looking like a strange white and pink alien salamander larva. I know I shouldnít pay it any attention, but I canít take my eyes off and I stare at it move and change forms slowly. And then I wake up, excited to have done it in the nick of time, only to realize my first step was actually full transformation into a deerÖ oh damn it!

      I wake up at 7h30 so all the previous dreams happened within 2 hours and a half. Itís been the most lucidity I have had in a night.
      Well, now itís 9h30 and thatís why I donít keep a dream journal