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    1. Dragon Wings (LD) 2. Midnight Fields (LD)

    by , 09-11-2023 at 11:22 PM (121 Views)
    Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 10

    1. Dragon Wings (LD)
    I’m looking into what appears to be a downstairs room in the main house of Meadow. I wish I got lucid tonight…why didn’t I get lucid in that last dream. I start to notice the dreamlike quality of the dream. Maybe I can just slide my dream body into the scene… I begin to enter the scene and it my mind snaps into lucidity. I turn and fly through the wall to my left, into the backyard area. It’s a fairly bright scene, and I’m standing out in the daylight. I should focus on some dream goals. I search my memory for what I planned to do. What was the last part of my three step task… did I need to teleport? I phase through the brick wall to my left. I then remember that I need to do a full transformation! I thought I would end up in the void, yet instead I end up in a wide alleyway of sorts, between three story brick buildings, with an area that open up ahead to the right. I walk forward, then shrink down rapidly, morphing into a quadrupedal corporeal form. I begin to imagine myself becoming a mouse, yet quickly shift to imagining a cat transformation. I suddenly remember that I wanted to transform into a small dragon. I fly into the air and my dream body takes the shape of a small dragon. I feel my wings beating against the air. I become curious as to what I look like as I’m flying, so I look at a window on the brick building to my left. I see a small dragon that looks like a toy, with a person walking below it. Neither the dragon nor the person are looking in my direction, however. That’s strange. Then transform into crow form, yet feel as though I have long arms hanging from the from the now airborne form. I land and continue walking to my right. There are many people milling around the busy outdoor area which appears to be a strip mall. I shout: “This is a dream…this is a dream” to ground my awareness. I turn to my right and see escalators up ahead. I head toward them and begin to search my memory for dream goals again, yet the dream fades

    2. Midnight Fields (LD)
    I’m looking into a mirror with an elderly, wizard like figure looking back. He’s not wearing a shirt, and has a fairly long gray beard. Wait…this is a..dream! I turn to my right, look at my hands and say, “This is a dream”. I quickly fly upward into into the neighboring room, ready to start getting some points. I reflect on how I completed the three step, so I can focus on anything at this point. I look around the rectangular room with white walls and begin to think of ways to score points. I decide to head farther into the room, and think of phasing. I simply phase into the wall to teleport. I visualize Uburu Migu and repeat the words, intending to travel there. I suddenly appear in another room, which feels as though it’s the first level floor of the house, and I realize I may have just been in the basement. I see a lamp on a table in front of me which looks antiquated, along with much of the other furniture. I begin exploring the house. I explore several rooms before heading out into the night. The scene is quite dark, with several tall trees looming overhead. I consider dream control for a minute and think of super strength. I see fairly tall pine tree, roughly twelve feet, and head over to it. I rip it out of the ground, transfer it to my right hand, and throw it like a javelin far into the distance, over the roof of the long two story structure to my left. I look around and notice how dim the scene is. I don’t want to risk the scene fading, so I search for light. I see several lights coming from a house to my right. I head toward the lights and head inside. I begin to explore and notice several people toward the back area which appears to be a sitting area next to a bar area connected to a kitchen. I decide to get something to drink. I imagine there will be a hot water machine on the counter and quickly find a fairly large black contraption. I hit a button and a small green light turns on, signaling that it’s ready. I imagine some mugs in the cabinets above, reach up, and grab one. I then imagine some cocoa mix. I start rummaging quickly through the cabinets and find several canisters of white powder. I hurriedly dump some into the mug, add some water and drink. It tastes slightly sweet, yet doesn’t have much flavor. I walk up to a couple of the nearby groups I then decide to go for invisibility. One man is looking right at me, yet I snap, and he looks through me then to the side, oblivious. I walk up to a couple of guys sitting at a round table across from the bar and repeat this process. I snap to come out of invisibility, then begin to ask the guy seated to the left if he knows any dream teachers I could learn from. He begins to ponder, and I take in the incredible vividness of his face. He comes up with an answer, yet I don’t focus very much on following through. I then remember my goal of finding a dragon companion. I imagine one around the corner, yet when I make my way around it, there’s nothing there. I leave this area and try to head to Uburu Migu once again. I walk into a wall, repeat the visualization and phrasing and soon end up in the middle of many fields which extend far in all directions. There is cattle in each field in the middle of the night with a small barnyard structure nearby. There are several large trees, and I can see the faint outline of a far distant galaxy in the night sky. I begin flying, yet want to head out of this area. I head toward a green colored building in the night which is glowing with yellow light. As I fly past, I look into the windows and see several pieces of furntiure as well as decorations which appear to have a Christmas theme. I fly past this one and toward a much larger building in the far distance, slightly to the right. I fly quickly toward the building and phase inside. There are many people sitting around in tall chairs, a large fireplace on the far wall, and dressers behind the people sitting in the tall chairs. I think of phasing into a dresser like Theshire cat mentioned. I find the group very strange and cult-like, and make a comment out loud, finding it amusing at the time. I phase into the far wall to teleport to Uburu Migu once again, and begin moving my arms. I wake up
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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Using a dresser to go to Narnia would be epic. But in general any door can work for teleporting. Thanks for the shout out