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    The City Train (LD)

    by , 09-14-2023 at 01:07 AM (36 Views)
    Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 12

    I moving rapidly on what appears tot be an open platform on a train. My awareness raises rapidly and I become lucid. I take in the sights as I rush through a city. Buildings with tan colored bricks are on either side and the train platform starts turning slightly to the left. I begin to consider jump off. I see a young woman with a blue shirt to my right jogging as we continue the turn and head into a suburban area. There are many small one story houses with varying colors and I feel this would be a perfect place to explore. I jump off and begin flying toward some houses, and choose one with brown paint. I fly rapidly and appear in front of it in a split second. The visuals then shift, and it feel as though the houses move rapidly, farther away, then slightly closer. I wake up.

    Possibly this area was on the outskirts of The Metropolis
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