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    1. Throw (LD) 2. Time With Grandparents, Once Again (LD)

    by , 04-10-2024 at 12:52 AM (76 Views)
    Spring Competition 2024 - Night 11

    1. Throw (LD)
    I’m become aware as a new scene begins to form. I find myself in a house, standing in front of what appears to be a table with some items on it, including blue sunglasses.
    I begin thinking of dream control, yet move past the table as theirs nothing of interest. I see another table, rectangular and made of a dark wood, just beyond it. I could probably lift that in waking life…super strength won’t count. I move beyond this are and see that the area ahead is essentially a kitchen with white décor, cabinets to the right and large appliances including a fridge to the left. I look to the cabinets and decide on summoning. I’ll do something different – maybe an energy bar. I open the cabinets above head, yet only find various glass containers behind two of the doors. I ignore this and decide to get a chocolate shake from the fridge. I open it and quickly find a glass container with a bit of a thick chocolate substance at the bottom. I go to drink it, yet it becomes thinner, tasting and feeling just like water. I look to the right at more of the contents and just notice two liter soda bottles. I close the door and go for super strength. I grip the top and bottom of the fridge with hands, lift it up, and chuck it at the opposing wall – it simply phases through. I turn back around and notice another fridge took its place. I begin heading toward the wall to explore beyond. I wake up.

    2. Time With Grandparents, Once Again
    I’m walk to a urinal in a bathroom and suddenly become lucid. I turn around and notice a coworker standing by the sink as well supplies, including a pink and white striped bag, sitting in front of some blue stalls on the far end. I should interact. I walk up, place my hand on the coworkers shoulder.
    “Hey! How’s it going?”
    I need to get moving - I need to get to my three step now. I head toward one of the stalls, phase trough the wall next to it, and enter the void. I maintain my awareness in the void, yet have the feeling that I’m waking up; I feel as though I can feel my waking life legs. The sensation is probably a creation of the dream. I begin visualizing Haven Peak, repeating the name of the realm. I imagine snow. The sensation persists for a bit, then falls away. I begin getting the sensation of tumbling and go with it. I tumble several times in the void. I suddenly find myself standing next to a bed in a dim room, a pair of what appear to be rain boots in front of me. This looks like a room in Meadow main house. I walk forward and phase right through the window. I begin flying next to the house at night, thinking of where to explore. I notice my family gathered in the kitchen area as I peer through the glass windows on the edge of the room. My grandma is in view as well. I decide to phase in and I take a seat at the head of the table. I notice the my grandpa and mom are there as well. I’m curious what my grandma will say about my dream guide.
    ”Grandma, what’s my dream guide’s name”
    Grandma: “Malthazar, or something like that”
    “Who is my dream guide?”
    Grandma: “Children are your dream guide”, she says, as though I should already now.
    The experience of being right in front of my grandparents as though it’s waking life hits me. I become emotional and begin crying a bit.
    “I just want you guys to know that I love you”, I say as I hug my grandma. She hugs me back warmly.
    I walk around the table, head up to my grandpa. He's sitting in a button down shirt with his legs crosses. I walk up and give him a hug as well. He calmly and silently looks at me, smiling at me approvingly as I back up. I leave the room and head into the family room for more dream control. I head through the dining room to reach it, make a left and immediately decide to use super strength on the giant TV. I clamp top and bottom with my hands, hoist the massive TV which is about six feet tall and seven feet wide, and let it drop to the floor. I look around the room and decide to use electronics. I notice an old, tan phone and head over to it. I lift the handpiece, hit some buttons, seeing them light up, and feel that’s enough. I phase through the door into the garage. It’s essentially empty with dark brown walls. I decide to head out and explore the neighborhood. I head out onto the driveway into the daylight, and see a large house across the street. I find the place interesting. I hope this neighborhood will have some persistence…I wonder what I’ll call it…maybe something close to the town name…Coloa? I head farther down the driveway, curving to the right. I see a zombie type figure up in a tree, immobile – It’s creepy. I continue farther and see a mansion across the street directly in front of the house. I consider exploring there, but want to see the front of the house. I notice how new it looks and want to tell mom in waking life about it. I decide to enter through the front to understand how it connects. I approach and grandma opens the door with a smile. I greet her. I realize I should get back to dream control.
    “I’m going to do some mass TK, check it out!”
    I turn, facing the mansion once again and see several gargoyle type figures on the lower level. I go for mass TK and believe I see them flicker up and down a bit, but it’s hard to tell as my vision is blurring.
    “My vision is blurring a bit” I say to grandma. “I’ll take my eyes out:
    I take my eyes out, but it doesn’t resolve. I rub them a bit.
    Grandma: “That’s gross! Don’t do that!”.
    I walk forward a bit more and the dream blurs more. I turn to the left and begin rubbing the ground and persist for a bit. I wake up.
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