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    1. Tree Roots (LD) 2. Bookshelves and Whirlpools (LD) 3. Meadow Lucid (LD)

    by , 09-08-2023 at 12:02 AM (140 Views)
    Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 6

    1. Tree Roots (LD)
    I’m standing in a road as my awareness begins to raise. My right hand comes out in front of me. This feels dreamlike…I look at my fingers and begin counting. It seems as though there are five, but it still feels dreamlike…I’m dreaming! It appears to be the middle of the night and it seems as though I’m in Meadow. I see a dream character in front of me and slightly to the left. I don’t get a good view of the face, but I get the strong sense that it’s…me… I give the character a hug with my right arm, filled with appreciative joy.
    “Congratulations on your five hundredth LD man. I’m proud of you”
    The dream character doesn’t respond, but I sense a bit of appreciation for the kind words. I then begin to speak to him about dream goals.
    “Let’s go earn some points. First we’re going to do some basic summoning.”
    I walk over to the front yard which contains a plant surrounded by a circle of rocks, similar to the one in the meadow.
    “Let’s just imagine there’s some hot cocoa around these plants, and then we can drink it.”
    I search around the plant area, but don’t find anything. I ignore it and fly further toward the entrance to the house, however I notice that it’s not Meadow. I see a light switch and decide to ‘use an electronic device’. I hit the first switch to my left, but nothing happens. I continue toward the switch to the right of the door with determination to make something happen, although I realize it doesn’t quite matter whether it’s successful or not in competition for points. I hit the switch…and it works! The lights turn on. I then turn around and decide on using super strength. I see a two to three foot shrub to my left. Too small. I then see a much larger pine tree, roughly ten to twelve feet tall, and grab with trunk with a firm clamp grip. I tear the entire tree out of the ground. I then decide to use my strength to shove the tree back in. I shove into the same area, and the tree returns, roots sinking into the earth. I then decide to use mass telekinesis and head toward the road to lift up the house. The ‘me’ DC follows me. As I reach the street, I look into the far distance, to my right, and notice in the nigh time scene and nightmarish figure of a tall, lanky, naked creature rolling along on a massive wheel. I find It strange and creepy, but ignore it. I turn toward the hoes with concentration. I extend my arm and lift the house rapidly, and it hits against the roof of what appears to be a tunnel which it is inside of, yet I didn’t notice earlier.
    “Did you see it hit the top?”
    The dream ‘me’ agrees by nodding yes.
    I then place the house back down and fly toward it to enter.
    I enter the house and notice that it has three stories, all connected via a central reception area. The central area connects to the other levels in an open concept. There seems to be a light, honey colored lighting spread throughout the interior of the house, lending it a very cozy feel. I hear a middle aged female character on the phone and think it best to avoid her. I get the sense that engaging her will lead to massive distractions. I briefly scope out the rooms from the central area, then head to a room in the back left. I see a black vent and consider phasing into the backyard through it and pursing earning points, yet decide against it. I turn around and begin exploring the house once again. I fly down and slightly to the right, yet the dream fades.

    2. Bookshelves and Whirlpools (LD)
    I continue riding down the road in a vehicle without a roof in the middle of the night.
    This place feels dreamlike…My hand comes out in front of me. I’m dreaming! I turn to my right and glide into a large room which appears to have no ceiling. It is adorned with a great deal of wooden shelves, light in color, containing a wide variety of items throughout each of the shelves. It seems like a gift shop of sorts, with many stuffed animals and boxes of interesting toys. I’m interested in exploring and make my way around a few of the shelves, and checking out some of the items on the ends. I then decide to work on earning some points. I think of dream character interaction, and tap a female on the DC to get her attention, she turns and I smile at her playfully. I see a group of males and females and decide to use invisibility. I snap and go invisible. I’ not sure if one is in fact looking at me, so I head to another group and snap again. I walk right past the group and the simply look straight through me, oblivious. I’m fascinated by all of the dream characters milling around, and begin to people watch for a moment. The dream begins to feel like it’s fading slightly, so I begin rubbing some shelves to restabilize it. I make way a bit further into the room, then hang a left. This section of the shop is filled with a long row of shelves containing shelves of books that extends the length of the left side. I think of facing and slowly walk into a bookshelf with my eyes open, watching as the visuals slowly change into darkness, then emerge into the scene beyond. I see that the scene extends toward a balcony area which curves left. I head in the direction of the balcony and notice what appears to be a clothing rack on the far end with some dream characters near me. I try out some super speed, and imagine myself zooming toward the clothing rack. I try visually imagining the rack drawing closer several times, yet the super speed doesn’t work. I flry down this corridor, then hang a right and descend a corridor into a large circular room at the bottom with a circular pool of water. One dream character begins to antagonize me, saying that I’m there to bother them, so I simply ignore and fly through the open section in the wall to an area beyond. An even larger circular body of water sits beyond. I enter the water and begin to feel a bit of suction. A whirlpool is pulling me strongly toward the center. I swim hard against he current and float out, into the dream scene, noticing the darkness of the night. I’m feeling as though my dream body is wet. I begin to wake up.

    3. Meadow Lucid (LD)
    I’m standing in the front of the main house in meadow. As I’m overlooking the front yard from the front patio I become lucid as my right hands comes out in front of me. I glide over the dirt to my left and fly into the center of the front lawn. I notice a large white pickup truck coming down the road, and a male driver turning his head to look at me. I begin to consider mass telekinesis. The dream fades.
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