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    Bird Flight (LD)

    by , 01-20-2024 at 03:08 PM (77 Views)
    I see the back of my car and take a few steps. My awareness raises. I'm lucid. It's daytime and it's parked at the edge of a lot next to a few other cars. I need to get some points for the competition! I think of basic summoning, yet decide against it and think of light and phasing. I repeat "dream, dream, dream" as I walk forward. I raise up and float toward a black hatchback parked next to my car. I phase through the right side and end up above the center console. I decide to go for full transformation and shrink down into mouse form. I feel like it's not perfectly accurate, so I begin to revert to humanoid form, phase back out through the side of the car and fly upward. I transform into bird form and feel my wings flapping. I'm happy with the shape and fell of the dream body. I fly forward a bit toward a field on the edge of the lot. I land, reverting to humanoid form. I see a lone tree standing a few meters in the distance and stick my arm out to go for mass telekinesis. The tree doesn't budge. I decide to just run up and use super strength to rip it out of the ground. I begin to feel that I'm waking up. The dream blurs a bit as I reach my arms out toward the trunk. I wake up.

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