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    1. The Bus (LD) 2. Chocolate Shop (LD)

    by , 01-19-2024 at 11:57 PM (129 Views)
    1. The Bus (LD)
    I head from the first level of the bus onto the second. As I head onto the level, I see about half the gray seat filled and a female with black hair, head hanging down. I recognize her as H and become lucid. I approach. I need to score some points for the competition! I jog my memory and think of full transformation. I shrink down onto H's lap and turn into a mouse. I crawl up her leg a bit. I then think of flying as well as phasing. I lift off and fly up a bit, then head through the wall of the bus to the left. I quickly phase back in and approach H once again. I lay down next to her and give her a hug. I begin to wake up.

    2. Chocolate Shop (LD)
    I walk farther down the hallway of the office and my awareness begins to rise. I'm facing a doorway on the far end.
    "I'm lucid in this place". I'm lucid.
    I turn to my left and notice that the quality is a bit fuzzy. I begin shouting: "Clarity! Clarity!" The dream comes into focus and my awareness raises. I begin thinking of what I want to do and soon think of points as well as exiting the office building. I fly down the hallway and phase through the glass window on the end. I lower down into the area and see several buses in front of me. I transform into a mouse and run closer. I begin searching my memory for different activities to score points. I revert to humanoid form and decide to basic summon a genie lamp. I search around the first bus, yet only see a mental wisp of a lamp which disappears. I imagine cocoa around the next, yet don't find any. I begin to fly toward a nearby bus, deciding to board. I fly toward the entrance of one and board. I see a male bus driver who is roughly forty as I walk up. I snap my finger to go invisible as I head up the stairs. I want to test the invisibility, so I shove my head right in front of his face. He stares through me. I then begin to go for his golden necklace. He doesn't react. I back off. He then turns toward me and asks in an angry tone if I'm just going to stand there and expect not to do anything. I cross my arms to turn on invulnerability. I see that he activates some super power within him and seems to give off an alien aura. I pull my arm back then throw a super punch, knocking a head off and through the window. I then look back at the driver and head is back on. I hear an alien sound as he begins to skitter nearby. He hints that he's going to use a super attack to slice my arm off. He goes for the strike, yet I'm unharmed. I head to the back of the bus, thinking of other dreamers who encounter beings of incredible power. I exit the bus and find myself on a countryside road which I don't like at first. I then notice a simple, wooden two story structure to my right. I float into the main entrance and decide to try to find cocoa. I snap my fingers to go invisible and float pass a worker inside. I see shelves on the edge of a counter in the center filled with chocolate bars. I grab an artisan one off of the bottom shelf that has a tan cover and bite into it. It's great! There are hints of berry. I once again set my attention to advanced summoning. I decide to find a Cadbury bar at first, then switch to a blue chocolate bar. I find a bar with a tan wrapper and blue writing. I take a few steps to the right, beginning to head to a back room. I begin to wake up.

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