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    Low Flight (LD)

    by , 07-12-2023 at 03:22 AM (156 Views)
    I begin flying low in a horizontal position in a dim room with many students. I Realize I’m dreaming. I say “I’m
    dreaming” and I tell all the students that they’re dreaming. I ask if they know how I realized. I explain that I
    was flying so I instantly knew. I begin thinking about my dream goals. I think about creating a persistent
    dream realm as well as the purple crystal to phase through. I reach behind me to pull out the purple crystal
    to phase. A faint wisp of the crystal appears in front of me but it doesn’t appear solidified and vivid enough
    to teleport through. I vocalize that I want to go to a persistent dream realm and think of azura. I decide not
    to try to go through the crystal. I turn to my right and see that the large room extends into the distance. At
    the far end site a black wall unit with a black square TV in the center with an additional device on top. I
    decide to try to phase through theTV. I make my way across the room and toward the TV. I bump into it two
    times, bouncing off. On the third attempt I’m successful and phase through into blackness. I feel that
    sensation of my physical body is vibrating into my awareness and I wake up.
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