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    Oneirin's Dreamworld


    by , 06-05-2021 at 09:58 PM (427 Views)
    I'm in a multi-level structure that appears to be a very upscale hotel suite. I suddenly realize I'm in a dream, begin flying and trying to determine what I want to do. I fly through the window and head outside. I turn back toward the building a re-enter through the wall into another of the rooms. I begin flying around this area, and then wonder if I can explore a bit more to find a DC to speak to. After exploring this floor and realizing it's vacant, I exit once again through the wall and fly to a higher level. Once in this area, I notice nobody is around and fly to the opposite side of a wall toward where there's a bed which looks like someone is sleeping underneath. I pull the sheets of to see if there's anyone there, but it's empty The dream begin to fade and I make an effort to stay aware and catch a false awakening.I begin waking, and soon realize I'm truly awake.
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    1. aussiemusician's Avatar
      have you had dreams like this before ?
    2. Oneirin's Avatar
      It's been a while since I've been on! But yes, when I'm actively engaged in my dream yoga practices, I gain lucidity fairly regularly. There are periods when I just get into other hobbies (meditation, yoga, reading) and don't really focus on dream yoga and then maybe I'll get one spontaneous LD a month or so which is shorter in length. I hope that answers your question!