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    The Playground (LD)

    by , 11-01-2023 at 01:53 AM (87 Views)
    October 30th
    The Playground (LD)
    I’m on the second floor of a fairly large structure looking out at the yard below. There appear to be a couple of large pools, to the left and right as well as some deer to the right side of the field. The pools remind me slightly of Meadow. It looks like Meadow…but these pools are too large… I begin to float through the window and outside into the daylight. I put right hand in front of me and begin to inspect it. It looks very realist and I see all of the texture of the skin as well as noticeable scars. The scars…aren’t in the right place…I’m dreaming. I become lucid and float down to the ground. I float down into the area in the center of the yard which I recognize as a playground. I head into the middle of the center structure which is constructed of tan plastic material. Several kids are coming through one of the tunnels toward me. I remember my dream goal of asking the dream what will improve my life. I ask the dream directly, yet don’t get a response. I ask one of the kids coming through the center structure but he responds:
    “I don’t know”.
    I then see a kids I recognize:
    “You’re smart…what would make my life better”
    “I don’t know”
    I ask a third kid, but get the same response. I let the next kid simply go through the area, then enter the center from my side, transitioning through it. I see two young girls to the left as I move through. I ignore this group of kids and exit to the far end of the playground. I wake up.

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