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    1. Super Speed (LD) 2. Hotel Room (LD)

    by , 11-03-2023 at 11:08 PM (144 Views)
    1. Super Speed (LD)
    I head to the door of the dim room, away from the ladies I've been speaking to. I begin to think about dreaming and my awareness stirs. I open the door, walk through, and begin to recognize the balcony in the main house in Meadow. I'm lucid. I glide down and go out into the front yard. It's the middle of the night and a large crescent moon looms overhead. I slowly walk down the driveway and stop for a moment. I decide to slow, down, soak in my surroundings, and my sense of self within the environment. I walk notice what appears to be a baby stroller with a baby in it on the middle of the driveway. I decide to begin engaging logic while verbalizing what I'm seeing. The scene becomes extremely vivid, the crisp blue colors emanating throughout the nighttime dreamscape. I make comments about the cars passing by and what they're carrying on the rooves. One truck is carrying a few layers of some type of wood. I then turn to my right and decide to exploring farther down the road. I see several people walking on the sidewalk. There seem to be slight hues of green to the scene and I decide to move much more quickly down the road - I go for super speed. I remind myself that the scene is entirely my mind - it's all me. I begin to zoom at super fast speeds. The dream characters in front of me begin to blur a bit as I rapidly approach. I see a couple more pairs on the sidewalk as I zoom ahead, blurring by and begin to think of other LDers who must experience these things quite a bit. The scene soon fades into a void. I retain my sense of self within the void, expecting another dream to form. I stay here for a while, maintaining awareness. I slip into a non-lucid.

    2. Hotel Room (LD)
    I look toward the screen in the hotel, with my parents to the right on the bed. I think about what would happen if I viewed this as as dream, and used dream powers to show them something on the screen. I become lucid. I face my parents and begin thinking about things I could do in the dream. I turn toward the window, think about exploring a bit. I consider that the dream may fade, but ignore it and face through the way. The dream goes to void and I hand out in the void for a moment before phasing back in. I walk toward the opposite end of the hotel room. I head to the bathroom area and begin thinking of finding DCs to interact with. I begin heading toward the other end of the room. The dream slips into a non-lucid.
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      Wow. You're LD rate is through the roof! Way higher than around a year ago when I'd last seen your DJ entries. Gotta admit, I'm kinda jelly!