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    White Supernova

    by , 05-27-2023 at 02:04 PM (119 Views)
    I find myself looking at a one story purple structure and instantly know Iím dreaming. I turn to my right and notice another one story structure with the front wall missing as well as a pointed roof. Thereís a DC sleeping inside of it. I want to increase my awareness as well as dream vividness so I emphatically say ďfocusĒ while ramping up my awareness with intensity. I look at the ground and engage awareness Ė the dream becomes a bit more vivid. I decide to sit for a moment and meditate, keeping my gaze on the floor. I get up after a few seconds and head toward the second structure. I decide to ignore it and leave the sleeping DC alone. I fly down the area between the two structures. There is a bit of light in the scene, resembling the period jut before dawn. I consider finding other DCs but I feel this would dbe a distraction and resolve to continue with dream goals. I fly upward and ahead toward a three to four story darker structure and reflect on how much better my control of flying has gotten over the years. I think back to flying being one of the phases of dream yoga. I fly toward a top tory window, but donít go through. I see an area to my left that opens into a field. There appears to be a fence approaching, somewhat resembling an apartment complex I used to live in. I continue to fly over the fence and the dream begins darker and I am concerned about losing lucidity. I consider turning around. As the vision fades, I resolve to hold onto awareness, and Iím feeling confident. I reflect on a dream from several days ago where during this phase I imagined swimming through clouds. I start doing swimming motions with my arms, yet with very wide swings and I think back to an LD article discussing these wide swings for awareness. The dream begins to fade. Then there is a massive explosion of white bright light with an incredibly loud noise going along which is more high pithed than low. I wonder what it is with amazement and wonder if it has to do with the clear light mind. The dream then dissolves into a void state, and I maintain awareness for a moment. I find myself awake some time after.
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