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    1. 9/10/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 03:10 AM

      I was playing a combination of Dishonored and counter strike when some girl told me it was time to leave. Me and her and another guy started walking out and I subconsciously remembered about fortune cookies. I told a man to open me one and read it. He said it said "This bitch". I knew it was referring to the girl since she was being bossy. We went through an elevator and landed on the basement, which was also an airport. I talked to a girl knowing she was part of my dreams. Eventually, I got teleported to my old apartment in Venezuela. I decided to do a reality check but kept it a secret from the person I was with, who was watching tv. I checked my watch but it was normal but I knew I was in a dream.
      I left the loud room and entered what was my grandma's old room and flew out the glass window. I saw a man talking to a demon and when I landed on the other side of the fence, they both looked at me and ran towards me. I ran backwards and yelled at the demon, asking what it represented, as it turned into a demonic dog. It wouldn't reply to me and it kept trying to hurt me. I knew he couldn't hurt me and I said "I give you the ability to talk!" Still, no response from the dog. Slowly, it started turning into Lucy. Its ember filled eyes turned into black eyes and Lucy was sitting there. I petted her and she played with my hand. I kept asking her what she represented but no reply came. I worried that something might have happened to her. I heard sounds coming from Victoria Avenue and grabbed a chain Lucy had on, which was attached to the gate. I went to investigate the sound and zombies were coming towards us. I yelled "Firewall!" as I moved my arm towards the zombies. I started running away but was woken up by my alarm.
    2. 4/23/2014

      by , 04-23-2014 at 07:34 PM

      I was playing Dishonored and saw an ultra hard difficulty setting so I started playing on that. It was arena type mode with challenges every stage. I was actually in the game fighting and had access to the power selection wheel. The first challenge was to get people to kill each other without me killing them. I went through many challenges and a lot of fighting but as I was running from 2 women and a lot of monsters, I entered a room and said "Alright I'm done" because I was so tired. I got congratulated for making it so far by the girls chasing me and had a man on a computer take pictures of me and them. I saw a digital picture frame with other people who I knew got top scores and among them were some of my family members. The girls told me they were going back home and I was teleported onto the ocean where I was swimming.
      There were a lot of sea creatures and I was swimming along side some whales, who reminded me of one of the girls. The dream reminded me of the dream I had on 4/21/2014, where I was sailing the ocean with my family on a car. I saw plenty of cars but this time they were headed towards me. I said "Here I come!" and saw a boat speeding towards me. Suddenly a helicopter comes and its rotors cause me to get blown away. I pretend I'm taking apart an easter egg and suddenly become lucid.
      I'm floating on the water and at the tip of my fingers, an easter egg that looks like a yellow bunny. I remember the water being deep. I opened the easter in half. The bottom portion had a green toy or figurine. The top portion had a yellow and tan toy/figurine. I took them both out and bit into each. It hurt my tooth because they were a hard plastic. I looked at them and read their information on the back of the toys. It said where they were made, by what company, copyrights, etc. I came to shore onto a facility and thought I'd prank a dream character. I said "I want a person to be here" and as I walked, I saw my cat Lucy. I added, "a person that's not Lucy!" I stepped up to the facility doors and a man asked me to identify. I know I've been there before and knew what to do and say. I said my name and that I was wearing black. I took off my duty belt which didn't have anything on it and stepped through. I saw a janitor, who was old and fat and told him to follow me outside. My plan was to make him go outside and have to get access to the facility again. He was suspicious of me and said "If you're trying to make me come out, I have a badge to get in" he then proceeded to tell me how the badge was not his and he actually stole it. I yelled at him to give me the badge but he ran away, outside of the facility and into some sort of cave. I lost lucidity and started yelling at nothing for a badge then slowly started to wake up.

      Before bed, I stayed up a long time repeating to myself "I open easter eggs" and imagining me opening easter eggs. While I was walking out, the janitor asked me for the time and I looked at my watch and told him some weird time. My lucidity was low during this dream.

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