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    quorthonafull's tornado of dreams

    9/9, 9/10, and 9/11 recalls

    by , 09-11-2010 at 09:06 PM (715 Views)
    Killing three birds with a single stone:


    I bought an XBOX 360, but I didn't have games, so I decided to go with a friend, who has a 360, to burn some games. The travel takes like 75 minutes, my friend lives a bit far, so my mother is saying to me all the day "don't go to that town, It's a very dangerous zone". Anyway, I grab a bike of the street and I'm there in 20 minutes (huge dreamsign). I go fast, avoiding niggers, but trying to turn, I enter in a shop accidentally. I almost break a lot of expensive pianos. I hear somebody shouting "Hey You, Matías!". I don´t know who's this person, but It looks familiar. I ran out. I see some friends on the street. **missing dialogues**. Finally, I arrived to my friend's house with a bunch of DVDs.

    I am in Córdoba (I have a house in that state) with a lot of friends. I am naked, bui It doesn't matter to anyone. I enter to a restaurant/pub/whatever. I ask for a crab coctail (day residue, I've seen one on TV). The guy in the bar is a bit annoying, He doesn't pay atenttion to me in several times. So, I spit him in the face. Everyone turns to see what happened. I fall to the floor. An employee comes to me, angry. She looked like Anneke Van Giersbergen. I spitted her in the face. I really enjoy spitting people. The things are getting pretty bad...
    Suddenly, my friends appear in this place to balance the things. Now, We can have a "fair" fight. All men were knocked out except two big guys. "I need help, that's gonna be hard". A cousin, Alejandro, appeared next to me. 200 pounds, and two big fists to knock that two annoying giants.
    Suddenly, I woke up in the same place, with my friends. I feel a bit dizzy, and my friends too. They tell me a dream like mine. Wow, that's the proof I needed, SDs are real!.
    I wake up another time (but this time It's not a FA).


    I woke up, and lying on my back, I couldn't recall any dream.


    I had no time to recall dreams, but later, a remembered a bit of a dream, in which a woman was sucking my feet.

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