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    Dark room conversatin

    by , 08-26-2013 at 12:22 PM (206 Views)
    dark room conversations
    I was sitting in front of my bed in dim light. i was using a paperclip to pick dirt from under my fingernails, and sterling walked through my doorway and squated next to me. He used a papertowel to clean my fingers cuz he thought it was blood.
    "What are you doing?" "Just cutting myself. Kidding. I'm getting stuff from under my fingernails"
    On the other side of my bed in the corner between my bed and my dresser was some other dude, problably devin. He didnt say much and I never turned around, but sometimes i could see him just chilling out.

    ms mann is a lesbian
    ms mann was talking at a checkout lane about being like a kid and some other teacher said "you being a lesbian, that makes sense" and I, the girl in line behind her, said "maybe its because you have students" {refering to her acting like a kid} but she either didn't hear me or ignored me.

    ms wilder is annoying
    I was with a teacher called ms harriet. I stayed in her class in the mornings. She wanted me to go sit in ms wilder's spanish class, so i did. one of the students was like "oh, get ready for this". jack was hanging about in one of the seats. when class was over, i walked back to class with this girl who told me the blue i was wearing looked good on me. she looked kinda like taylor, white with brown hair, only she had braces and an overbite. She also looked very sad, and i stared at ther a while before saying thank-you.

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