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    snowmen and test grades

    by , 09-25-2013 at 10:59 AM (215 Views)
    There was a group of us going by dollar tree, and I remembered that I needed points, which i could get by buying cans there. My mom,however, bought a bunch of them for herself, so there weren't enough cans for me to buy, since i needed thirty. It was snowing outside. some dude owned my mom's car, and I put the tiny cart i had been using n the trunk. my mom was like "really" and i said "when i get thirty cans, I'm not carrying them all by myself".
    as we left, aneri was telling my mom about the many ways to get points, and one of them was dating for charity. i imagined myself covered in makeup and in a dress.

    there was this snowman following me, wanting to eat me. i stayed i my house. i narrated like i was telling someone this story. first i thought 'he is too small to eat me' then he grew into a house-sized monster outside and i ran back into the house. when i looked into his face from the top window, his carrot nose became a carrot-tentacle mouth with a ring of teeth in the middle and i backed away from the window.
    then i thought 'i'm safe in here' but i let in my store manager, who turned out to be the snow man in a different form. he wouldn't leave my house, which wasn't so bad because he couldn't eat me in that form and my house was to small and warm to change back into snowman form. he chilled on my parent's bed and gave my sister all kinds of misinformation on what humans could do.

    i wasnt really that scared, except for the initial part of finding out about killer snowmen and every time the snowman surprised me. i was pretty logical in trying not to be eaten

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