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    Snacks From the Butler's Pantry

    Tales From the Butler's Pantry

    by , 06-10-2010 at 12:57 AM (995 Views)
    Too bad I lost the flashlight I normally keep next to my bed, and use to write down dreams. I had an incredible dream last night about a Dream Views meetup. We all met together in a room that reminded me of a high school gym. Someone was asking me whether Stephen Laberge was black, testing to see if I knew who he was. One girl in the group seemed very familiar. She was someone I knew on the forums. Thinking back on it, I believe she was from my old high school, although we were never friends. She was very interested in me, so we made out even though I was not attracted to her at all. At some point, I became lucid and started floating around the room in the lotus position. I can't remember, but I know I did quite a bit more, once lucid.

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