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    Friday, December 22

    by , 03-09-2024 at 11:24 PM (58 Views)
    I am going to a wedding. I walk into the small venue (just a room?) through a small hallway. Thereís someone greeting people - he recognizes me from Ďlast timeí, bringing up how I had too much to drink, in a joking way. I think I have a memory of this (in the dream). Itís okay, because I donít plan to drink any alcohol tonight. Now, some others are here and we are queuing for a marathon. I guess Iím going to be part of this. Itís longer than I thought, even for a marathon, and everyone else looks pretty serious. Somebody opens the door, and weíre off. We start on what looks like a sidewalk. Some start with speed, and some start with a pace that they intend to keep throughout. The surroundings are now what looks like a room filled with maybe a couple of feet of water. The room is completely bare and a dark gray? I run laps on top of the water. After a while, I find out that Iíve won. Iím excited, but I also start to think it might not be fair if everyone else was running where we started and I was here. They give me a journal as a gift. It has pages of good quality and theyíve written congratulatory notes in the front. I still canít believe I had no idea what I was getting into and then ended up winning.

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