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    Saturday, December 30

    by , 03-09-2024 at 11:24 PM (67 Views)
    Iím at work, in the warehouse. Itís currently unbelievably cluttered; carts, boxes, and carts full of boxes are everywhere with seemingly no organization or good way to just get around, Zoe is here too, and itís just a stressful environment right now. Matthew comes over to me and tells me to come outside to meet his new daughter. (It seems like, in the dream, Iíve already met her, so Iím not sure what this is about). His wife and daughter are in a car out here (the side yard), but he starts talking to me in a low voice - the real reason he brought me outside. He tells me that some people are going to have to get laid off and my name came up as towards the top of the list. I can barely hear him, but make out most of what he says. I donít understand why Iíd be one of the first to go, compared to some of my coworkers who hardly do anything. I feel distressed.

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    Tags: work