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    Thursday, November 23

    by , 03-09-2024 at 11:23 PM (66 Views)
    Iím walking out of a parking garage. I think Iím with somebody else. We end up running into Ally. Kass also joins us a moment later. Ally talks to us, but Kass seems aloof. We end up at Basecamp. It looks slightly different, with the check-in counter and common area on a ledge under the outdoor wall. There are many bags all over the ground, with hardly any space for more. Now Iím at a different section of the place to rent gear. Itís dark out and Brian Sweeney and Lucas Larson are standing out on the porch? (it looks somewhat like a house). I try to ask Brian for gear and he gets visibly angry. They both look really drunk. He does get me gear and also becomes more friendly as we start talking.

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