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      10-14-2021, 01:55 AM
      Welcome back, TechHeadSteve! I'm happy to hear you've been bitten by the lucid dreaming bug again. Good luck with your lucid dream journey :)
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    Saturday, August 14

    by rshort1202 on 08-18-2021 at 05:49 AM
    I am outside, by what looks like Mt. Rose with Sageís parents. There is something about Dad, like him getting into an accident or going missing while skiing. It seems like they know something theyíre not telling me. Their faces are very somber and Iím convinced theyíre about to tell me heís died. Just then, I see him walking towards us, in ski gear, down the slope. He seems nonchalant but thereís also a slight smile on his face. I feel myself begin to cry. (Though weíre at the ski resort, there is no snow on the ground - it looks like summertime).

    Tuesday, August 10

    by rshort1202 on 08-16-2021 at 06:29 AM
    I’m at work when a taller blonde man comes up to the counter. I think he is trying to check out, but is being deceptive about something in an attempt to steal it? I see through what he is doing and say I’ll need to see the items, or something similar. He then gets defensive and starts walking out. I start following him. Now, there is something about a girl with a ton of books outside, and me taking one of them. There are so many that I think there’s no way she’ll have them inventoried or know which I’ve taken, but apparently she does, and becomes aggressive. I have to run from her (it seems like we’re in a large, old school or castle). Her books are out here in an open area or courtyard in bankers boxes. It takes up probably 40 x 40 feet, with stacks 2-3 boxes high. Looking at the random seeming assortment of books in one of the boxes, I can’t believe that she really knows what’s here. There are also chain stanchions around the area. It seems dark out.

    Updated 08-16-2021 at 06:33 AM by rshort1202


    Wednesday, August4

    by rshort1202 on 08-16-2021 at 06:28 AM
    Something about a Dead and Company convert. I am looking at the setlist, that has not yet been performed, as if I have the ability to revise it. The encore is One More Saturday Night and even though it is a Saturday I want to change it to Black Muddy River. Thereís also a section mid second set that I want to be Help on the Way and Slipknot into The Eleven. I write this down as HOTW>Slipknot>11.

    Tuesday, July 27

    by rshort1202 on 08-16-2021 at 06:18 AM
    I am going to have a baby. I know itís going to be today and soon. Out on a pier, I lower my shorts to just below my butt, in preparation. Then I just take them all the way off, nude from the waist down, sure itís common in this situation. I then involuntarily fart and some feces comes out. Iím immediately embarrassed, but then sure itís also natural in this situation. I turn to lay on my stomach, preparing for the child to come from my rear end, but it never happens. A man comes by and runs the handle of a spoon between my buttocks. This is supposed to be calming or to spur the process, but I donít notice any effect. I leave, and now Iím with Melissa and I think Brooke in a little bar or coffee shop. They each order a drink, and I ask which decaf teas they have, not wanting to have caffeine while Iím so close to giving birth. He lists quite a few flavors. I ask and then take his recommendation, a purple tea. I ask for it iced, but it comes out blended and in a Human Bean cup, and ĺ full. It looks like Melissa and Brooke got cups from other places also. The drink is pretty tasty, sort of subtly fruity and like a match. We bring these to a new bar, a simple bar counter with maybe a dozen rows of theater seats in front of it. It is very empty here, but we do see Ricky. I think I ask for a Black Russian but donít ever get one. Melissa and I start talking about how we should take tomorrow off as weíre each scheduled to work and itís going to be our first day being parents. Iím also thinking that weíre going to need more time than just that and start to wonder if this was planned or not. Either way, I am filled with joy thinking about it. Now a truck backs up to the side of this place. The back is empty save for a single newborn child. Iím thinking that this must be ours just due to the odds of someone else here having a child today, but looking at the child I think thereís no way that it can be, as it doesnít look like us. Then, another child appears (Iím not sure where the other went) and itís immediately apparent that itís ours. He is a very cute and happy boy in just a diaper. He has a cowlick just like me, and I see both of us in him, as well as how I looked like as a child. We pick him up and Mom is here too. She picks him up and he is now so small that he crawls in her palm. She gently pets him. Iím now talking with Melissa about names, as we havenít yet picked on (*I think this part may have been earlier in the dream). I ask if we know the gender and she confidently says itís a girl. I ask how she knows and apparently she found out but never told me. She says she wants the name to start with a ĎBí for some specific reason. I specify a preference for the name Cassandra, though I donít think Melissa is fond of it. Now, the kid is lined up with some others and its name is about to be revealed. It is Cassandra. They also say some middle name and either mine or her last name. I know Melissa picked the name without collaborating with me, but also that she didnít like that name.

    Monday, July 19

    by rshort1202 on 08-12-2021 at 06:25 AM
    I am going to be taking someone to a concert (either Dead and Company or Tedeschi Trucks Band) tonight. Iím thinking that the venue is Shoreline Amphitheatre, but Iím also thinking that itís in town. I realize that Iím not doing anything and if Iím taking someone anyway I can just go to the concert. I think that Iíll be alone, but Iím fine with that. Now Iím at the venue, a smaller amphitheater with large stone seats. I walk up to what I think is my assigned seat. It is almost dead center, but a little high up. There are a few people already here, standing around. They look like the typical crowd for Dead and Company, and I donít think masks are a concept in this dream.