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    Fall TV Preview and Theater dreams

    by , 01-18-2012 at 07:25 AM (554 Views)
    it was the fall preview for tv shows and every show i watched i would become trapped in. One was a paranormal research show like ghosthunters and there were a couple ghosts from the 1920's (with green hair) who were going around abducting children from a mall parking lot, and i was in charge of catching them in the act. the male ghost was actually the actor who played lloyd from dumb and dumberer when harry met lloyd, and the woman ghost was played by the girl who played Tonks from the Harry Potter movies.

    i was sitting on a trashcan with a bunch of blankets looking out for them, but then i got distracted, and decided to watch porn on the TV i had. Then i realized people could see me, so i turned the tv towards myself and covered myself in blankets (while on the trashcan in the middle of the parking lot). Then the ghosts appeared, looking creepier than hell, surrounded by a bunch of kids they were going to abduct, so i switched off the TV with porn immediately. Then the kids surrounded me and were saying they wanted to watch cartoons, but i couldn't turn the tv on because i wasn't sure if the porn was still playing. couldn't take that chance, so i made up an excuse that the batteries in the remote were fucked.

    So then my nephew appears, holding a fresh pack of fucking batteries all the while Brian is there asking me if the show was any good. Then the woman from in the porn appeared, asking me why i turned her off. It was like FUUUUU. i had to wake myself up, like i used to do when i was having nightmares as a kid. the dream was too frustrating. I just wanted to watch porn while sitting on a trashcan while hunting ghosts goddamnit!

    but yeah, there was a few tv shows i ended up in. One was like heroes where a bunch of people had super powers. There was one part where a guy was trying to teach himself to fly by jumping out of windows. the strange thing is that this show changed while i was watching it. went from being a moody science fictiony drama to a Comedy show with Michael Keaton. He kept jumping out of windows and flapping his arms in an idiotic fashion, and there was one part where he kept teleporting around in a room filled out with christmas decorations. It was all very confusing.

    OHHHH, just remembered another part of the dream.

    I was at some kind of a fair in the middle of winter. there was snow and large crowds of people. I was with a few friends i had never seen before and we decided to go into a theater that was at the fair (?) to watch a movie. Once inside the movie theater was Huuge. like a large opera house with multiple upper decks. I found my seat, sat down, then was immediately interrupted by my brothers ex (who is still a family friend) who wanted to get some munchies. So, i followed her out of the theater and into a fancy dining room in a highclass restaurant. it was mid morning and this grey, over cast light was spilling in through the windows.

    so we are standing there looking at a large table covered in food when my brothers ex notices a wasps nest located directly above the snack table. so she grabs a stick and knocks it down. then we notice another wasp nest (that is under construction liek the second deathstar, with pieces missing and shit) as well as a half dozen smaller nests. She tells me she'll take care of them then hands me a paper bag (the really narrow ones that go around bagets) filled with popcorn. then, before i can leave, she hands me a ball of hash that is wrapped in a bunch of popcorn, and she tells me to conceal that in the popcorn tube.

    paranoid as shit i head back into the theater that is now completely packed with people. Everyone is jumping around in their seats, making as much noise as possible, rambunctious as all hell. it was like the movie gremlins. I sit down, start eating my popcorn all the while trying to conceal a large ball of hash packed popcorn inside a paper baget tube that is steadily ripping down one side. FUUUUUUUU.

    Eventually i run out of popcorn (why i ate the popcorn when it was the only thing disguising the hash ball i'll never know) and now it's just me sitting in the seat all paranoid. Then, from my right side i see an usher making his way up the aisle that is twisting and coiling in all directions. it's at this point i realize that the theater seats are secured to the side of a large cliff and the screen itself is just the sky. The usher continues on his path, up the winding aisle staircase, turning left, straight, right, straight left ect, all the while i am desperately pleading to myself that he doesn't stop and confront me.

    yeah, he does of course. and it wasn't an usher... It was a COP! this sly son of a bitch grabs my wrist and tells me i am under arrest as more police officers hidden amongst the crowd begin springing up. D:

    the usher disguised as a cop grabs my neck and begins to lead me out when suddenly i hear maniacal laughter issuing from the back. i look back towards the doors i entered and the laughter is coming from my brothers ex. "whaaa?" i think to myself. She proceeds to tell me it was all a setup, and that she was working with the police the entire time and the wasps nests and everything was all an elaborate scheme.

    What the fuck...

    So yeah, i am about to call quits on this dream and wake myself up when suddenly a loud gunshot crack is heard and my brother's ex collapses. i continue to be lead up the aisle, extremely confused, when SAMUEL L. FUCKING JACKSON appears, dressed in his nick fury outfit (complete with eye patch) and he proceeded to tell me that my brothers ex was an agent of theirs that went rogue, yadda yadda yadda, i've fucking had it with this shit! so i woke myself up lol.
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      Hahah! Michael Keaton. Awesome.